Lynyrd Skynyrd “Searching”

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Gimme Back My Bullets


legacymanager says:

This has been my favorite song from the first time I heard it…way back in
1976. Goose bumps all the way through…

rufuskran says:

@moderndarkage …”you got that right’….

murcia1975 says:

Simply one of the best rock´n´roll bands of all times !!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome,
beautiful, wild, well composed and better executed… Timeles music

Kahunabro1997 says:

@islamsuxs dude your username is awesome.

Denis Nujic says:


Kyle N says:

such a shame this song only has 10,000 views

moderndarkage says:

looks like one person needs to go searchin’ for the wise man, who’ll
probably tell them to pull their head out of their ass so that they can
hear this excellent song.

73WEBSTER says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd… AHHHHHH!!!!!

Ugih Sugiono says:

nice song……!

wozjj says:

i can hear a bit of what was to come on street survivors in the song That

Ron Lasting says:

One of my favorite Skynyrd songs. Guitar work, vocals, drums, the whole
freaking song is bad-ass!

islamsuxs says:

@Kahunabro1997 right on 🙂

JrGermain says:


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