Lynyrd Skynyrd – What’s Your Name (live ’77)

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Well, it’s eight o’clock in Boise, Idaho.
I’ll find my limo driver, Mister, take us to the show.
I’ve done made some plans for later on tonight:
I’ll find a little queenie and I know I can treat her right.

What’s your name, little girl, what’s your name?
Shootin’ you straight, little girl, won’t you do the’s ame.

Back at the hotel, Lord, we got such a mess.
It seems, one of the crew had a go with one of the guests, ah yes.
Well, the police said we can’t drink in the bar, what a shame.
Won’t you come upstairs, girl, and have a drink of champagne.

What’s your name, little girl, what’s your name?
Shootin’ you straight, little girl, for there ain’t no shame.
What’s your name, little girl, what’s your name?
Shootin’ you straight, little girl, won’t you do the same.

What’s your name, little girl, what’s your name?
Shootin’ you straight, little girl, won’t you do the same.

Nine o’clock the next day and I’m ready to go.
I got six hundred miles to ride and do one more show, oh no.
Can I get you a taxi home, it sure was grand.
When I come back here next year I wanna see you again.

What was your name, little girl, what’s your name?
Shootin’ you straight, little girl, for there ain’t no shame.
What was your name, little girl, what’s your’n ame?
Shootin’ you straight, little girl, won’t you do the same.


thedriver3149 says:


robcraigk says:

Ronnie was a cool cat! Didnt jump around and shit just stood there and

4640jds says:

Sorry for your loss, but if anyone dies because of a song, they have other

ngipiksari says:

All the other Asbury Park footage has I’ve seen has ME-25, ME-26 etc
emblazoned across the middle plus shows a video clock. How come this track
escaped? Great performance, though it’s sobering to think that the plane
crash happened only 100 or so days after this.

HeyRadialMoon says:

My cousin may have died because of the shit attitude towards women
expressed in this song. She went to go see Skynyrd at the Paramount in
Atlanta one night a long time ago, and never came home. Love this band, but
damn, can’t hear this song without thinking about her.

Blackhawk6699 says:

saw them last year

r09051966 says:

sorry but this band had NOTHING to do with your cousin dying

budboy1988 says:

@NeilFraudstrong He chaged several of the lyrics (as usual) so that
argument wouldnt hold up but i see what your saying.

rolesvill says:

@guitarGUNFIGHT thats how i feel mate skynyrd is life. not a single day
goes by, without listening to free bird cause u never know when ur last day
is gonna be up.

Lukas Ritchey says:

@jill1b5 or bell bottoms

szmoncess says:

What a band ! Why ?!

dougalmac54 says:

Plain and simple-this rock and fuckin’ roll, played balls out! Nothing like
it today.

AKiddy31 says:

nothing like southern rock ,you gotta love it

snottyxraygirl says:

Sorry for your loss, but it has nothing to do with this song. You connect
the 2 events , but it could have happened anywhere or anytime -these are
the true realities you need to come to terms with. Lots of songs remind me
of the husband I dearly loved ( still do ) but I don’t let that stop me
from enjoying music.

erlsv says:

I hear what your saying…the real confusing part is that the NTSB crash
report states that the magneto in the right engine was intact and
“appeared” to have been working properly. But, all on the plane agree that
they saw large flame shooting from the engine at intervals leading the
pilots to believe that the engine was loading with fuel and firing when the
mag kicked in hence the fireball. The NTSB concluded the the pilots simply
failed to watch the fuel supply leading to fuel exhaustion. Sad.

lisa2693 says:

Boise, Idaho!!!

ThePrincessDavina says:

@PooPoo2U does it matter guys at this point come on davina

wozjj says:

Thanks for the great guitar on this on Allen..RIP

Russian UnicycleBear says:

What this song is about, all of the events, my dad was there! He was with
skynyrd, be cause he sold allen a electra outlaw guitar, and lynyrd skynyrd
took my dad with them. They were gonna have a horn section, and my dad was
gonna be in it, but……………………the plane. its a shame. these
guys rock. never let this stuff die. ONCE A FAN, ALWAYS A

johnnydontdoit says:

Charles Manson said The Beatles White album told him to kill. You can’t
blame lyrics or a song for someone’s death. Lyrics or songs can mean
whatever someone wants them to. Sorry about your cousin but how does this
portray a ‘shit attitude’ to women? What message are you hearing from this
song? When I hear the words to this song I think of groupies & I hear no
disrespect towards them.

samuel stukes says:

This has to be before they released”Street Survivors”

healthydrinker1 says:

the shit

Jill Sutherland - Bagnall says:

this was the 70’s everyone wore tight jeans……


One Idiot in the croud

toodlum48 says:

@PooPoo2U …fuck the guy that forgot to refuel it!

smkinguitar says:

killer performance ,keep on rockin man

ThePrincessDavina says:

@tsprague1 ao what if he was, it donsent matter does it , NOT TO ME , I
LOVE that he was barefoot to feel the energy of the stage. i remember it
dont matter that the plane was making a funny noise and RONNIE SAID so what
you have to die sometime, the fuel got dumped so what, even if it was a
large joint that caused an explosion it wont change that these people my

ThePrincessDavina says:

@tsprague1 ao what if he was, it donsent matter does it , NOT TO ME

DigzGold says:

@hayseed6969 he was a great centerfielder too!!

guitarGUNFIGHT says:

i love skynyrd more than life itself.

landonhuyyugttdft says:

i love skynyrd

Groovy Reflections says:

Live …in New Jersey… a top 15 tune in ’77. Lynyrd Skynyrd – What’s Your
Name (live ’77)


*Rocktober Saturday Night*
*On this day… 1977* (October 20)
*A plane carrying the band Lynyrd Skynyrd runs out of fuel* while flying
the band from Greenville, SC to Baton Rouge, LA. While attempting an
emergency landing , the plane crashes in the woods just outside of
Gillsburg, Mississippi, killing lead singer Ronnie Van Zant,
guitarist/vocalist Steve Gaines, and Steve’s sister, backing vocalist
Cassie Gaines. Also killed were assistant road manager Dean Kilpatrick,
pilot Walter McCreary and co-pilot William Gray. Twenty others were
injured, most critically.

They were touring in support of their latest album, *Street Survivors*,
which had been released only three days before. Below, is the first track
from that album, and rare video from that tour, just a few months before
the crash.

A series of problems, errors, tuning and misjudgments all were factors in
the disaster… and yet another day that the music died.

#LynyrdSkynyrd #ClassicRock #RRHK #OnThisDay #Rocktober 

MisterThomasPAINE2 says:


1besieged says:

This is such a bad assed song , I see no disrespect to women, I happen to
love this song, as the band contributed to songwriting also , and hey , its
about their life on the road. Ronnie doesn’t need to dance around, his
voice sounds crisp, clear and beautiful when he performs the way he does,
barefoot, foot stomping , enjoying his band, you gotta watch him in all his
videos, he will be like pop pop jamming along with his band when he is not
singing (he is HAPPY ) performing and he loved singing and he could play
the guitar too I believe. Steve Gaines is back up singer in this tune! A
great southern rocking tune, seems like Leon Wilkson was a back up singer
in some videos also. My guess, there would have been duets from his band
and they really would have maintained their top ranked status (original
band) and I do believe the shows sell out then and now. When are you
coming back to Kalamazoo Lynyrd Skynyrd? We have Wings Stadium and WMU
here for you to perform! 😀 . Pilots could have landed in macomb
airport as the plane was flying low then, they should have stopped rather
than push on. if gas was burning and it is very high octane it burns
fast, pilots should have had 1/2 to 3/4 in other tank and known what to do
in emergency, why would they fly a plane w/broken fuel gauges? Sounds
very odd , but i don’t believe all the stories jive (not all in synch) so
only God knows what happened. Best to enjoy the music and one day we will
see the departed band members in our next life, for now enjoy the band and
stay Skynyrd Fans. I wear their tshirts etc. , and play my music nice
and loud to share the Skynyrd sound around town 😀 * 

Jonathan Green says:
Joel Orange says:

These boyz REALLY did their homework,I’m up in my years now but I can
remember going to the smoke house bar,and seeing them. right then and there
I new that they would be an unbeleivable band, and that’s when they had no
label manager or money they traveled in an old van,payed for there own
equipment and even slept in thevan as well it as, they were always out in
the public and very approachable I know I did it several times and talked
with them,, its very very sad that we lost them in their prime who knows
what they would be now.Incredible AND THATS A LARGE UNDERSTATEMENT.

Drew Simmons says:

This song is a really perverted pedophile song, gross. Stop talking like
that to that little girl.

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