MOLLY HATCHET – Dreams/Flirtin’ 1983

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MOLLY HATCHET – Dreams I’ll Never See / Flirtin’ With Disaster


Rock’n’Roll Tonite TV Show, 1983 – No Guts No Glory Tour

Danny Joe Brown: Vocals-
Dave Hlubek: Guitar-
Duane Roland: Guitar-
Steve Holland: Guitar-
Riff West: Bass-
Barry Borden: Drums-


TheLensworker says:

Dreams I´ll never see? All my dreams come true when I see these guys

Cameron Moore says:

RIP Danny

mark becker says:

luv the way the bass player threw a little riff in between the three
guitars–these guys made this song even better than the allman bros. ( no
offense meant !!)

ifutureman says:

The bassist didn’t need to be so friggin’ busy. It seemed like every other
measure he had to throw in a fill. The band already had three good lead
guitarists … no need for a lead bass as well. Great band performances

Robert Lee says:

Southern Fried Rock!

mark becker says:

danny joe brown !!! awesome voice for this group !!!!!! good hard southern
rock !! none better !!!!

Jamaal Crushaa says:

Awesome video.. too bad so few will watch it.. no rappers or ho’s in it.

hazor777 says:

R.I.P, Danny Joe Brown…..

Alex Aresi says:

This …this …this…THIS IS MOLLY HATCHET!! Not the fake band roaming
around these days…..!

bassmanjoe8 says:

Danny Joe was and ALWAYS will be the ONLY voice of Molly Hatchett. RIP DJ.

semiLivedj says:

Seen them in 78, I have 8 mm footage of the show at Legend Valley Oh. But
no sound. The sound is in my head. I watch it and can hear it like it was

truthserum2000 says:

WOW, that was a great live performance, that’s southern rock at its finest

Chris Olbrot says:

8 people are not cool.

dennis basham says:

Danny joe broen fkin rocks

Lola Flores says:

I wish there was an Ultra Clean copy of this on YT….

mark becker says:

these guys are incredible—I watch it again & again !!!!

dennis basham says:



rock on

CosmikDebrisFZ . says:

Molly Hatchet!!!!

Christopher W says:

Kick ass sound, but it does look like Uncle Rico on lead vocals. And the
choreographed axe-chop, bang-your-head thing is so silly and cliche. Still
good stuff though.

Scott Mutch says:

My favorite song ever for Molly Hatchet. It’s a real shame they don’t make
bands like this anymore.

“Pull myself together, gone’a put on a new face-yes. Climb down from the
hilltops baby, and get back in the race.” 

william blanc says:

I can Dig it!!! Its hard to figure out who is the lead guitarist. Three
perfect candidates.

Stella Andre says:

Danny Joe was one of the most handsome talented men,my first memory was
when he got kicked off tour with Foghat cause he pulled a gun on foghats
stage manger and was fuc** up as hell on jack and coke.i was on his bus not
knowing what just went down.i was scared of him cause he cause he
intimidated me even though he never even looked at me.he was so frickin
tall and handsome. yrs later I was on back of his bus,he wanted me to
massage his I told him no, but ill take a pull off that Jack
Daniels! I would give anything now to massage djb feet!.R.I.P Danny Joe
Brown:)thanks for the memories :)

backroadjunkie says:

The only cover in the history of rock and roll that i like better then the

eyeball says:

You should try spelling Danny Joe’s name right.

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