Moccasin Creek (Southern Renegade)

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Mocassin Creek – New Southern Rock |

Available here:
Off their sophomore album, “Southern Renegade” brings you a swampy, southern rock feel with a hip hop edge. Moccasin Creek hits it hard with this one! Rock N Roll super badass, Glen Alvelais, formerly of the legendary metal group “TESTAMENT” shreds a sick solo at the end of this track. Special thanks to Dave Dotson, God’s Country Outfitters, and Matanzas SpearfishingCo. for helping obtain this footage. The album is available on ITUNES, and is bad ass all the way through! Be sure to leave comments, and pass this along! You can get all your Moccasin Creek Gear at:


Clifford Sawyer says:

This is definitely one of my favorite songs

Isi Peace says:

Niiiiice! Love the singing vocals!

Rob Burnette says:

how classy to shoot a bird. You must be trying to act like that idiot bush.
You people give rednecks a bad name.

Jesse Bedward says:

man thick girls have always got the nicest racks and are hot as hell!

Walt Mucienko says:

Moccasin creek are gods…thanx for the enlightenment…u fuckers
rule….molly hatchet on roids

1jesusmysavior says:

im mexican and im into this music and the redneck culture that dont mean im
ashamed of my race im just open minded to new stuff

AGP NineNine says:

A welfare LQQKING Jellyroll…
a OLD used up country western singer
…and some busted broads…lmfaO…..

courtney perschka says:

Hey Sean way to describe us real rednecks……keep rockin creek

Tennoutdrsman says:

@ 2:39 CB3 shows Sean Alligood and Michael Denny what he thinks of their!

TheEndome says:

Like the comment Jan……Giant Douche is a term of endearment for
sure…you are sure feisty and I like that lady!!!
Coolness for sure

larry larke says:

Now thats a good o’l countrey boys song.

Bobby Smith says:

Moccasin Creek (Southern Renegade OFFICIAL VIDEO):

Karen Parsons says:

You guys are sick…love it

colorado31cowboy says:
michael lovelace says:


Eddie DeSiervi says:

up lifting to my spirit ….awesome tune .. 

Phil P says:

He caught a hog! Or, is it hawg!

odins says:

whats with the RAP BS Rap is NOT white and NOT country
The white race in general is in enough decline we dont need to make it any
worse by having the bastion of White only culture(country western) be
degraded by rap and having white country kids get exposed to rap and made
to think it is cool

M. Garrison says:

more cum guzzlin’ country rap. there are no words for how bad this fucking
sucks.saw they were going to be at gas monkey bar and grill and i thought
there name sounded kind of old school.boy was i ever mistaken.HANK 3

pappy wild says:

i love this song …heheheh but i had pet copperheads when i was a little
kid hehehehehe

Kevin Bowers says:

Check them out, AWESOME!!!

Colleen King says:


Calvin Kelley says:

colleen king u kool

Nate Fowler says:

This song is a heaping piling of steamy shit. It is literally the most god
awful thing to hit my ears in all of my life. This song makes me question
if there is a god because I honestly don’t know. I couldn’t listen for more
the 4 seconds of this song but it felt like 4 hour of nails against a chalk
board wait no that is harsh nails on a chalk board would be a welcoming
noise compared to this. I hope you and all your friend die of anal aids.

Kman Caiman says:

These boys are pioneering a new genre! Southern rock, rap, culture of the
South! Just plain BAD ASS! The boys need another one like this!

Mary Wilson says:

well my thoughts…mmm I have many…..including thinking about getting
myself some men without cellulite.. preferably to star in my video..hell I
may even let them keep their clothes..;)..

bledstonefox says:

Southern rock rap, sounds really cool, minimalist approach to music, really
captured the minimal aspect..

Marion Talley says:

My Gosh. Folks can’t embrace music anymore. Any folks that hasn’t seen
these guys perform, don’t even know what they are missing. I assure you,
they are the real thing. Chicken, and stereo-typing aside, it is a great
show. For the life of me, I don’t understand these comments. Oh well.
Another beer, another song. To those who liked it? Hello. To those who

Herpus Derpus says:

this is one of the best parodies i’ve seen in a long time.

Jason Weiskopf says:

This shit makes my groin stiffen

Christopher Sparks says:


Bob Cat says:

I like them fuck off

Aaron Nunya says:

Keep playing it loud n proud. Much love to u from Kansas. SOUTHERN

PJ says:

You people have no idea what you’re missing with these guys. Charlie is one
of the best guitarist I’ve ever seen and Bull raps like other. Show these
guys some love.

saint7370 says:


pugkelly2004ify says:

I seen dogs and boxs, get’em boys, turn’em loose 

godbleepin damnit says:

boats an hoes!

aaron ramsdell says:

love your music guys keep rocken it true to u semper fi only wish i wasnt
so far up north of ya all
love to see u guys live god bless america 

Fred Garvin says:

I thought y’all didn’t like black people?

lars hogeboom says:


Jorb Torm says:

Watching video without audio = hysterical. 

Joe Bucci says:

249 liberals, muslims and people from Chicago hate this video…
Keep up the good work..
I enjoy Moccasin Creek

Dimitri Aerden says:

That rapper looks like the nicest guy on the block…

John Waite says:

I feel like I lost about 80 IQ points and I only watched the first 45
seconds. I kept hearing southern Rent-a-gays!, at your party or

Kay Riviello says:

you suck for your animal cruelty, shame on you

Eric B says:

Good lookin bitches in the video, volume down, video expanded.

Bernd Lauerte says:

Cant see niggers there. Good.

Rudy Brinkman says:

Saw this one as example of promolta promotion – seems to work cause I bet
no one would have been listening if you didn’t buy views. It get’s better
if you turn off the video though and listen to the music only. The video
tries to rip-off Kid Rock’s All Summer long in a certain way. Same concept.
Overall, it ain’t worth a second listen.

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