Lynyrd Skynyrd – Things Goin’ On (Acoustic)

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Lynyrd Skynyrd Things Goin’ On (Live Acoustic)

A rare acoustic performance live in Atlanta, GA. Things Goin’ On was written by Ronnie Van Zant and Gary Rossington and was on Skynyrd’s first studio album, (Pronounced ‘Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd) released in 1973. It was the first cut on side 2.


Captuna Rogers says:

Fuck a Johnny Van Zant

surfboy7 says:

@apathyphd420 i got the vhs tape from a flea market in athens, greece..

greg storey says:

Johnny does a good job. But as with any younger brother,the original is
still the best. Call me Johhny.

wolfwhistle3 says:

it’s a pearl! Johnny is really good when they do it acoustic. Thanks,

ih8thishit says:

this isnt their best performance by a long shot, but Ed King was the real
musical genius of Skynyrd (musically – keyword). His songs and playing
stand head and shoulders above Rossington and Collins, and I’m sure thats
why they didnt like him. As a guitar player, nobody likes a better player,
especially in YOUR band!

GBeret83 says:

I saw Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert at River Bend in Cincinnati, OH. on this
tour, The Endangered Species tour. Ted Nugent had been their opening act
that night. It was kind of strange to go from Nugent shaking the rafters to
Skynyrd coming out and opening up acoustic. LOL. But they only played about
5 or 6 songs acoustic, then went electric. All and all, both of Nugent and
Skynyrd both gave terrific performances that night!!!

mike47ashling says:

Only one Skynyrd that I definately agree with, I still cant believe they
have gone

Mark F Barnes says:

This is just absolutely fantastic footage. This kind of music is timeless
and will last forever. People scream “Freebird” when you say Skynyrd, but
there was so much more to their music than just that one great ballad. This
is one of those overlooked songs, that is deeper than the a bottomless pit.
It says more to the real Skynyrd way of life, and tells a great story about
their outlook and forward thinking. Rock On my Brothers, you live forever
in our hearts…..

MultiBaldEagle says:

Gary Rossington and Ed King! Oh yeah….startin’ to get back to their
original old self! Gary is the only original left in the band, but their
music and their legacy will live on forever!

MoonGlow says:

Wow! Acoustic Skynyrd,,,awsome post! Great Band

ghostdog1987 says:

I disagree, depends on your attitude, I guess theres not many examples but
bands like Iron maiden (bands with more than one guitarist) dont have this
mentality. Every guitarist has his style, its a matter of preference.

rileyronco says:

ya no one can beat ronnie. but man, i sure appreciate johnny pickin up the
pieces. it takes balls to try and fill Ronnie’s boots! lol. they do sound a
LOT alike tho, you gotta give em that. i’m def old school skynyrd, but you
gotta give credit where it’s due =)

deeznuttz315 says:

bad as fkn song

gibsonlover216 says:

I love this song! Where did you get this performance of it at?

BigCookinCajun says:

Well, it’s the same blood. I think Ronnie would smile down on his lil
brotha! A Southern Dixie thang. The same way I lost it for a while with
AC/DC when Bon died but hey I’d pay good money toi see Angus do that Duck
Walk ANYDAY! Rock On!!

mtkleist says:

Rossington you dirty dog… dat was some mighty fine a pickin’ and a diggin’

anonymouslolxD says:

What year was this?

mike47ashling says:

They try hard but this is not skynyrd

JackG79 says:

This is Skynyrd. Because Skynyrd is more than a band. When that plan belly
hit that mississippi mud. it turned Skynyrd into more than just a band. It
turned them into LEGENDS. in the few short years they left a legacy than
can never be filled. But ronnies little bro took th reins where NOBODY in
the world could have on that grea tday at the charlie daniels jam and ran
with it. It’s a tamer version of something so great that the lord himself
wanted it, and is keeping it for himself.


@deeznuttz315 sir, i live in Mexico and i like this.

SophieJane1905 says:

It IS skynryd they are just performing the ‘Unplugged’ Version, plus if
Johnny just played all the original songs things would go stale, so they
added new songs but with Johnny’s twist.


Right on brother!

deeznuttz315 says:

Collins rip you fuckin ripped life apart.

24Lancelot says:

This tune, I Ain’t The One and Was I Right Or Wrong are my top 3 tunes by
Skynyrd! Thanks for putting this on. To me, Skynyrd really stopped Oct. 30,
’77 and I loved their music, but it’s great seeing and hearing their music
continue with other new members.

tabitha moose says:

gosh this is such a great song….i cant help but listen to it over and over

beachie321 says:

still a tune for usa 2013… I got to see 3 shows the same tour… how
about mr. billy powell on keyboards!

1edontop says:


surfboy7 says:

it was from a vhs tape called “a 100 minutes with lynyrd skynyrd”

MultiBaldEagle says:

You can find this version on the album “THYRTY”

GBeret83 says:

rileyonco,i couldn’t agree more. I’m old school Skynyrd also, and no one
will ever fill Ronnie’s shoes, but their music was just to good and to
important to classic rock to have just been left shelved in 1977. That
being said, Johnny is a talented singer in his own right and if someone
other than Ronnie had to do these songs, then who better. Like you said,
“credit where credit is due”.

33bonecrusher says:

What a great song. Great post! This is missed in the modern music world
today I know that for a fact.

CLureCo says:

Not the best version, but a good one. The “intro” is a little long, so bear
with it, but PLEASE LISTEN, anyone who sees this, unfortunately, this 40+
year old message rings quite true today.

Aleksandar Veselinovski says:

this version of the song is from “endangered species” album,one of the
greatest albums of all time by my opinion:)

Elizabeth Nardiello says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Things goin’ on {acoustic}:

Elizabeth Nardiello says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Things goin’ on {acoustic}:
Hey have ya ever been down in the Ghetto have you ever felt that colddd.
Wind blow if ya don.t know what I meant then ya better stand up and scream
cause there’s things go in on that you don’t know!!!!!!!!

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