LYNYRD SKYNYRD – Sweet Home Alabama

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Patrick Keohane says:

Opinions are a lot like @-$-$-h-o-l-e-s, everyone sees one post on YouTube.

Ian Taukuro says:

With a Rebel Yell………!!

Amarok Oiarikowa says:

25 953 my dear 🙂

RainbowDanishCat says:

*don’t talk like that

ranello127 says:

I don’t know why all the hype over this band. Their just average. Now the
Doors, Zeppelin or the Stones. Well that goes without saying!!

bane says:

poor ronnies voice here is taken a lickin. sounds like a lot of concerts
have caught with him at this point.

Aydin Minaker says:

cool song

Robert Lee says:

Timeless Rock like this will never happen again, I was there in the early
70’s. People like Artimuus, Ronnie, Allen, Gary, Billy and Casey and the
girls were a what I called a Super Group. I’m sorry, but there will be no
more Super Groups. Thanks to the internet………..

Crinklecake says:

gangnam style already died off, about time anyway, it was an annoying piece
of crap

Kent Altman says:

this is the song my uncle would play every night before he died still love
it though

lee d says:

fuck neal young that canadien sword swallower

dogglet1234 says:

is tis racist?jus asking coz the confederate flag is in the background

Ciarán Whitaker says:


Horacio Angel Gimenez says:

Quien no se ha enamorado de esos maravillosos riffs y punteos, simples y
excelentes. Todo aficionado a las 6 cuerdas debe aprenderse este tema.-

Felipe Gç says:

915 people are not welcome in Alabama

GlasgowGal78 says:

Absolutely amazing a

cupid stunt says:

grey whistle…the BEST!!

Virgilio Pinto says:

Essa musica me lembra Forest gump!! adoro essa musica, haha =)

C4hackz says:

Upside down flag doe

Vojislav Jotovic says:


ironfist323 says:

Brilliant. Nuff sed peeps.

Johari Alias says:

apo ngko merepek ni?

Steve Konrad says:

God bless this timeless band!

joe shmoe says:

Gary and his ’59 Burst !!

kayangkaya says:

Woooo! (HIMYM S04E08)

leo haigazian says:

normal que le drapeau sudiste soit à l’envers ?

sergey volkov says:

This classic act!

Carlos Niederauer says:

Well, I guess the 862 are aliens.

pm123 says:

Rofl, good luck…

catsh25 says:

South shall rise again and spirit of ronnie and books and schools will
teach l. S. Quotes.

Musica viva says:


Ashley Zimmer says:

Rofik is 100% gay

Valentin BACQUET says:

the Simpsons and Malcolm song ! 😀

GlasgowGal78 says:

Absolutely amazing song. The best version i’ve ever had the pleasure of
listening to. I love these guys.

Dave Hardin says:

A class act, doesn’t want to talk about the gentleman

ege sener says:

hes just trolling you

Sokerone38 says:

Cuz’ I live at home in a trailer !

Harold Warnick says:

Seen the band 5 times thru their career with some original and some now
gone from one tour to the next opportunity I had to see them live. Long
live Lynyrd Skynyrd and Southern Rock and frickin Roll forever. Hoorah for
the Southland and the USA!!!

oitrickzo says:

They rephrase the song in the movie

Mohammed Zekaria says:

it’s gangham style not gangbang style

Crissa Kentavr says:

There’s probably dozens of concerts on Youtube of them playing this… And
hundreds of radio stations, and maybe even better videos.

benny cool says:

talk about spelling mistake,but tis madness

DPHO Bhaktapur says:

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Google). I wish I became joyful for him but I dream an incredible
individual would fall for me. I am incredibly envious. Does that mean I’m a
terrible human being?

TheMicroworker00700 says:

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fernando estevez says:

like silo oyes en el 2013

cody sanders says:

Loved it when the flag dropped down.

Charlie Butler says:

This is one of my fav songs 🙂

Ed O'Meara says:

Love this song, but you can’t keep Neil Young down!

Ro Ci says:

sweet home alabamaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuu

Seth Purifoy says:

# of dislikes : 894 *Oh god why meme*

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