Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Life

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Eric Dexter says:


TystheGuy says:

You don’t like it? Move to a different country.

galenkia says:

Because most of the original band are dead. Not even sure there are any
original members in the band now.

Theblackmetalist says:

this album was amazing.

LeonSK96 says:

Like dubstep shit… What the fuck is wrong with that shit.

ToadisMcGoatis says:

@Alhambrattp so arrogant so annoying spread your opinion somewhere else you
snotty cunt.

italllies says:

Amen FOR Lynrd Skynrd. I am also a Simple man living a Simple life. Cheers
Buds !!!!

Thebluesrockmusic says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd should change their name to the Gary Rossington Band. Don’t
get me wrong, this album was fantastic, but it just wasn’t Skynyrd. Gary’s
the only original member left, and they just keep bringing in more
musicians to replace the original members, which begs the question: If you
keep the changing the machinery in a car, is it still the same car? Even
Leonard Skinnerd is dead.

TJ Jaksa says:

@djpetenice If I am Not mistaken he was also with the band Pre-73

TystheGuy says:

You know, I used to like Skynyrd. But now that they’re fans are too stupid
to properly insult someone I just can’t seem to get into them. I mean, God
and Guns? Lame.

connor says:

lynyrd skynyrd is good but doesnt compare to their old school southern
classics SWAMP MUSIC BABY!!!!!

zosohead says:

great song!

Marcus Giz says:

I wish i lived through the 70s and 80s so i could c what music was really
like, bands that had talent and wrote songs cos it meant something, not
because they needed money or wanted a photo shoot, and this is coming from
a 16 yr old, wat the fuck happened to the music business?


Love reading the comments very entertaining, for those who bash and make
rude comments why are they even listening if they do not like it why take
the time if not only to try to get attention. Everything evolves music of
the 60’s-70’s will be round long after everyone on here making comments, 20
years from now you will be hard pressed to find a Gagga or Hip Hop song
stand the test of time, there will be very few bands or songs that stand up
to the history of Rock and Southern Rock.

n64dd says:

Gary Rossington is the only original member if you don’t count Ricky

scmchoss says:

I am a SIMPLE MAN… who also would trade all those days for one more day
in the SIMPLE LIFE! Throw away the house keys and ride my bike to nowhere
for a while! L L & R SYLB

Pete Rice says:

@Thebluesrockmusic Correction buddy.. Skynyrd’s First and… Last (1978)
featured Rickey Medlocke which is still considered an original member. So
do some research before you take it upon yourself to post ignorance Mr.
Know-It-All. Good music never dies, only memories..

santa914 says:


Rajang Freebird says:

Queen, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Black sabbath
are the beast

Jukkax26 says:

I only wish Hughie Thomasson would live to see how even greater they are!!!
R.I.P. Hughie I´ll love you till I die….rock on Lynyrd!!

Ezio Auditore says:

God, this song is AWESOME! And I hate what these new Wannabe-Children are
doing with the music! You can’t compare Lady gaga to Lynyrd Skynyrd…
They’re just too amazing! <3

funguy131 says:

i dont know how these new “artist” can live with them selves if you ask me
that is the worst thing to happen to america beside 911

joe durt says:

the simple life is what i want

joe durt says:

the shawdow person is right

ZitherBeast says:

Ask Kid Rock if Skynyrd sucks….. Skynyrd will always have Heart and Soul

ElDrHouse2010 says:

Better than all the other shitty music of the 00s-10s. GTFO and go listen
your Jonas and Biber crap.

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