Lynyrd Skynyrd-T For Texas-1976

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clinton omohundro says:

WOW! this is one of the best live performances ever recorded! there is more
music in this one jam than in most albums! LONG LIVE THE REAL

DBun Brewer says:

Believe it or don’t. My mama drove Steve Gaines to the Greyhound bus
station when he went to join the band.He was WAY better picker than I will
ever be…I’ve seen ’em three times,but after the crash,,sadly.

erik eriksen says:

Ol Ronnie, just having fun

SouthernStyle357 says:
ROSE TX says:


Larry Quintana says:

i play harpmonica to your music my mom was from okllahoma my name larry

David Smith says:

T for Texas T for Tennesee originally written by Jimmie Rodgers and re done
by yes of course Lynard Skynard

mark messore says:

Steve Gaines is magnificent on guitar here with his slide…You can see by
his look and smile 4:40 & again at 5:00 that Ronny adored him and knew he
was gonna be the future of Lynyrd Skynyrd!

Diane Ochs says:

Wow. American.

Daniel Quirino says:


Saventry says:

The Skynyrd boys could really tear it up . eh?

David Frey says:

yes it’s good .the better guittar of rock….

powerwindow2 says:

“martha….bury those truck tires only HALF deep. we dont want our front
yard to look tacky”

Robert Sheppard says:

it only took 4 hrs for the stones to come on stage. and mic was pissed he
new they were one uped

John Willett says:

a few more days and im on my way to texas

wildwill1968 says:
terry .simpson says:

I’m in that crowd somewhere.

patrick staudt says:

im not from the south in fact im from baltimore city but i did live in
alabama when i was 12 for a couple of years and was turned on to all the
good southern rock and when i moved back to baltimore i brought all my good
southern boys home with me turning all my friends on to it oh and by the
way in alabama they look at skynyrd as god and i can see why carolyn

Vincent Hale says:

This is such a fantastic clip – I must have watched it a few hundred times
now. It’s truly the Gaines and Wilkeson show on this one. It’s easy to be
mesmerized by what Gaines is doing on the guitar (as RVZ himself obviously
was) but if you play close attention to the song you’ll notice that
Wilkeson is really working that bass and driving the rhythm. 

xjlmt says:

Skynyrd at their peak, unfortunately for the listening public. They may
have gone much further had they survived, but we were robbed by fate.

Miroslav Sekulić says:
Mike McCarroll says:
Draevacks Do'Urden says:

3:07, i don’t know why but i found the women beautiful :3

Gordon Boyland says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd Took music to another level and blew the uk away 76. The
best ever as they say in German simply wonderba all musically brilliant.
Ride on the deep south rebels.


I bet those people over in England did’nt know what to think of them
Southern Boys cause you know we are in a class all to ourselves and anybody
from the south knows what i’m talkin about…..

DJ Jamison says:

t for titties

Robert Potter Gates says:

Ronnie looking at Stevie wondering how in the hell did we get this guy! He
is absolutely brilliant!

Falconerx69 says:

Fuck the Mexicans . Remember The ALAMO ! … That’s really what all the
chicken shit people cant say ..Bring it SA SOS !

Jasmina G. says:

good,so good

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