My Top 10 Southern Rock Bands

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My Top 10 Southern Rock Bands

1. Lynyrd Skynyrd
2. ZZ Top
3. Blackfoot
4. The Black Crowes
5. Rossington Collins Band
6. Molly Hatchet
7. 38 Special
8. Black Oak Arkansas
9. Black Stone Cherry
10. The Outlaws
I would like to point out that my favourite track doesn’t always come from my favourite album


David Culpepper says:

This list is Garbage maybe 5/10 where good !!

pjgraninger says:

l was waitng to see who was first i new skynerd ronnie vanzant lives rip

ledzeppelinfreak says:

But I still wouldn’t call Little Feat a “Southern rock” band because they
were formed in California, even though both Kenny Gradney and Sam Clayton
were both natives of Louisiana and Bill Payne was a native Texan. Also the
leader and creative force of the band in their prime time, Lowell George,
was born and raised in Los Angeles (where the band was formed).

MaceMn says:

Saw The Allman Brothers Band back in the early 70’s. Still remember it to
this day. Best concert that I’ve ever been to. We encored them multiple
times, and each time they jammed, (and I mean JAMMED) for another 15+ mins.
Well worth the $4.50!!

ledzeppelinfreak says:

Yeah. I was also disappointed the Allman Brothers themselves were not
featured in the Southern Rock at the BBC programme but Dickey Betts was on
there playing the Allman’s song “Ramblin’ Man”. And Gregg Allman was on
there with his lackluster Allman and Woman project.

cosbyutube says:

good songs. don’t fuss about the list. opinions are opinions. & CCR is not
southern rock. if you’re from LA you’re not southern. Fogerty called it
swamp rock. my favorite song may not be tomorrow. so there you go.

ledzeppelinfreak says:

The same with Hank Williams Jr. He was another country muso who was also a
Southern rocker.

birdstuckinchimney says:

Allman Brothers, JJ Grey and Mofro, Little Feat, Doobie Brothers and Steve
Miller band?

elmariachiterry says:

No Alman Brothers, no Tom Petty, no D.B.T., don’t take this wrong but you
need to get educated. As for the dude who said black people invented
southern rock. post them. I would love to see that. Or just name some
people, I’ll look them up myself. I found Charlie Patton and Son House, I
can find some southern rock giants.

laverne152 says:

Amen to Charlie Daniels! Now there’s a country boy who knows how to rock!

ThePowerpipe1 says:


jeff shockley says:

Sky Dog….Allman Bros….Statesboro Blues…enough said.

meritmann says:


Hans Brielmann says:

Blackberry Smoke- the topical Group!

laverne152 says:

Ha Ha. I was thinking the same thing. Guess they’re all a bunch of Long
Haired Country Boys.

SilvioManfredDante85 says:

Yeah ,before Kenny and Same came in, it was easy to tell Little Feat were
from South California. I forgot Berry was from Chicago….. As far as 38
Special and Molly Hatchet go, I dont even mention them when I talk about
Southern Rock. 38 Special is somewhat tolerable and I just cant stand Molly
Hatchet,although they’re great musicians.

rosendito says:

Don’t get me wrong. I respect your list….But no ABB? No Marshall Tucker
Band? No Charlie Daniels Band? WTF? I guess you must be a Young’n…

Calib Copeland says:

agree bbs is absofuckinglutely awesome

wiesBadisch says:

My Top Southern Rock Bands: Hogjaw, Preacher Stone, Doc Holliday, Ted
Nugent, Marshall Tucker Band, Creedence Clearwater Revival; and anymore….

luvlabs1234 says:

I saw Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top in one night with Cadillac black

ledzeppelinfreak says:

The guy who did this video hails from the United Kingdom.

ledzeppelinfreak says:

You would be feeling the same for The Band, Little Feat, Poco, Pure Prairie
League, Zakk Wylde/Black Label Society/Pride & Glory, 3 Doors Down and
Elvin Bishop. The Band were a Canadian group, Little Feat were like CCR in
that they were Californian but the music they made makes you think they
come from Dixie, Poco and PPL are both just country-rock bands, Zakk Wylde
was from New Jersey and is heavy metal. 3 Doors Down are pseudo-grunge like
Creed and Elvin Bishop is a native Californian.

Lorenzo Pacheco says:

Only like 5 if thoes were southern rock. Where’s the hollies or creesence

ledzeppelinfreak says:

Little Feat and The Doobie Brothers were both Californian bands while Steve
Miller was from Wisconsin. They don’t qualify as southern rock.

BuggsBonnie says:

@bigjordini…Actually CCR are from CA. They are one of my all-time
favorite bands.

Greg D says:

I hate to be that guy… but… 2:33 I didn’t know Ron Jeremy was in Lynyrd

thomas gentry says:

Why not the Allman Brothers? They only invented the genre of southern rock.

ledzeppelinfreak says:

Down is a metal band.

skarkot says:

No Marshall Tucker???!!!

shoogdon says:

I love Black Crowes, but they are southern boys by geography more than in
sound. They are bluesy enough, but missing the outlaw and country
sentiments. Hell, by the same geography logic, REM would be a considered a
southern rock band too, but they aint either, lol. And ignoring the band
that gave us WHIPPING POST on a list of Southern Rock bands is just plain
ridiculous for christsake.

rebelrecording says:

i half agree!38 is awsome!look up their first album,& they fit right in!

chevyvans10 says:

you got to be kidding allman brothes should be second on the list no way
blabk cherry should even be on the list they may be ok but the b est
southern rock should never have them in the top 10

xan cole says:

what about the allman brothers?

bigdctherock says:

Drive-By Truckers, Alabama, Charlie Daniels, Gov’t Mule, Le Roux (their
early stuff), Ozark Mountains Daredevils, & Atlanta Rhythm Section are all
sadly omitting here, but good list, nonetheless. And to an earlier poster,
Son Volt & Uncle Tupelo are Alt Country, not Southern Rock, and overrated,

piratajimenez says:

American Dog??

Cole Beasley says:

i’m gonna guess skynyrd is #1! haah

jemmy o'hooligan says:

whier is Davis Allan Coe on this list???

Morgan Wallace says:

A little upset Allman brothers wasn’t on the list, but overall I pretty
much agree.

ccdevilleiscool says:

Without Marshall tucker at #1 this list is incomplete sorry

Wayne Edwards says:

Dont forget them younger floks check it out.

Al . says:

ccr abb nuff said

Bas Bardie says:

Check out Blackberry Smoke!!

William Neumann says:

Great list, but I would have replaced number nine with Allman Brothers
Band. They should be on there some where. And no Charlie Daniels. He wrote
the Southern Rock Anthem, The Souths Gonna Do It Again. Marshall Tucker
Band could also be considered and Atlanta Rhythm Section.

Preston Thompson says:

Folks, don’t get upset. This is just one mans opinion.We in the South know
what’s Southern and what’s not. We also know the Allman Bros is tops. Then
comes Lynyrd Shynyrd.

Liam Whiting says:

Crowes should he higher

bisp25 says:

u got skymyrd number 1. but ronnie van zant sais the atlanta rhythm section
was the greatest southern band ever. hmmm

Evan Jeffries says:

Black Stone Cherry REALLY!!!! Blackberry Smoke should be in there. And drop
Black Crowes and Rossington Collins Band and add Marshall Tucker / Allman

Hans Brielmann says:

Blackberry Smoke !!!!

Charles Laubach says:

Allman Brothers Band top 3

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