Lynyrd Skynyrd – Bullets / Simple Man

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Lynyrd Skynyrd from Winterland in 1976 – “Gimme Back My Bullet” and “Simple Man”.

from the original poster:

I remastered the audio and convert video in HD 16/9
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Gimme Back My Bullets – Simple Man


Vickie Lynne says:

love me some Skynard ..this is 100% proof why …

fullstrutn says:

a picture of THAT plane!!!!

Tommy Pierce says:

First concert I ever saw was Skynrd in 76 at MSG, I was 11 years old. My
first live concert, and to this day still the best. Still jammin to Skynrd
every day when I am training with my headphones on.

Marsha Guc says:

Great mini-concert! thanks for posting. No matter what, they still kick

joe catalfamo says:


Bruce J. says:

Nice job on the audio. Thanks for the video. This is my favorite of there

Backup218 says:

Wow Wikipedia says Ronnie was 6 foot 2 . Look at how short he looked next
to the others in front. man if he was 6 foot 2 . These were some big badass
southern boys. WoW huh. I figured he was maybe 5.7 or something

eric trone says:

like lizzie commented…two different styles. both bands were kick ass

Dennis A says:

Sorry to inject politics BUT Klay is 110% correct, nothing to do with the
2nd amendment.
When Ronnie wrote this song the political correctness of country was not
being shoved down our throats.
Well at least “I dun had my fun”

ios4ever says:

Why could ever someone dislike this masterpiece..?

Matt Rayner says:

Greatest fucking band

Irvinder Singh Rai says:

hell yes…fight for your rights when you have to

Thomas Tickner says:

Ain’t fooling around cause I done had my fun..!

patrick staudt says:


A Florida Son says:

Great job. I was in the mood to hear “Gimme Back My Bullets”, clicked on
this vid, but wasn’t quite expecting what I watched. Although I’m not
really sure what happened during the last few seconds of the video,
>[“that” part did confuse me a little]<. But the rest got me feeling nostalgic.. Those were different, better times. Being stuck in the center of THAT crowd of people, watching as the band played on, everyone 'in the moment' and not worrying about tomorrow, no texting or other cyber distress; THAT would be a good place to be. Stick me in the center of crowd that size today and I would become a medical emergency within ten minutes, and I would probably need air lifted out. Kudos......................

Lizzie Sangi says:

When you see flames coming out of the engine, sporadically, now &
then (RIP)……..if you land, get rid of that airplane. You’re not
supposed to get accustomed to something like that. My 1st flight, the left
engines went out. We had to turn around, back to the airport.

John Black says:

the good sometimes die young…..

Electric John says:

As I actually saw Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert 4 times before the crash, and I
saw Led Zeppelin twice… I have high praise for both bands. 

Franken Stein says:

give me a gun first

Mike J says:

There is no excuse for running out of fuel. I think most major band
members travel apart from each other.

Randy Walkenhorst says:

the summer of 88,,,, got drunk,,,, bad night,,,, put 3 rounds through the
wall,,,,, my roomies took away my ammo,,,,, for months I played this tune
at a very loud volume

huskers ne says:

best southern band ever

jerkwang69 says:

It’s the studio version of Simple Man in this here video, but it’s the best
I’ve ever heard it. There’s a stark echo on it. It sounds like they’re
playing in a big closet, compared to all the other versions of this song
where it was mastered and rereleased and all that. This version puts tears
in my eyes and sends chills down my back.

And it’s sooo fucking heavy. 

Fred Thompson says:

My favorite “IN YOUR FACE” kick ass song!

redshaftedflicker says:

Proof’s in the pudding-one of the very best bands ever in the history of
rock n’ roll.

Klay Kracka says:

Give me back my bullets has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment, it’s
about the Billboard rankings, put him back at the top is essentially what
Ronnie is implying.

Jack Duggan says:

Ronnie Van Zant was a bloody genius; period! Skynyrd was and is the best
rock band EVER ! ! !

Rick Pitz says:

Zeppelin was OK, The Yardbirds were much better….Plant was a
screamer…Keith Relf was so much better and the Yardbirds were a much
better band than Zep…Zep was just another of the beginning of Metal music
with a lot of shit guitar and screamer vocalists…I hate that era…Now
Plant sings with Alison Krauss because he can’t hit the notes anymore and
trying to hit on a young gorgeous country singer…Plants an asshat…

Harriet Thornton says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Gimme Back My Bullets – Simple Man

rickey Adams says:
Richard Arnold says:
Raechel Dossa says:

What a man!!!

CaptKaboom says:

Well done but no Freebird wtf?!? Make it with it man.

Francesco Battaglino says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Gimme Back My Bullets – Simple M…:

Colin Hammill says:

2 great songs one great band


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