Marshall Tucker Can’t You See Live

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AMBROSE Peshlakai says:
paul levine says:

Let us not forget George McCorkel when we say RIP to these awesome
players.. Though Southern Rock was a product of the record company’s these
bands took the opportunity to play some of the best music without giving in
to commercialism .. 

Rick Jordan says:

Awesome this really takes me back. Now I just need Hillbilly Band

Glenn Shakotko says:

the good ole days

mustaffa1611 says:

this is my favorite allman brothers song

Jean Jeanie says:

The loves of my life… I love you Toy and Tommy… forever in my heart…
missiin’ you more than you know…

Will Garrison says:

I am only 14 but I love this band and I performed my version of the guitar
solo on youtube. I hope I did the original justice. I live in Alabama and
the 1970’s music like MTB and the Allman Brothers is the best I believe. 

MrMarshalltucker says:

If..,. you like the outdoors, camping, business, education, music and
travel, call me. Jim 708-367=7253

jesse van es says:

seen it a zillion times,zillion to come !

Billy Griffith says:

Can’t see what that women did to me.

Kathleen Clower says:

How I remember them.

Jim Peterman says:

I saw the original guys a few times and they were tight as hell, and
sounded great. With Toy gone in 1980, they have been struggling. I guess
Doug took over for Toy, and last time I saw them about 3 years ago, he was
so drunk he forgot the words….
too bad….they were one of the great bands….

millwrightk says:

Heard this in a Love song…….

Scott Smith says:


filthwhistle says:


Glenn Shakotko says:

opps not glenn its saralee

bacsi19461 says:

In my opinion, this is the finest live performance of any band ever.

Barbara Brittain says:

Memory lane. Awesome find and song 

Matthew Thomas James Hamilton says:

LOVE this tune – one of the best ever -

Christopher Johnson says:

Worshipping at the Church of Tucker.

ogrebattle22763 says:

This song hits me like an arrow in the middle of my heart… God I don’t
think there’s another song that makes me feel the way this song does… Man
it brings me as high as I can go….. Toy you were the man brother… Just
listening to it right now is giving me goose bumps…. Amazing song… Not
many songs do this to me but this one sure does….

Mary Wood says:

Simply worthy! Simply 70s!

mattyp3400 says:

flutes kick ass

CreigMac Mac says:

Correction this is a great version of this song.

stonelove919 says:

Toy Caldwell was the Marshall Tucker Band……RIP my friend

Alan Jovovich says:

Wow…….”jump off, ain’t NOBODY GONNA KNOW……man, that’s deep down sad

Rick Glave says:

The Marshall Tucker Band 1973 – Can’t You See L…:


. . . . nobody in the band is named Marshall Tucker . (try Wikipedia)

Aaron Johnson says:

The Marshall Tucker Band 1973 – Can’t You See L…:

Tommy Perkins says:

going to see these guys sept 20,2014 in phenix city,Alabama…

MultiRated Pilot says:

does anyone know what Tony Caldwell’s voice sounded like? Was it a decent

mellotron says:

If you want to see just how screwed up Wikipedia is, just read its entry
for Doug Gray. The first paragraph is totally backwards.

mozdickson says:

Quite some song and performance this. Quality.

eradeziel says:

Wonderful. This one and Take the Highway, love ’em so much. Thanks you
guys :)

Steve Sydek says:

Great footage and killer version of this song.

Richard Arnold says:

Oooo…..stumbled across this one, haven’t heard it since the 70’s

Mark Marsh says:

I wish I had that 58 Sunburst Les Paul more than Cinerella wished she was
at The Royal Ball. The holy grail of guitars.

Elizabeth Brown says:

Craig Wayne Boyd from the voice brought me here. He sung this song

El Callejon de Edu says:

esto si es musica!!!

okrajoe says:

On I can see, believe me. 

mellowyellow1806 says:

This guy is cute……love this song. <3 What is his name ???

christine palmeri says:

The Marshall Tucker Band 1973 – Can’t You See L…:

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