Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man (Bass Cover)

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Adam Dennis says:

Good job dude, could you do a tutorial on it though? Im trying to learn it
but its hard by myself

nil ozkul says:

is this on standard tuning ?

darrquemannxt says:

Just like Leon would do it!!!!!!!

sum16kwt says:

man, this is great

darrquemannxt says:

How come this video didn’t have more views? Wish I could Play like
That. Fantastic!!!! 

Matías Wainer Ferreyra says:

Thank you. Very helpful.

Ya Broni says:

really nice cover!!

fuzzyjax says:

Technique be dammed this sounds good to me. You have a good ear for music.
Good job. Look up a guy named James Jamerson one of this countries
treasures on bass=he used the same right hand as you do.

Sargath Daemon says:

Really enjoyable interpretation !! If some blokes want to learn how to play
the song go check my own video here NYS Episode 4 – How To Play Lynyrd
Skynyrd’s SIMPLE MAN

Chris Coppock says:

tabs please?

ThisIsTheName IWantToUse says:

No poor technique and playing ahead of the beat just ruins it for me. This
song if anything should be played slightly behind the beat. You completely
miss the pocket and groove. And please YouTube right hand technique.

James Carter says:

Is that a fretless? It looks like one. Or old bass.

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