Lynyrd Skynyrd // Last Of A Dyin’ Breed (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Augusto Kuhn says:

muitooo bom!!!!

AddictionBrand says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd forever …. truly the Best Band in the World …

Mike Quesnell says:


Luiz Alves says:


Luiz Alves says:

Levanta e sacode o esqueleto pra começar bem a terça!!
E vamo que vamo!

Thiago Seven says:

Aí sim! haha

Lucia Fado says:

muitooo bom!!!!

Targoth Rusalka says:

FAGS¡ (southpark)

Xavier March says:

how did i get here from watching minecraft?

John Ramsell says:

This song fucking Epic & Great

Prashant Rawat says:

Legends m/ forever … you will never die ..

Carl Gearhart says:


buddk1988 says:

The original Lynyrd Skynrd was better.

DeathHead1358 says:

SKYNYRD!! Nuff said.

RhysHammy says:

this song is great!

kevin heydeck says:


Prashant Rawat says:

I see a “Freebird” at @0:06 m/

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