Lynyrd Skynyrd – Whiskey Rock A Roller

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Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Whiskey Rock A Roller” from Nuthin’ Fancy

I remastered the audio and convert video in HD 16/9


John Hill says:

Great video…… you tube can bring some memories back!

sherrilovesto says:

love watching this – memories of the 70s – especially from the audience &
back up singers

Gregory Stevens says:

Kick arse song man!!

Robert Jelgersma says:

Had to go back to the Real Skynyrd.. This kinda goes with your post of
#Whiskey Drinkin Woman #Christine DeGtaff..

Kip Kipper says:

If you know +Ellen Canning share this with her.. it’s her favorite song

rifle man says:

this music stands the test of time its still damn good and better than the
original recording. long live the Skynyrd

Bolan Forrest says:


scott trainor says:

That fat fella with the hair colored yella was the greatest!!!!

joshlumpkin27 says:

damit boy



Manuela Medici says:


Douglas Burgess says:

Oh how we loved him when we were 18 and he was stalking the stage singing
those bad ass rebel songs. We were NJ rebels, and we hung on every word
he sang and watched every move he made. He was like John Lennon only from
the south, and we were ready to follow him anywhere, drinking, fighting,
and singing. Then, one day, like waking up to a bad dream instead of from
one, they announced he was gone. And that was that. 

Gail Shephard says:
JoAnn Galvan says:

Best music era! Love this band!

Blues Slidetube says:

Pedazo de directo , enormes

forgetdogs says:

Freebird the Movie.

Manuela Medici says:


Sharon Price says:

great rock n roll by a great band r.i.p,

cherokee592 says:

The incredible thing is that this sounds like it was taken off the
record… I know this song for +30 years and I could hear two minor
differences ….

chetcol says:

I like this one the best!! Of course it always changes….

TomRock81 says:

Only 131,000 views and assholes like mylie cyrius and the rest of the
sickening cocksuckers with millions. Just shows how fucked this world is.
THIS is music, not that SHIT. They didn’t have to put on costumes and have
fancy light shows and shit, their music stood on it’s own, and does to this

justin6241983 says:

Ronnie Van Zant was the greatest front man of all time!

Tunez777 says:

They were such a great band live. R.I.P. This is my favorite Skynyrd song
and this version is awesome! Thanks for uploading!

Gina Larson says:

They were my first concert at the tender age of 16! Best concert EVER!

Kevin B says:

Real good shit man

tommy marsha says:

just kikin ass..

Jonathan Green says:
john bender says:

If you didn’t live in this time you missed it, it will never come again,
the air even had a different smell! This makes me think of Ohio nights,
ohio women, ohio stripper cuts, long hair and black t-shirts. Hittin the
tubs in Rogers campin in sheepskin hollar!

James Rash Jr says:
patrick staudt says:

they blew the stones off the stage ccgypsy

Stephen Morris says:

All I understand.

Karin Karin says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Whiskey Rock A Roller

nick robinson says:

Damn, that looked like a hell of a good time. Those guys were having a

Mike Pat Snyder says:

Don’t want 2 know cause ur right, it would be a drag…saw them again last
night in Dayton, 1st note to the last riff, all vintage/classic and through
it all, they’ve managed to keep the foundational culture, sound and voice,
never straying from what they’ve always been despite the
tragedies…Skynard in their 5th decade is legendary!

Ed Romero says:


buckandotis says:

nice to see the honkettes on stage …….i had just bought street
survivors and a week later they were gone…sigh…..

Adolph Oliver Bush says:

That Leon Wilkinson bass line is sick!

Poor Allen Collins, so sad. RIP. 

patrick staudt says:

man i would have paid 10 million to see them

fuckyoutube says:

“Rolling down the highway, got my suitcase by my side, blue skys hangin
over my head, got 500 miles to ride”…… thats whats life is all about..
“Women, whiskey, and miles of travlin is all I understand”

29PalmsPublishing says:

Blew the Stones off the stage that day.

Marstrand R. says:

I still to this very day shed tears of bittersweet feelings when I watch
vintage Skynyrd videos like this, all of the beautiful people and sounds,
long gone never to be assembled again.
Hopefully the band is playing life upstairs in that place they call heaven
is all I got to say.

David Krell says:

alright now people turn it up!!!!!!!!

patrick staudt says:

leon on bass the bass god yea sometimes i wonder where would we go
without skynyrd here come my mules i love it carolyn coruzzi

Michael Crandall says:

skynrd will never die .

Miroslav Sekulić says:
rbagel55 says:

What would life like be Without Lynyrd Skynyrd? Only God knows

steven paul says:
Van Zant says:

those were the days and times never to be repeated oh but they could be
all of the youth and beauty taken so soon and never to return again. 

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