Mississippi Kid Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Dragan Rakic says:

the best!!!ROCK ON!!!!

Troy Ferguson says:

Misssssssssssisisippi`s kool 😉

bcampbelltsc says:

If she’s raised up that Cornbread you know that women give u some.

southwriter says:

The “Tri-Cities” he refers to in the song is actually the three towns of
Sheffield, Tuscumbia and Muscle Shoals. They, and many others recorded big
hits in Muscle Shoals.

UltraNationalist Viktoria says:

Now I am heading Alabama, roger that men? Give me a word with Jesus and
will get some PT in. Lets go 60 minutes on foot, rattle and saddle. ITS A

My6091 says:

I hear ya brother. It’s such a shame that so many people think that Skynyrd
is just “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Freebird” They have no clue.

glen burns says:


DoubleVisionandco says:

Being I’m from Bama, there’s a story I’ll tell that’s related to Skynyrd in
a way. For decades, car tags in Alabama said “Heart Of Dixie” then somebody
decided that was “Racial” and had it changed. It changed to “Stars Fell On
Alabama” which was a freakin’ Frank Sanatra song and we didn’t like it.
Finally somebody got some brains and changed it to “Sweet Home Alabama” And
while nobody in the Gov. is going to admit it came from Skynyrd’s song, we
all know it did and that’s good enough for us.

Ralph E. Ford says:

great song!!

jess coggins says:

Always these 2 dumbasses disliking a good song. Their loss.

C. O Laoghaire says:

Now I want some ‘shine,… apple pie, I rekon.

sdgakatbk says:

Absolutely so!!! So many GREAT deep cuts, which is a really good measure of
a band why they’re my favorite band ever, (pre-plane crash Skynyrd that is).

Peggy Burke says:

This is just a great song, How could you not like it? Thanks for posting
it. Not one of their best known ones, (like FreeBird) But it always been
one of my favorites.

thesupernittygritty says:

i hereby make an oath that my children will grow up listening to and living
the music with heart and soul. they will want to pass these thoughts and
feelings on to their own offspring. true artists like lynyrd skynyrd will
never die.

ShotgunRomantic says:

One of the best Skynyrd songs there is.

Charles Chadbourne says:

Mississippi Kid Pleasant to the hears!!

esytle smith says:

best band ever thanks for the post

Ben Goff says:

No one can play it like these boys.

redk1994 says:

So Strong. Sooooooo Southern. Long Live The South.

JacobyProductionz says:

Im gonna have sex to this song

Mike Diersen says:

“Gimme some babe”…

BigMoneyEasy26 says:

THis aint George Therogood but this song is “Bad to the Bone”!!!!

Stormy Knight says:

it goes she was raised up on that cornbread and i know that woman will give
me some

hoprabbitbunny says:

This song is about local customs down South! Ronnie will Never be
Forgotten! No sir!

Zach Black says:

Nothing like a big dip and some Skynyrd.

trjedh wtwty says:

hand guns are made for killin, they aint no good for nothing else.

crowleysridgegirl . says:

kind of reminds me of “I’m A Rambling Man” by Waylon

Timo Heynatz says:
jim shaw says:

gimmie some baby

uptown709 says:

Nothing like a hogleg, 5th of JimBeam and a set of chrome 1911s with 150
acres of trees in front of ya. Sitting under a big Hickory too!

Craig Jones says:

Anybody know who’s playing which instruments? That’s dang good music!!

Flench AOM says:

Cool song from a home boy from Mississippi .

Precious Guinn says:

====>I< =====I'M NOT LOOKING FOR NO TROUBLE====>< ===== ====>< =====BUT NOBODY DOGS ME ROUND====><=====

Aaron Bryant says:

Mississippi Born and Bred God bless us all and God Bless the South!!!! UHH

charles fitze says:

too bad that I was not born in the south because I fell that I was

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