LYNYRD SKYNYRD – Sweet Home Alabama

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Sweet Home Alabama


Patrick Keohane says:

Opinions are a lot like @-$-$-h-o-l-e-s, everyone sees one post on YouTube.

Ian Taukuro says:

With a Rebel Yell………!!

Amarok Oiarikowa says:

25 953 my dear :)

RainbowDanishCat says:

*don’t talk like that

ranello127 says:

I don’t know why all the hype over this band. Their just average. Now the
Doors, Zeppelin or the Stones. Well that goes without saying!!

bane says:

poor ronnies voice here is taken a lickin. sounds like a lot of concerts
have caught with him at this point.

Aydin Minaker says:

cool song

Robert Lee says:

Timeless Rock like this will never happen again, I was there in the early
70’s. People like Artimuus, Ronnie, Allen, Gary, Billy and Casey and the
girls were a what I called a Super Group. I’m sorry, but there will be no
more Super Groups. Thanks to the internet………..

Crinklecake says:

gangnam style already died off, about time anyway, it was an annoying piece
of crap

Kent Altman says:

this is the song my uncle would play every night before he died still love
it though

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