Lynyrd Skynyrd – Hobo kinda man

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parsonsclubmarket says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd does’nt use bad language “Airsoftslave”

pete6963 says:

@parsonsclubmarket who gives a shit what are you a northerner? …..fagot i
bet you voted for obama

AigisFan says:

@jk28416 Saturday Night Special is actually about concealled weapons and
pocket pistols,google Saturday Night Special it actually is a weapon.
personally i prefer a nice .45 revolver to a little toy pistol

GDSK09 says:

this is THE BEST WORKIN MAN SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Wayne Taylor says:

how the hell is this top comment?

NathanHilljr says:

I love this album!!!

13ShadowsintheGrave says:

Why wasn’t this one on my copy of God & Guns? Limited edition bonus track
or what?

DaveBetzi says:

I like the discription of this vid….. 😀

usmc0semper0fi says:

god blessed the south thus lynard skynard was formed

D WIGLEY says:

@jk28416 man they’d string your ass up for saying such shit as that ,back
in the day. it would be like : get the rope:this country was founded on
those exact things god and guns along with a whole lotta blood guts and ole
glory. ya’ll don’t think ronnie vanzant didn’t have a few guns of his own
then ya’ll mo fo’s need to crawl back in that hole u came from and they
oughta slap yo mama for having you and yo daddy for fucking yo mama

DaWiiman1 says:

@jk28416 You’ve completely lost the point of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Skynyrd was
always a rebellious band, whether it be vietnam war or gun control, the
point of Skynyrd’s Album God & Guns was not to be against gun control, but
to be against control period. The point of God&Guns is just to say that
whatever you beleive in, stand up for it. Many of the current band members
have different views of gun control, yet they all still colaberated on
God&Guns because the message was: Just beleive in something

Rick Jones says:


mitcheast says:

Wizard663, like it or not Skynyrd started as an anti viet nam war band that
took their biggest influence from the Beatles (according to Gary
Rossington). They grew their hair long (THE symbol for being anti-war in
the mid-70s) and would have to throw down with the National Guardsmen that
would show up at the bars they were playing because of their hair. LOOK at
the lyrics from First… and Last. Things Going On, Lend a Helping Hand,
ect. Look at the early lyrics.

Terry Baggins says:

aw hell, if that ain’t skynyrd popye’s a punk

DeathGrindRocker says:

@thikapuhnuh lol!

Jonny LaRock says:

no real skynyrd album would be called ‘God and guns’ they were left wing
not red necks!

LilKronk92 says:

They say Skynyrd isnt “skynyrd” anymore….bullshit, I could easily see
Ronnie singing this

cghoosier89 says:

I could totally see Ronnie belting out this one, but I don’t know about the
rest of the album.

Bruno Cesar says:

VocĂȘ diz Bruno Mars, eu digo Guns n’ Roses VocĂȘ diz que Miley Cyrus, eu
digo Aerosmith VocĂȘ diz Owl City, eu digo Lynyrd Skynyrd VocĂȘ diz Jonas
Brothers, eu digo Nirvana VocĂȘ diz Taylor Swift, eu digo AC DC VocĂȘ diz
Justin Bieber, eu digo Fuck You 95% dos adolescentes nos dias de hoje ouvir
o mesmo pop. Se vocĂȘ Ă© um dos 5% que ainda ouve a mĂșsica real, este polegar
para cima, em seguida, copiar e colĂĄ-lo a pelo menos em cinco videos. NĂŁo
deixe que o espĂ­rito do rock and roll morrer!!

jacktheripper902 says:

skynyrdcop me, my sister and her husband went to see kid rock and skynyrd
in the rickin rebels tour on 7-10-09 man the concert was great…skynyrd
killed it man when they did freebird the people were goin crazy lol

mikul1993 says:

me too!

kristand56 says:

very stand up Thats what I expect from Lynyrd

GDSK09 says:

this is a song for the workin man!!

luciferhm says:

reminds me to Railroad Song: “He said Mr. Hobo you got to go now “â™Ș


fuck everyne that says they aint good anymore. if someone would say that to
my face i would lay there ass out right then and there and wouldnt even
think twice about it.

skynyrdcop says:

I saw Skynyrd in Salisbury, MD., on 10/16/09. They were tight as always,
but I was disappointed that they didn’t play longer. They played for just a
little over an hour.

D WIGLEY says:

stupid fuck,it’s exactly the same.only a few names change as time passes
by.thank god they pick the pieces up and let the free birds fly. i’ve been
listening since i was 9 yrs old way back in 74 and if i live to be100 i’ll
still be wanting more. screw all you na sayers you obviously know nothing
about the music or you lost your fucking minds. skynyrds still skynyrd and
i hope its many yrs before that last curtians call.lets see
ronnie,steve,casey,allen,leon and billy bet they’re up their jammin

Airsoftslave says:

@parsonsclubmarket huh?

Jonny LaRock says:

@AigisFan I’ve made my point quite clearly below, the song is about weapons
and idiots that tote them when they get drunk/mad, ain’t gonna do nobody
any good.

tbarker1989 says:

of course its not going to sound the same….all music evolves at some
point but if they’re keeping the skynyrd name i say we join them.. i love
this album this is the only real southern rock left and better then any
country album i have heared

usmc0semper0fi says:

i see all the great lynard skynards y not add free bird to the end

Thomas TE Richmond says:

Thanks bro :-))

Jonny LaRock says:

@wizard663 what about ‘things goin’ on’ lyrics about ending the war in Viet
nam, ‘Mr Banker’ they were for the workers, and part of the hippy movement,
makes them left wing dude, ‘hand guns are made for killing ain’t no use for
nothing else’ ‘why don’t we dump all are weapons to the bottom of the sea’
from ‘Saturday night special’, that’s what Ronnie Van Zant thought.

John Zipperer says:

Skynyrd’s back! This is great!

john rebel says:

My opinion is that the new Skynyrd has The best lyrics ever!!!

D WIGLEY says:

ok wise ass,this was ronnies words too i got my pistols in my pocket boys
i’m alabame bound.i’m not lookin for no trouble but nobody dogs me round.
or ” i’m gonna get my pistol girl. i’m gonna shoot you and end your
world.things goin on was about a lot of things going on back then ,mostly a
stab at the government of those times and how they were runnin the country
in the ground to much money spent cross the ocean to much money spent up on
the moon and my long hair didnt have shit to do withwar

Rick Jones says:

This whole album rocks!! Listen to the words!!

dorvaci says:

the translation of what @Hoegnison said: what a nice song for driving a car
while getting a BJ and beeing totaly wasted

Terry Bowles says:

sequel to the Railroad Song!

1987Toddy says:

Crackin little song . God & Guns is a great .

Captian Canuck says:

It’s not a bad song in fact I like it but it’s just not the same

kenjackson1977 says:

<---- is a hobo kinda man,i can hear that whistle blowing and this old boy be gone!

FLHTP07 says:

Cool nuff

BirdMan6400836 says:

Y does everthing have to be so literal their once was a time were you could
state your mind with out 20 fucking libreals telling you how to live your
life just enjoy the fucking song people like you make me sick

wizard663 says:

@jk28416 do what??? where the hell are from son. you must not know much
about the southern way of life. this is just what they would call it and
what they would be playin. this sounds damn close to the original. and left
wing my ass,, red necks all the way..hell yeah.. god bless

Lisa, ofs says:

Swayin’ in mah chair to this.

… Now feel the need to tie a bandanna ’round The B’s =^..^= neck and take
off t’see the country …

(Working my way back through their discography — most to least recent.)ï»ż

Shaun Slaughter says:

look I grew up on this so forget those that don’t who lynyrd skynyrd is.ï»ż

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