Lynyrd Skynyrd Live Asbury Park 1977

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Lynyrd Skynyrd Live Asbury Park 1977 Full Concert

Live Convention Hall
Asbury Park, New Jersey
July 13, 1977

Workin’ for MCA
I Ain’t the One
You Got That Right
Saturday Night Special
That Smell
What’s Your Name
Gimme Three Steps
Call Me the Breeze
T for Texas
Sweet Home Alabama
Free Bird


Jean Jeanie says:

there was also a storm the day they died in that plane crash that factored
in. I saw their last concert when they were all still alive. Heard about
the crash on the way back home while we were in the same storm.

Curtis Lowe says:

carpe diem…

Matti Olavi says:

Awesome! Thank you very very much.

psychlyst says:

The REAL deal…when Southern Rock ruled…Skynyrd,Outlaws,Hatchet…good
times.good buds,good tunes!

kENNETH Huard says:

I just found this 1:13:47 Gem. I am a true Skynard fan since 1977 when I
was a freshmen in high school, Heard misskid on pronounced, and I was sold,
and been sold ever since. I will go see any band who can come close to
skynard to this day. SOUTHERN BREEZE OUT OF NH IS A GOOD ONE. Nobody will
ever come close to these guys, RIP Ronnie and mates.

kurt6string says:

Love the cigarette in Gary Rossington’s hand during “Got that right”.
Smoking in every way!

BOB Blanchard says:

i was there 1977 asbury park

Don Mckenzie says:


Ken Brownfield says:

The VA does a good job for us vets.

beachie321 says:

“I like to drink and dance all nite…when it comes to a fix not afraid to
god bless lynyrd skynyrd

Lily Diablo says:

Great fuckin’ banda!!!

Scott Dixon says:

This also chokes me up and deeply saddens me as GD the sky was the limit
with Steve at Ronnie’s side! What could have been? :(

douglass hills says:

Down the shore LS

woodstrider5 says:

Awesome man! Thank you so much for posting this concert. It sure put a
smile on my face. Check-out the end of this concert, the end of Free
Bird…around 1 hr 12 min when they all are jumping up in the air! Now if
that don’t make you smile (at least) then, I just don’t know. I guess
that’a make you hopeless. 

j morrison says:

Free Bird

Angelo Franchesco Ocampo says:
Caleb Kelley says:

Probably the Best Southern Rock & Roll Band Ever. I love em. When I listen
to them I hear the same ole songs over and over again for 3 or 4 days.
Never will be anyone to touch their music. One of a Kind!

Rob Shields says:

This was during tough times for the band…this show did not sell out! Can
you imagine. They got a bad rap live because they just stood there. What a
shame cause the music was awesome.

mcrosen13 says:

RIP to one of the best groups ever, only what if…

79steelymatt says:

October 20,1977 the worst day in the history of rock n roll-We will always
wonder what would have been.

robert melton says:

Who is the guy singing w Ronnie during “Sweet Home Alabama”?

Jay Given says:

Classic Concert!!!!! One of the last ever given by RVZ!!! So sad..the
events that happened on October 20,1977!! This concert should be released
as One more from the road 2 !!! Great stuff!!!

Baron Lane says:

On this day….RIP

lordandprotector says:

At about this point, for maybe the last few weeks of his life, Steve Gains
eclipsed Duane Allman as the best slide guitar player of all time.

ogrebattle22763 says:

What a great show I can’t stop watching this…. These guys were in peak
form here….

RamblerGambler says:

I still can’t believe Billy Powell spent a year as a Skynyrd roadie before
anyone realized he was a fantastic piano player. 

XaviorvorteX says:

Seen these two shows, it was general admission back then… at the second
show my friend and I worked our way to front row… need I say

josewa garcia says:
ogrebattle22763 says:


leann lewis says:

The members of the band that died in the crash were Ronnie VanZant, lead
vocals, Steve Gains, amazing guitarist & vocals, and Steve’s sister, Cassie
Gains, back up Singer. The others that died were not actual band members.

It was a sad day that still breaks my heart.

B Bradley says:

makes me sad for Allen Collins. Survives a plane crash only to be paralyzed
in a car crash and then dies of pneumonia. What a shame. I love watching
him on this song!

Eduardo Aguedo says:
Kevin Kozak says:

Ed King was a fat pig who ate himself out of a job

metal says:

nice the real lynyrd skynyrd right here folks not the fake one of today.

Ronnie James says:

One of the best bands ever!!!!!!

Shoshone 51 says:

Allen Collins did not even want to get on that plane. What a shame. Really

ogrebattle22763 says:

Some fans talk about Gary never smiling when he was on stage BUT when my
man was up there playing he was all business….

No1willPlay says:

Good thangs bads thangs, was music good? Jax from the woods in hot tin

dan cooper says:

Linnard Skinnard would have been a great band if only they had better

Atomic TW says:

Thank God they shot this when they did. Great quality and pro shot, you
can’t ask for better. I’m guessing this is their last pro-video production
concert? Street Survivors was released 2 months after this show, then a
month later it was over for Skynyrd. So sad, so much talent.

Ban Fasso says:

I can’t believe most of em died just 3 months after this show. It’s so

Shoshone 51 says:

Ronnie Van Zant really had a cool style and the aura of his presence really
vibrated. His performance was like talking and telling a story that totally
resonated into fantastic music that can never be done again, not even his
little brother Johnny can produce a sound that could be similar to Ronnie.
Now Johnny Van Zant is worth millions along with Gary Rossington who
amassed a fortune in the millions also. The original members never seen
money like that with the exception of Billy Powell who tragically died from
a heart attack, he was suppose to see his specialist that very day but he
cancelled his doctor’s appointment, only if he did not cancel his doctors
appointment, we will never know.

phill glover says:

lol i’ve been trying to convince this dumb bitch via youtube that classic
rock bands and others have so much more talent than nicki minaj and the
others in the shit storm they call popular music now days. she said floyd
and zeppellin were overrated but she defends nicki minaj lol dumb
whyd i even bother?

news4usunshine says:

Just recently I learned the reason why their plane crashed… it ran out of
fuel. That makes the whole thing even worse, knowing that one of the
greatest rock bands in history was destroyed by something so stupid,
senseless and easily avoidable.

Moses Mo says:

Check out this video on YouTube:


man I miss Billy Powell…his solo in ‘Call me the Breeze’ is just
AWESOME!!! …nobody played like that!!!-stick a fork in me..cos after that
I’m DONE!!!

RIP Lynyrd Skynyrd-you live on in our hearts-37 years later.

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