Lynyrd Skynyrd Tuesday’s Gone (Lyrics)

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Lynyrd Skynyrd Tuesday’s Gone

Tuesday’s Gone is the second cut on side 1 of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s debut studio album (pronounced ‘lĕh-‘nérd ‘skin-‘nérd) released in 1973. It was written by Allen Collins and Ronnie Van Zant.

Train roll on, on down the line, Won’t you
Please take me far, away
Now I feel the wind blow outside my door,
Meantime, I leave my woman at home, Lord and.
Tuesday’s gone with the wind.
Oh my baby’s gone with the wind.

And I don’t know oh where I’m going.
I just want to be left alone.
Well, when this train ends I’ll try again, alright
I’ll leave my woman at home, Lord and.

(Tuesday’s gone with the wind.) 3x
My baby’s gone with the wind.
Train roll on.
Tuesday’s gone.

Train roll on many miles from my home, See I’m,
I’m riding my blues away. Yeah.
Tuesday you see, she had to be free, Lord but
a somehow I got to carry on.
Lord And.

(Tuesday’s gone with the wind.) 3x
My baby’s gone with the wind.

Train roll on.
Ahh on.
Cause my baby’s gone.
Im riding my blues away.
Trying to ride my blues away.
(Ride on train.) 2x
Ride my blues away.
Goodbye Tuesday. 2x
Ahh Train.


mattGification says:

@bzfjsdjkfjsdbvjbsd that was a very gay troll

szammi47 says:

@laymeona10 you should make a movie about that

Bobby Stacks says:

i love this song. my names bobby stacks im a rapper from ny and i just
wanted people to know i love all music genres. this and sweet home r my
favorite. if u have a open mind chek out my channel ive got 12 music vids
of me

ALEX3MEZA7 says:

@gallagherlarry21 their in the description

gujjien says:

not me it just makes the original so much better =)

63rockband says:

michael youngblood this song is for you hope you can hear it in heaven . i
miss you so much .

dadsheart1 says:

hell yea skynared #1

twotimetes says:

It was played at my boyfriend’s funeral 27 year’s ago two of his friend’s
turned their back’s to us an played it so we couldnt see them cry sranding
room only he was loved an is missed…love you Eddy

jroberts24 says:

@bladewcw i always think of Happy Gilmore when i hear it. and when i hear
free bird i always think of the end of the devils rejects. one of the best
bands of all time. god why couldnt i have been born in the 70’s….

courtneybarrett83 says:

this song was actually played at my cuz’s funeral … now, everytime i hear
it, it reminds me of her!!… ) ;

empire says:

@laymeona10 — I lol’d 😉

ericsyutubeaccount says:

@Bigalwannabe skynyrd*

Lolencio Pol Macca says:

oh sorry the

cynnia1 says:

10 people have no taste in music.

Big McLargeHuge says:

@crackernumber2 Oh yeah? which charter? their good guys im friends with a
few and when my mom died even though most never even knew her a hell of
alot showed up at her funeral just for respect i guess… even though i
only knew 3 of them i guess they took it upon their selfs to show up.

KeIIinator says:

Then one day along my travels…as I stand off the train and look
around…And finally realized…That she was really gone with the wind..and
as I did…I felt the wind flow apon my face peacefully…and I new
then…That I will flow with the wind as well, and be beside her again.
Ready to kiss her lips once again. To go with the flow beside her
again…One Day……….

Felix Ritter says:


jasason10 says:

More feeling impossible


God I love this track.. memories of 21 yrs ago, motorbikes,bonfires & the
open road 😉

Christopher Sardinha says:

@THINKARETE I was born 21 years ago and I think it sucks about how I missed
out on all the great music of the 70’s and 80’s 🙁

whitemetal1000 says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd, the best there was, the best there is ,the best there ever
will be!

CannabisCancerCure says:

@bradfreak001 Never gonna cut my hair man.

crackernumber2 says:

@blahhblahh123444 isnt that great…. there good guys to have as friends, i
just dont want to WORK for them if you get what i mean. Yeh thats a cool
story about the funeral, my co worker died and he was about 60, i think
half the chapter showed up at the funeral to pay there respects there just
like that. Dean is in the Nanaimo charter from Canada B.C. sorry bout your

Cam D says:

@dnntouche Yeah i did But nothing has been the Same since hes been gone

Michael Newton says:

@laymeona10 first time i heard this song on the radio i started reciting
that and my cousin was like “what the hell are you doing” haha

macydarcykyle says:

GREAT SONG. rock on skynyrd

Kristen L. Reed says:

My boyfriend and I broke up tonight. We always used to have bar night with
our friends on Tuesdays. I had the time of my life. Now, I fear things will
never be the same and I will never be that happy again. For me…Tuesday
really is gone.

capeck0112 says:

@laymeona10 Classic!

Aleksander Snacki says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd Tuesday’s Gone – Lyrics included.

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