Lynyrd Skynyrd – Workin’ For MCA (live ’76)

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Ohhh … seven years of hard luck, comin’ down on me
From the Florida border, yes, up to Nashville Tennessee
I worked in every joint you can name, yessuh, every honkytonk
Along come Mister Yankee Slicker, sayin’ maybe you what I want

Want you to sign your contract
Want you to sign today
Gonna give you lots of money
Workin’ for MCA

Ohhh … nine thousand dollars, that’s all we could win
But we smiled at the Yankee Slicker with a big ol’ Southern grin
They’re gonna take me out to California, gonna make me a superstar
Just pay me all my money and maybe you won’t get a scar

Want you to sign your contract
Want you to sign today
Gonna give you lots of money
Workin’ for MCA

Ohhh … slickers steal my money, since I was seventeen
If it ain’t no pencil pusher, then it got to be a honkytonk queen
But I’ll sign my contract, baby, and I want you people to know
Every penny that I make, I want to see where my money goes

Want you to sign your contract
Want you to sign today
Gonna give you lots of money
Workin’ for MCA


Victor Gonçalves Braido says:

i love this music, pure energy

greaper012 says:

Ed and Steve are good with each other.Trust me,….They are Pros.The rest
of us cover what they do.

aruba91961 says:

so if there was ever a band that pulled off a better trio of
guitarists….let me know nope11

david casiero says:

dont damm it, u can still listen to it thats the beauty of music it never

Dave Smale says:

Great track to open any Skynyrd show, but I can’t remember whether they
opened with it at Bristol in 76-77 with Clover as support act? I suspect
they probably did. Good to see the Knebworth footage on here as well,
though a lot of it is on the Freebird The Movie DVD. Can never tire of
watching Skynyrd in action. Just a shame that most of them are no longer
with us now.

troy76351 says:


gman49600 says:


DWAYNE838 says:

little did they know 30 yrs later and still the shit! what a jam !!!!!!!!!

DinsdalePiranha67 says:

Steve Gaines was such an awesome player. Who knows what he might have
become if not for the crash…

Tomsouthrock says:


lakefield2112 says:

that’s about as kick ass as it gets

Gall87896 says:

Allen played dirty. ;o—–)-

sixaxle says:

LOL U OK MAN!!!! nobody is that nuts!!!!!

Linda Ferrari says:

@thrashshit666 dislike button shouldn’t exists for this song!!

g martinz says:

Somehow my Strat never quite sounds like Steve’s does. Must be something
wrong with the instrument . . .

gman49600 says:

gary and allen rule

Alex Tahti says:

From Wikipedia “At the peak of their success, three members died in an
airplane crash in 1977, putting an abrupt end to the band’s most popular

Owen Crosby says:

dang I wish I could figure out this riff..

Ricky Pisano says:

My God….I could go on forever…I’m a musician living in West L.A. about
8 miles from Sunset Strip and see many shows here. But looking back there
were SO MANY!!! We really would have to talk…LOL. Saw The Who play over 3
hours….1 hour of “Acoustic” TOMMY then 2+ hours of EVERYTHING
ELSE….EPIC. Paul McCartney and Wings…The Rolling Stones twice in 3
nights (Steel Wheels)..all at Foxboro Stadium in Mass. Other shows that
stuck with me off the top of my head..Pearl Jam in ’91 and ’93

Melania Limopranoto says:

I was working for MCA in’76, needless to say this was a *BIG* hit!

Terry Harris says:

If they had lived I don’t think punk or newage grunge shit would have ever
stood a chance much less that bull shit they call hip hop.

Dave Smith says:

“Skynyrd”….a barber’s worst nightmare.

TomRock81 says:

Top 3 bands of all time, my top #1

Taylor9dfc says:

fuck steve sure could play

Hollis Morrow says:

I was working for MCA in’76, needless to say this was a *BIG* hit!

TomRock81 says:

Amazing what they did in the short amount of time they had. They’re their
own brand, can’t be touched. Ronnie VanZant was one of the coolest mother
fuckers to walk on this planet.

Pickles Christ says:

I always crave macaroni salad and a good burger when I hear this. 

Nick Pope says:

I wish more people knew about Steve. He is the reason I picked up a guitar
14 years ago and there are still some of his licks that I doubt I will ever
master. Truly unbelievable. Dude could have made Clapton status. If you
haven’t heard him sing either look him up…wow

Ian Allison says:

I was working for MCA in’76, needless to say this was a *BIG* hit!

khnarry says:

This was, and always will be Lynyrd Skynyrd 

Joel Ewing says:

Now THATS how you lay down the rock n’ roll, kiddies.

dyno dave says:

hell yea !!!

Joe robinson jr says:

great song

Steve Trammell says:

I heard that when they were opening up for The Who they totally blew them
off the stage. 

Chad Thomas says:

Ronnie and all his mules were rocking it out that day and that whistle
there is something so sexy about that carolyn coruzzi

Steven S says:

“Workin’ for MCA” (*Second Helping* 1974)
-Lynyrd Skynyrd

*Featuring the triple lead guitar army*
Live Performance 1976

Ladii Bunni says:

Is he talking about moter club of America??

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