Molly Hatchet – Dreams I’ll never see

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aprilynn1100 says:

The MAJOR sounthern rock!!!!! when I was in high school…… nothing but
the best….. I am ashamed to say I didn’t appreciate it back then like I
do now….. so ashamed!!!!

bashfulbrother says:

You don’t need to apologize to me. I feel your frustration. I wasn’t
correcting you, I was just telling you that in the country that we live in
today, just a little statement like that can raise all kinds of problems. I
wasn’t upset, I was trying to warn you. Maybe someday, free speech will
mean just that. Take Care.

DarkSim77 says:

Onr of the best SoLoss evahh!

Michael Hennessey says:

And Don’t forget Marshall Tucker. Cadwell boys and similar demise to Lynyrd



sonnyfoxable says:

A little of both. They did have the amps turned up so loud that you
couldn’t make out the words to any of the songs.

BabyHominid says:

Yeah, super song! Thanks for this video

CapAnson12345 says:

Southern Rock Forever.

sirmontyrock says:

Pure rock & roll bliss…

giffworks says:

one of my all time favorite MH tunes…reminds me of cool august days and
cooler nights with the stars, a joint, and my friends….GAWD!!! those were
the days……

terrafullsight archie says:

who don’t know this song, u suck & don’t know music!!!!

carpfitler says:

molly hatchet and lynyrd skynyrd both being southern bands we’re actually
close friends. after the plane crash the rest of the band gave molly
hatchet permission to perform freebird in memory of them. i saw it myself
about a year ago and you can still see the pain on their faces when they
jam that tune like the wild-eyed southern boys they are. (i know thats a
.38 special album but if you’ve ever met a wild-eyed southen boy you know
its more than just an album lol)

wombat8784 says:

Neil Diamond huh? That is hilarious. I suppose they were offended ’cause
those Skynard guys didn’t like that Caroline b*tch. She was kinda stuck up
and then that no-good SOB Neil Diamond goes and writes a song about how
“sweet” she is and all

Robert Fuller says:

Hey Russ, I’m 52 and still jamming. Will till I die. Folks will be
surprised at my funeral. It will be party time. Good times and good tunes.
I say rock till you drop brother.

Panama Red says:

I agree, 57 and still rocking and will be to the end..Those were the days I
am so glad to have been there back in the day

Cindi Mladenka says:

There’s nothing better then good ole’ Southern Rock. I’m 57 and this song
ALWAYS takes me back down that road….love it!

cacornett58 says:

So glad to hear the vinyl original. The cd version has 10 seconds of a part
of a solo that begins at 5:00. It is poorly edited too. I’ve played this
song a thousand and this is the way it was done. Love this song!

Boogie Foot Sax says:

Has anyone heard of the great, almost unknown (except for around these
parts of the world!) exceptional guitar player named Ronnie Sanchez, from
La Marque Texas, that played w/MH around the mid 80’s? Pleeze give me a
heads up on this thanks.

Jeannie E. Hess says:

Love this one — so many memories…

B Toth says:

Still chasing the dreams i’ll never see. Thats more than enough to get me

Danny Estridge says:

Man, I’m from south Los Angles and still remember stuff like this it’s the
best . Saw Allman Brothers, Charley Daniels and Marshall Tucker at the LA
Forum. Man you talk about a concert, that concert hooked me. Just wish I
would have seen Molly Hatchet and Lynyryd Skynyrd. But I got screwed into
the military back then and couldn’t keep up, back then it was either a
felony or go into the military. and I found out the military had better
drugs, specially if your a doc, don’t worry I never screwed my patients, I
just got the meds when the pharmacy was closed and they were stupid enough
to leave stuff laying around. You snooze, you lose. LOL

Elizabeth Nardiello says:

Molly Hatchet – Dreams I’ll never see:

Russ Ahrens says:

Here is an educational video for all of you who previously and unknowingly
did; place Rap (aka Hip Hop here comes Peter Cotton Tail) into the category
of music. Were you aware that 75% of crap;….is rap? 

loritess vargas says:

Love this song

Anthony Hawk says:

Their best song. Love it!

John Boyle says:

THE MUSIC TODAY REALLY DOES SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Laurie says:

Molly Hatchet – Dreams I’ll never see:

william blanc says:

This version is more upbeat than the original by the Allman Brothers band.
Sweet guitars! It seems that they have made this tune their own. This is
a great tribute to the ABB.

mrtequilashooter says:

This song is homage to all married men of the world eh

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