Lynyrd Skynyrd – “On The Hunt” Live Winterland 1975

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San Francisco, CA – 4/27/1975 – They play this “new song” as the first song of their encore, just before ending the show with “Free Bird”


strollmf says:

Share my commits?! U greedy copy rights sentimental fools, Ronny 

shootermav11 says:

Crystal Allen , I do still think about you ; time to time. Thanks for
introducing me to this great song.

mark pizzino says:

An amazing performance by Gary Rossington on this song…PERFECTION!! 

rodney staggert says:
whitebluesky says:

I saw them when I was about 16 my (my ex and I) with Bob Seeger. It was a
Christmas concert.

Thomas Finn says:

Saw em at Winterland and saw em in PIttsburgh at the Syria Mosque shortly
thereafter. I was 18-19 at the time. Moving experiences. Rossington was so
cool -and talented. And Ed King –what can you say?. Early on, these guys
were as good as it gets. They owned the concert vibe. All of those guitars…
really caught some legit magic from time to time – truly as good as it ever
was when it happened. Kudos to the band for carrying on the memories, but
when you see them in black and white with RVZ singing and Rossington with a
cigarette butt smoldering between strings, for a kid trying to figure it
all out, it was the very best ever,

mark pizzino says:


Robert Sheppard says:

was 15 at this show, brings me way back,thanks

you you says:

Thank you for sharing this treasure friend…
God bless…

Joe Houk says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd Family, Dale Jones

A.C. Tilly says:

This is a true god of rock.

richard bird says:
Myinnereye Mike says:

For me, this is the real gem of this show. I isolated this song too, but
never posted it. The whole show kicks serious ass, but this song they
nailed perfectly. Check out Gary’s signature picking style. Awesome talent
in this band.

Stan Williams says:

Just got started good, had to end. I will always Love this song and all the
memories that go along with it…

dave marcum says:

That’s a song! All the way around Kick Ass! Booya!

RawskiMaDawski says:

Skyyrd’s On The Hunt and the Bootsy Collins jam, Hollywood Squares. Are the
official and recognized mottos of the True Players For Real Club.

Maria Smith says:

I saw skynyrd 4 times live 70s onces at JFK philly. frampton head lined
skynyrd backed them up. when skynyrd was finished 60 tousand of the 110
thousand got up left didn’t stay for frampton..looooool

SouthernStyle357 says:
erik eriksen says:

Southern boys…gotta love ’em

bane broad says:

luv this song. they were so ahead their time with their music abilities and
creative mentality.

BossSause1337 says:

♥♡♥ In these videos Ronnie is forever young, at his prime. Immortal. ♡♥♡

redneck gunclub says:

im on the hunt Whooooo!…

Denise Gray says:

Always has been one of my favorites! What a classic!

CrazyBear65 says:

I knew a girl in high school, I won’t tell ya her name. Bleach-blonde with
black roots, 36DD, all the right curves in all the right places… Yeah…
That chick. This was her song. I always see her in my mind when I hear it.

Andrea Sallusto says:


huskers ne says:


john burns says:

what a rock and music icon and genius RIP Ronnie you will never be

1besieged says:

Dang! So fine! Lynyrd Skynyrd! Ronnie’s voice has such range! Love his
No comparison (except his brother Johnnie :D*). Barefoot & beautiful
There are 2 things that you ride .. a horsEEY! and a woman both of them you
I ride too ! Got 4 of ’em.! did you all know Artimus rides in a video!
I’m on the hunt a too! MustangGirl64.5 

James Rash Jr says:
1storegonkid says:

I know who you are baby,
I know what they call you girl,
I’ll never put you down baby . . .
I’m just like you baby . . .
I’m on the hunt!

Scott Young says:

Very Nice Work. Thanks so much.

thierry cellerosi says:

my skynyrd favorite thank you I’m still seventeen !!!

Dean Gassert says:

I seen Skynyrd on 7/25/14 and they were just as good now as they were
then.Ronnie is smiling down on the job Johnny is doing leading the band!

Keith Spell says:

Nabraska ave. cruzen 

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