Lynyrd Skynyrd “The Needle And The Spoon” plus “Searching” for Terry Drake

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This is for you Terry for your birthday. This is one of the four, hope you like. Keep on rockin’ brother and keepin’ Skynyrd alive. By the way, where is that mornin’ dove anyway?


theShowStopper321 says:

They didn’t use innuendos or anything lol, the needle and the spoon… They
had another unreleased tune Junkie, even more detailed…

a925111 says:

collins is fing awsome

Randy TheRam says:

What is this dribble shite? Total drug addict tin ear garage band. I hope
they are all dead now so REAL musicians like Allman Bros and Jack White can
produce REAL music. What douchebags. DISLIKE

Darhyl Taylor says:

just pulled out mt lynyrd skynyrd gold & platinum album man this is a great
one if not the best of all time !!!

Georgia Sebeniecher says:

a sad fact ……….i had the chance to see these guys BEFORE the plane
crash but because i was grounded i didnt get to go…. the south shall rise

Keith McKean says:

lynyrd skynyrd kept many men from fucking their lives with needles!!!! =
they were and still are very very good !

Trex Charles says:

you are the complete douchebag !

Pall Mall says:

“If ya can’t smoke it or drink it the hell with it”

Γιάννης Κυρίτσης says:
Tom W says:

Gives chills.

bpz427 says:

July 4th 1975 with the Rolling Stones in Memphis, TN, my 1st concert. i was
14 greatest concert i have ever been to past and/or present.

TheRoosterrob says:

this is an anti drug song ! keep your children listening to this kind of
music! keep it going!

Robert Sheppard says:

dont mess with it

Van Zant says:

Hadn’t heard these two but a couple times before. Like them both. That
RVZ was one of a kind. Would love to hear Johnny sing these.

arska1971 says:

From Finland. Born in ’71 and the first record from them was “Second
helping” I got from my friend around 1985. Something great. Even
politically accurate ’cause I hate the russians. Not really… =) Just love
the band so much. 

weasle bronco says:

Went to playground south one night and allin Collins was in front of us
trying to get in and they would not let him in . He was fucked up and he
was screaming im allin Collins and these little pricks at the door would
not let him in ! 

April schneider says:

Never ending great music and forever in year head!!! Thank you Lynard

Gregg Maurer says:

I saw them in 76 at soldiers field in chicago and they rocked it out and
Ronnie had messed up foot so they helped him to the michrophone and he sang
for two hours without moving much

Tony Fair says:

On October 20th 1977. I was eleven, and I dropped to my knees and cried,

Paul Balint Jr. says:


mark pizzino says:

Rossington totally flawless on Searchin!

adforbama says:

Every person in recovery needs to heed their warning.

gary gaither says:



Lynyrd Skynyrd “The Needle And The Spoon” plus “Searching” for Terry Drake

superbluehaze says:

did you get your morning Dove, my friend?

T Thoy says:

Skynyrd is awesome. PERIOD

SD1Chargers says:

My friend loved Southern rock in high school back in the late 70’s…I
never could “get it”…I was all Zep all the time. As I got older I got
it. Skynyrd really was great.

Daniel F. says:

Simply Awesome!

conna says:

shoot it!!!

tommy marsha says:

bad, bad boys….

Roxanne Mareno says:


skeetwood says:

Wow over three hundred thousand views!!

Chuck Benefield says:

In the summer of 75, I was a junior at SMU and got to see Lynyrd Skynyrd at
Memorial Auditorium in Dallas. Bo Diddley opened up for Skynyrd. Most
unbelievable show I have ever seen and just turning 60 years old, still
ranks in the top 5. Gary Rossington is the last survivor of the original
band. Keep rocking Gary!

christopher roman says:
Eben Davis says:

I was 16 years old and came from Florida to San Francisco to this concert
because we knew it was going to be special. Lynyrd Skynyrd is the best
Southern Rock and Roll Band ever. 

Florida Riffer says:

(R.I.P.) “Lynyrd Skynyrd”


Killer solo

Ricky Reynolds says:

Lost many friends to the needle and the spoon.

Dave Michaels says:

Took me a while but I finally learned her in ’82!

pearl scam says:

2 of the most under rated songs ever. Searching is my all time favorite.

larry lomascolo says:

Allen Collins simply at his best,man he could play guitar 

James Miles says:

AC, GR, RVZ = The Real Deal

Hippy Mike says:

AC-GR-EK-RVZ THE REAL DEAL!!! Although Stevie Gaines was awesome in their
last lineup at the time of the plane crash, Ed King was a perfect fit for
the style and Skynyrd foundation of Gary & Allen’s pickin. Fuck

Terrie Harrison says:

“Can’t smoke it or drink it the hell with it” Right on! 

BWGuitman1 says:

If you’re short on time, fast forward to 3:30, where Allen Collins proves
he’s “the man.”

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