MOLLY HATCHET Capitol Theatre 1978

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MOLLY HATCHET At The Capitol Theatre

Passaic,NJ,Nov 10,1978

An early MOLLY HATCHET show supporting THE OUTLAWS in 1978 at the Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey.
In memory of Duane Roland & Danny Joe Brown - R.I.P.

1. Bounty Hunter
2. Gator Country
3. Big Apple
4. Dreams
5. Trust Your Old Friend
6. The Harp Jam

Danny Joe Brown - vocals (rip 2005)
Dave Hlubek - guitar
Steve Holland - guitar
Duane Roland - guitar (rip 2006)
Banner Thomas - bass
Bruce Crump - drums


FizzzieCat says:

Just brilliant! Takes me back to the day I bought the first album in a
cold and wet north east English town!

E M. says:

BEST ALBUM COVERS EVAH!!!1! For you young phuqs that aren’t hipsters, album
covers are the sleeves used to protect your vinyl records from getting
phuqed up…for shiats and giggles, kiddies, here’s a gis for you:

jeff beck says:

Fantastic!!!!! absolutey love it! thanks for putting this video up, The
real molly hatchet!!! Rip danny and duane.

obbor4 says:

My first Molly Hatchet concert featured this line-up at The Santa Monica
Civic Auditorium in 1978. It set me back a whole three dollars ($3.70) with
the service rip-off charge. They played the entire first album and encored
with ‘Crossroads’ and, I believe ‘T For Texas’. Make no mistake about it
“Southern Rock” ruled the roost, in those days, and nothing came close. All
of that homo shit that MTV and the “new wave” wankers foisted upon us was
just in the offing. The entire world has become swishified ever since. To
hell with co-ed P.E.!!!.

grgoldner says:

Very early DJB wearing same shirt from first album back cover pic.

dewton232 says:

I saw this tour the day after Christmas, they opened for Bob Segar. I was
an instant fan and saw them 12 more times after that, ALL with Danny Joe
singing… Bobby Ingram ruined the Hatchet Band, I never
thought his sound fit in…

skidlycrue says:

bad ass southern boys…

gman3157 says:

Saw them at the Shaboo Inn in CT for $1.07 on their 1st tour. Partied with
them after the show, I couldn’t get the ringing out of my ears for days!!

Clay Simerly says:

The original band sound 100 better !!!!! than the one now ….

mrwhitford1966 says:

Swamp music, Baby! YEP YEP!!

Dwight Fortney says:

Kick your ass Southern Boogie!!

Andrea Salvador says:

24 charat Southern Heavy Rock 😉 :-)

robert glare says:

Can’t hear the vocals, bad desk work !!
Still love this band

James Ebert says:


Wv Freebyrd says:

I gotta think this is one of the earliest, if not earliest, concert video
footage of Molly Hatchet. I had the privilege of getting to see them in
October, 1979 shortly after the release of the “Flirtin With Disaster”
album. My gosh they were at the top of their game then. I think they maybe
could have weathered the punk/glam/prissy rock that was forced upon us in
the 1980s if Danny Joe had stayed in the band. Man, they lost a ton of
momentum when he had to step aside for two albums. By the time he came back
in 1983 they had lost all the momentum they had built up with “MH” and
“FWD” albums. Great band.

Thomas Scott says:

I saw the show at the Philadelphia Spectrum, and this show in Passaic. This
and the Flirtin’ with Disaster tour were their best. I saw them 5 or 6
times in 1978 and 1979. They cut the fifth record with some of the vitality
they had in the beginning of their career, but went down hill fast after
that 1983 release. I saw them a couple of years ago with Dave back in the
band, and they absolutely SUCKED!!! They need to go back to the original
tones of the Peavey Mace amplification, and play the songs note for note.
They were all over the place with sounds and solos and it was worse than a
garage band! I can play every song they ever wrote, and when watching the
current line up… it makes me cringe listening to them.

Deborah Bennett says:

damn I didn’t know Duane was gone too ;(

Ky0ty says:

RIP Danny Joe Brown 

semiLivedj says:

I seen them back in 78 at Legend Valley! They were a force to be reckoned
with. Back when the music and their roots mattered! They lost their way
later on though. But still hold a place in my heart. I jammed to Boogie No
More till my vinyl wore out! 

Tim Dixon says:

I have my Molly Hatchet stories, three times with the original band
members, once so close Danny Joe would reach out and slap fives with me.
Also, saw them at the Bluegrass Fair in Lexington, KY during a storm from
hell, me and five buds were packed up like sardines under a tent with about
3 or 4 hundred others crazies. HEAVY rain, lightening, thunder, they
refused to stop playing and we refused to let them! Loved this band. Time
is surely fleeting:( 

Kevin Kimmerling says:

Saw them in 1980 opening for the Outlaws at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh 

jean-marc Harang says:
Jimmie Hultman says:

Saw in Virginia in 79′ with Arlo Guthrie, Delbert Mcclinton, & BLACKFOOT !
They’re homeboys from Florida !

ROBB21265 says:

TAKES IT ALL FROM US!!!!!!!!!!!!

bill bazen says:

the new hatchet sucks.i have played in bands that could do the original
hatchet tunes 10 times better than this new version.they need to play it
like it was recorded and get that signature guitar sound back!

roadglidin62 says:

The REAL Molly Hatchet! Lead by the 3 big D’s. Dave, Duane and Danny Joe.

Greg Cherry says:

saw them with ACDC with Bon and was so fucked up cant remember what year

Lonnie Hansen says:

I saw these guys back then, in the small town of Logan UT. I hung around
after the show, wandered around behind the building where they were loading
up the trucks. It was a bitter cold winter. I couldn’t believe how many
guitars they had! They had huge cabinets, on wheels, packed with guitars.
Anyway, I saw one of the guitarists standing outside watching the roadies
load up. He was wearing a very long mink coat. My friend and I walked
quickly up to him, greeted him enthusiastically, and asked for an
autograph. He said sure. We then realized that we didn’t have a pen or
paper of any kind! Oh the embarrassment! We searched all over ourselves
looking for something to write with or on. Eventually he said something
like “Common kid, It ain’t the warm state of Alabama” We finally shrugged
our shoulders, apologized, and vacated the scene as quickly as we could.
An embarrassing moment, but a great memory…

DiamondDave BigWave says:

Along with Skynyrd, Outlaws, Allmans this was the hey day and holy grail of
guitar driven boogie woogie down home Southern fried pure rock n roll, just

ROBB21265 says:


Florida Riffer says:

(R.I.P.) “Danny Joe Brown”

Joeno123 says:

Pretty freakin awesome

fragilebeaster says:

Who’s on drums, Bruce Crump ?

Ron Albanese says:


backroadjunkie says:

The 6 idiots that don’t like this must be that fraud Bobby Ingram and the
rest of the Molly Hatchet Cover band that tours the world pretending to be
Molly Hatchet. 

Dave Wendt says:

Alex Lifeson put out more guitar licks than three Molly Hatchet guitarists
put together.

warriorwk says:

Ya we do have green grass and high tides but not as many rednecks as there
used to be.

Silvia Grados says:

MOLLY HATCHET At The Capitol Theatre,Passaic,NJ,N…:

Deej MotorcityMamma says:

is this Danny? I jut saw concet footage form 77 nd wth happened? it doesnt
even look like him.. 🙁 but it is his voice 🙁 miss you DANNY

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