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Chris Hartke says:

why do drugs when you can mow a lawn

No Gods or Kings Just Men says:

Why doesn’t that girl just sit the fuck down and enjoy the nod before she
falls down and breaks her teeth

Kurt Hennig says:

Between Southeastern Michigan and the Southern US, the two together
comprise the vast source of American music and entertainment but that
people would even know it!

larreey says:

Holy shit. The little honey at the 2:00 minute wearin jean shorts and layin
spread out on the floor was slammin. Sober her up and ya got a winner. Just
say no, sweetie.

OLD BAY says:

I made one like this for my daughter, with a lot of the same pics. I grew
up on this music, and the message is still the same, no JOKE!!! I lost a
lot of friends to drugs and alcohol, wether it be “OD or oak tree” as we
used to say, its not worth a shit, and makes people not worth a shit.
Thanks for posting… 

The Meems says:

So, was Skynyrd an ambassador against drugs? Thats fantastic if its true.
I had heard the opposite 100 years ago. I had always loved them and this
song but this video really brings it home. Wish I could figure out how to
send this to certain people. Great job!

MHammer says:

I wonder if anyone told that girl on the bench that her photo was taken
after she woke up. 

Panda Soares says:

Block block I want to fuck

Louis Souza says:

one of my favorite bands of all time. Too bad they had a plane crash coming
to Hawaii

Dave Ramage says:

mean the dope… best version of the song though….that smell is kinda
like vinegar….black tar baby, no more dat!!!

joeysn7hvn says:

The girl at 2:00 is absolutely HOT

Michael Weyenberg says:

kya baat hai

surfboy2100 says:

The video is almost to real…hits you…wake up and smell the
coffee….stay straight. Or you might be the cause of that smell…..

Heikki Leppänen says:
Anne Belk says:

You could see the real footage of people looking at a dead drug body. Then
the most poignant was the young man fallen back of his chair against the
outdoor brick wall onto his head motionless. Lots of real people shooting
up. This should be shown in schools. You don’t get to come back. A+ for
this production, direction, and of course music.

matspur says:

tot that’s coot, shes going to blow her braines out

John Black says:

yep it can lead there…….don’t

Bill Dance says:

what does the guy on the phone at the end have to do with anything

Arlet Cass says:

then go fuck your self

Jay Ulreich says:

Whats that chick doing at :37 ?? snot rocket? lol too much coke
also at around 1:45 It looks like shes nodding out really awckwardly while
trying to snot rocket

Truth Seeker says:

That’s some spooky video!

ojjuice man says:

damn i want some coke and some opiates….but fuck i have been clean for
almost a year

TheBullFrogMan says:

Thanks man!

christopher roman says:

stuck a needle in your arm… (you fool, you)

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