lynyrd skynyrd sweet home alabama live 1976

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lynyrd skynrd sweet home alabama live 1976


Carlos Rodriguez Blanco says:


Jeremy Moar says:

@faehurry23 your mommas wrong

rockbandrocker4 says:

@MrImwatchingyou agreed. Skynyrd is by far the best band ever. I’m only 18,
but I know music.

Benching341 says:

Hey mateuszmattias – Your answer to the question you asked: At 16 seconds
into this video,,,,,, Leslie is far left, Cassie is in the middle, and JoJo
is far right. I love them ! They were named ” The Honkettes “, because when
they would all walk down the street, all you would hear is people honking
their car horn ! Long Live Skynyrd.

john smith says:

it is one of my favorites

MrImwatchingyou says:

How come a lot of people are constantly slagging off “young peoples” music
when im 14 and this music is the best i have heard. Ever. these guys
completely kick-ass compared to the like of JLS and Lady Gaga -.-

Case Morg says:

steve gains killed this one

James Crane Jr. says:

@KNEWBIES Cassie Gaines is the one in the middle, Leslie Hawkins on the
left, JoJo Billingsley on the right. The Honkettes. Cassie died in the
plane crash along with her brother Steve. JoJo passed away from leukemia
just a few years ago. I believe Leslie is still alive.

James Crane Jr. says:

Leslie looks like a soft vanilla ice cream cone. Mmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

jdogGA15 says:

@davismac atlanta

Sheldon Dave says:

R.I.P Ronnie, Cassie, Steve, Allen, Leon, Billy and Dean 🙁

James Crane Jr. says:

JoJo was obviously having a party the whole time. Her self satisfied smile
at 3:17 gets to me every time. God bless you girl.


@jamcrane3 which girl is Cassie?

vilchis559 says:

the legendary JO JOs BILLINGSLEY !

bruiseraa says:

@davismac Knebworth, England.

mateuszmattias says:

I don ‘t mean to offend anybody, being as it is that I truly love this
song, but does anyone know who of those lovely ladies in the choir is who?
Cassie Gaines perished, Leslie Hawkins got severley injured, and JoJo
wasn’t on the plane, but as I said, who is who? Dpn’t take this wrong, I’m
not interested in any weird stuff, I just want to know…

grandprixgtable says:

I grew up to this!! RIP DOC MURPHY and I miss you terribly.

Fulco Pierre says:

When I was in Georgia a man said ” With your long hair you have nothing to
do here” I say ” I listen Lynyrd Skynyrd and… ” and he replied ” Ok
that’s ok, do you want to drink ?”

griffwagj says:

5:06 lets see some of those pictures lady.

john smith says:

@Arbinter You got that right and greetings from South Carolina, USA

James Crane Jr. says:

God Bless Cassie and Jojo, God Bless them all…..

Davis McCollum says:

@ryanfrombrum AMEN… tragic loss!

konfron13 says:

lol no offense but plz dont bring politics in here..and anyway..ronnie as
his family was a democrat..only johny later turned to republican.

Trisha Doherty says:

Honkettes forever!!!! RIP Cassie and JoJo

grandprixgtable says:

I grew up to this!! RIP DOC MURPHY and I miss you terribly. Id like to
thank Alex Cooley!! lol

Alonso Ortusar says:

Excelente, ya no existen grupos así. Es bueno que suban estos videos, puedo
mostrale a mis hijos lo que era música de verdad.

faehurry23 says:

Momma says alligators are awnry because they got all them teeth and no
toothbush – The Waterboy !

caseysniper308 says:

Sweet home Alabama river where the fishin is so good

Eberhard Witte says:

Oh, what a fantastic woman (Deborah Jo Jo Billingsley). I am very impressed
by her mode of expression!
A real vulcano of emotions.
hardyArt witte, Konau, Germany

chrisb3999 says:

. This band had the good sense to give voivce to women and they were right
, the song would not be as good withot the 3 backup singers.

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