Marshall Tucker Heard it in a Love Song (Lyrics)

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Marshall Tucker Carolina Dreams -

The Marshall Tucker Band Heard it in a Love Song

Album: Carolina Dreams
Year: 1977
Label: Capricorn


I ain't never been with a woman long enough
For my boots to get old
We've been together so long now
They both need resoled

If I ever settle down
You'd be my kind
And it's a good time for me
To head on down the line

Heard it in a love song (3x)
Can't be wrong

I'm the kinda man likes to get away
Like to start dreaming about
Tomorrow, today
Never said that I love you
even though its so
Where's that duffle bag of mine?
It's time to go

Heard it in a love song (3x)
Can't be wrong

I'm gonna be leaving
At the break of dawn
Wish you could come
But I don't need no woman taggin along
I'll sneak out that door
Couldn't stand to see you cry
I stay another year if i saw teardrops in your eyes

Heard it in a love song (3x)
Can't be wrong

I never had a damn thing, but what I had
I had to leave it behind
You're the hardest thing
I ever tried to get off of my mind
Always something greener on the other side of that hill
I was born wrangler and a rounder
and I guess I always will

Heard it in a love song (3x)
Can't be wrong


Toni Spaulding says:

For the longest time, my ex thought they were singing “pretty little love
song”. LOL

jane holmes says:

By far my favorite song they do

daniel occoner says:

Laying under the pine trees in N.Carolina looking up at the peaks of sun
threw the leaves with my beautiful lady. We had some great times together,
then one day it just ended. I still don’t know what went wrong.

Dem0D1ck says:

What’s so scary about women that men have to run from those they fall in
love with? She’s not a burden, she’s a blessing.

A thought from a guy who’s walked away one to many times and wishes he

Tested Truths says:

Really a good song.

William R.M. McGee says:

I like Cynthia Cindy, yes to Southern Rock from the Ozark Foothills to the

Chris1313 says:

Indeed a classic..and i dont even like southern rock….lol

Mark Koen says:


Ernie Cadell says:

Good time southern R&R! They were great in concert too! * They were 1 of
the more frequent songs on the jukebox at our local bar “Carafes.” Their
music was 1 of many good un’s that went well w/ some foosball, & draft beer
or 2

Dioli Araujo Silva says:

Ouvi-lo em uma canção de amor!!

Mark Nichols says:

Life is good….

I Jiss Wanted To Play The Knockout Game! But Dat Racist Cracka Shooted Me :( says:

Where im from we say perdy little love song.

Sonja Dawson says:

Check out this playlist on YouTube:

Carter Kennedy says:

This is one of the saddest songs ever. Every time I hear it I feel more
pity for the narrator, who has a girlfriend who wants him, and with whom he
is in love, but he won’t admit that he is in love and that he needs her.

Anthony Estrada says:

Heck I’m Mexican and I even like this song!

Virginia Estrada says:

Heard it in a Love Song brings back such memories

Frank Stevens says:

I am lucky enough to have this under my bed , along with sooo many great
albums from the 70’s , and I never get tired of good music, I am glad I
didn’t throw them out !!

gootchie says:

Used to think this was called Dirty Little Love Song…

David Beale says:

Always wondered what “love song” he was talking about…

Paul says:

The “Love Song” he’s refering to is figurative.

ChihuahuaboyDH says:

253 people hate classic southern rock, & possess no taste in music @ all! A
gem from 1977!

Bravo, Marshall Tucker Band!

Farinadog13 says:

My Fifteen year-old Son and I saw the current version of Marshall Tucker
Band in Elgin, IL northwest of Chicago this summer. Got to meet Doug Gray
who wrote and sang lead on this song and I mentioned to him that I thought
this was one of the finest crafted songs with so many wonderful layers.
He said thank you and agreed with me. Rest In Peace, Toy and Tommy Caldwell
and George McKorkle !

Chad Hastings says:

Fantastic tune…memories of a simpler time=)

Teresa McNeill says:

I love this era of music, that 70 Show. What we thought was roughneck
music back then is more country/folk than what they are selling as country
today. I loved the bands of the 70s: CSNY, Three Dog Night, Jackson
Browne, Heart, Peter Paul and Mary, The Beetles, The Commodores, Pete
Seeger, Creedance Clearwater. just to name a few.

Montgomery Denzer says:

1977 last Sknrynd show OUTLAWS opened then SANTANA WHAT A DAY ON THE
GREEN I was there JULY 4 1977 Oakland CA

panosoathineos says:

Awesome song…

threemississippi says:

One of those songs that sounded good then and still sounds great today –
would enjoy listening to this one every day!

debbie doe says:

this is when music was music

Lee Reeder says:

I love this song & this is one of my all time favorites

John Murphy says:

Never gets old

Mike Cobb says:

Head on down the line,—- can’t be wrong

caroline n says:

Luv this song, whenever i hear it makes me feel good, bc i think of my
bother who i lost yrs ago

Stingray8854 says:

I’m 44 years old, and without fail, EVERY time I listen to this song, it
brings back pleasant, carefree childhood memories of the mid 1970s. I loved
this song even as a little kid and still do all these years later. I think
most people have some certain song, or several songs that just puts them in
a good mood and brings out a smile. This is definitely one of mine. 

Tony King says:

Man what a great driving song.
Rolling down the road with your arm around your babe.

oded fried-gaon says:

Good morning to all.
hope you get it with your kind.

Charles Town says:

what an idiot.

Bane says:


Jeff Stanley says:

I love this song. PERIOD.

John Stover says:

goota luv it..

okrajoe says:

Love songs will never lead you astray.

Raymond Dowd says:

this song made flutes cool, but just for asskicking southern rock! any
other time they are kinda gay.

Pamela Capps says:

My sweet parents are gone and I miss them so much

Chris Madzier says:

#soundsofsunday #throwbackthursday #marshalltuckerband Heard it in a
love song!!!! :-))))

Dav Frui says:


Jody Swaney says:

This song just touches me. It’s just basic and pure like a morning dip in a
clear brook.

Go ahead, listen to it. I FRICKING dare you.

gojudude says:

Did fuckin’ YOUTUBE put a fuckin
‘ 15 second ad on every fuckin’ vid that’s posted on here????
Motherfucker!!!!! Let me watch my fuckin’ vids, if I want something, I’m
quite sure I can fuckin’ find it!!!!!!!!!!

Cynthia Cindy says:

Southern Rock…..A Classic……

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