Marshall Tucker Fire On The Mountain (Lyrics)

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Marshall Tucker band Fire On The Mountain

Took my fam’ly away from my Carolina home
Had dreams about the West and started to roam
Six long months on a dust covered trail
They say heaven’s at the end but so far it’s been hell
And there’s fire on the mountain, lightnin’ in the air
Gold in them hills and it’s waitin’ for me there

We were diggin’ and siftin’ from five to five
Sellin’ everything we found just to stay alive
Gold flowed free like the whiskey in the bars
Sinnin’ was the big thing, lord and Satan was his star
And there’s fire on the mountain, lightnin’ in the air
Gold in them hills and it’s waitin’ for me there

Dance hall girls were the evenin’ treat
Empty cartridges and blood lined the gutters of the street
Men were shot down for the sake of fun
Or just to hear the noise of their forty-four guns
And there’s fire on the mountain, lightnin’ in the air
Gold in them hills and it’s waitin’ for me there

Now my widow she weeps by my grave
Tears flow free for her man she couldn’t save
Shot down in cold blood by a gun that carried fame
All for a useless and no good worthless claim

And there’s fire on the mountain, lightnin’ in the air
Gold in them hills and it’s waitin’ for me there
Fire on the mountain, lightnin’ in the air
Gold in them hills and it’s waitin’ for me there
Waitin’ for me there


jay bayly says:

Not at all,thats a good thing! ­čÖé

choochalah says:

this song reminds me of being back in the province i was born. i miss it so
much being displaced in the city….concrete, traffic, disconnected
humans…i would take a walk in the fall forest anyday over a fancy dinner
or shopping trip. my heart misses home.

Shoeshineidaho says:

You sound older than 14. @14 you’re too fucking young to be giving ANYBODY
ADVICE about ANYTHING. Your opinion- – sure! Otherwise shut the fuck up.
Save your comments to me. I know they’re going to freaked out and mean, I
won’t answer any so go ahead and get the last word. @ 14- – – I not only
don’t give a fuck with what you have to say (obviously, negative) I won’t
respect any of it anyway :-(.

James Crane Jr. says:

I agree with you. I was responding to the extremism of the statement
“Liberals are killin’ our country”. I don’t know why truckincowboy posted
that, I can’t find any dialogue that that statement fits into here. But I’m
just the kind that when people are looking for a fight, well, “I’m you’re

James Crane Jr. says:

I do not believe in forever helping people who refuse to help themselves
and most other liberals don’t either. Now about the conserv. POV. Give tax
breaks to rich people who destroy companies and ship American jobs
overseas. Create unnecessary wars just to enrich defense manufacturers and
contractors such as Haliburton, folding the money into a relatively small
sector of the American economy. Control the reproductive lives of women.
Gut retirement programs just to pay execs too damn much, etc..

shredftw says:

Is this considered “country” or classic rock?

59luvmymusic says:

actually Idaho a few years ago

Ray Raff says:

I heard this song for the first time at the Philmont Scout Ranch 5 years
ago…. It still gives me chills to this day.

joey smith says:

Yea Baby!!! 55 and still lovin my old songs!!!

rmeanor says:

One of my all time favorite songs, with a great but scary photo..

GalloPazzesco says:

Man that brings back the memories. The Caldwell Brothers were the bomb back
in the day. Great South Carolinians, those still alive still living around
here – attending Gamecock football and baseball games when not touring.

Jon491 says:

It’s for everybody .

lgrovewitch1 says:

so glad she found you again. much happiness yo you both

redneckrockermom says:

im only 23 but since i grew up on southern rock all classic rock and
country id rather listen to the old stuff todays

Sparky5459 says:

I miss them trips

boiledhooker says:

This song always goes through my head when I’m prospecting.

Tammy Neylon says:

Is that a real picture? Unbelievably beautiful! And the song cant be topped!

theemc6605 says:

just shows you have a taste for real music, not the phony stuff they are
shoving down everyone’s throat these days…

jean lafeet says:

my brother i wish you were still here so we could play our music. RIP MAN

Michael O'Brien says:

WDF can’t a guy crack a joke anymore?

moor710 says:

Hey ghostfish01 Just wanted to say this comment is so good I think you
should put it with a tune an let it take on a life of it’s own… like all
good music does.

Kevin J. Rogers says:

This one is for you David Wolven. Miss you, bud.´╗┐

Stephanie Bounds says:

Southern rock at its BEST!!! GOOD song to use in a video about the
University of Tennessee Volunteer football team when they won the 1985
Southeastern Championship, a share of the 1989 Southeastern Championship,
and the 2008 National Championship.´╗┐

Karin Karin says:

Marshall Tucker band fire on the mountain´╗┐

movetothecountry1 says:

all there albums with toy on them are unbeatible where we all belong was my
first experience.seen them many times.recorded toy a few times, before his
untimely death. If you really like this, check out The Macks Creek Band’s
song On the Missouri. It’s a great story like this one´╗┐

Frank L says:

What a song. So real.´╗┐

Ron augustine says:

awesome tune, many a drunkin nights to this song longliverock´╗┐

joseph chatham says:

Seen them in concert last year at Pine Road Park. They’re older now but you
best believe they still know how to put on a show….´╗┐

Richard Boone says:

and we wore boots and set in saddles, don’t forget it and we are cowboy
and cowgirl gods, I’ll race your ass up the creek and god damn ya if you
beat me.´╗┐

MrMarshalltucker says:

Long live Marshall the old Marshall Tucker originals. This music resonates
so deeply with me. Born on the south side of Chicago, I am a complete
Country boy at the heart of me. Love the Smokies and the whole region in
general. There is no more creative and meaningful music.´╗┐

thehistorywatcher says:

Saw them at Red Rocks circa 1978.´╗┐

MsCordially says:

Sure sounds authentic.
Sometimes i forget how beautiful and mysterious this song is, till i
hear it again. Sounds like freedom´╗┐

daniel shampel says:

OH! yes the good old days!´╗┐

1jetdrvr says:


Stephen Richards says:

Are Emmylou Harris’s words, “and I watched it burn,” of that song of hers?´╗┐

Luke Muller says:

not liking the dubstep blasting as the commercial…´╗┐

K C says:

Oh, hell yes…´╗┐

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