My Top Ten Southern Rock Songs

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I apologize for this list, this was one of my 1st ones and as you can see i’m not from anywhere in the south. My taste in music has changed since. (long cool woman is by The Hollies)
*I do not own any of the audio*
10. Mountain – Mississippi Queen
9. Lynyrd Skynyrd – South of Heaven
8. Steve Miller Band – Take the Money and Run
7.The Hollies – Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress
6. Marshall Tucker Band – Can’t You See
5. Allman Brothers Band – Jessica
4.ZZ Top – La Grange
3. Bob Seger – Old Time Rock and Roll
2. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
1. ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man
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Tommy Robinson says:

MY. MY. MY. MY. MY. meaning HIS! come on dude. What’s wrong with having ZZ
Top twice?

Daniel Rozanski says:

No. the video needs to be like the 50 best, or at least 25 best. and BOB

Zhe Wu says:


17865329 says:

@shadrac309 And isn’t Bob Seger from Michigan? Which ibelieve is fairly

Adam Brutto says:

ya lol cant believe ccr isnt up there.. but franciswei did say its their
first list…

insurancemanharold says:

@gmcbigrig79 I agree, he has some good songs in the list but WHERE IS MOLLY
HATCHET? WHERE IS .38 SPECIAL? Most of the true Southern Rock genre bands
were from Jacksonville, Tampa or Orlando Florida!!! I grew up idolizing
these guys as Danny Joe Brown (Hatchet’s lead singer) was my cousin.

ricecrispiesman32 says:

ilive in texas half of this is pretty good but its kinda country just a tad
bit but i love the songs still

Gail Arthur says:

are great southern rock bands what happend to the good old days and they
are a two new vary good southern rock bands fifth on the foor and the
sheepdogs and zac bown band

bisp25 says:

@bisp25 no it’s from ronnie van zant. ronnie always said ARS was the best
southern band ever, and ronnie hammond was the best voice in southern rock.

epicjizz69 says:

where is have you ever seen the rain by creedence???????

Luis Henrique Avila says:

of course there are only great songs on this video, but… the greatest
classic of Southern Rock is “FREE BIRD” (Lynyrd Skynyrd

lllfxguy says:

words too long for you? ask your mother what “guzzling” is, I’m sure she’d
love to show you.

elamite66 says:

@jczother being from NY I can tell you that as for myself I can pick out
Southern music Rock or Country in a NY second I like a lot of different
kinds of music myself but maybe you do too I don’t know I guess maybe the
Civil War is not over but on the other hand I’ve had people get resentful
hearing my accent and it don’t have to be from the South either upstate NY,
California, the West even Boston what’s so special about NY that you get
insults and resentment just from being from there?

andy cole says:

bob seger is from detroit.

Lucas Wirti says:

yeaahhh… where is Free Bird??

franciswei says:

@gmcbigrig79 I appreciate it dude !

Nirvana4554 says:

If you’re referring to bands literally from the South well that’s another
thing (I don’t know if they are or not). Some of these bands aren’t the
southern rock sound. Look up Drive by Truckers, Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo, and
Drivin’ n’ Cryin’. Great, great bands.

IncorpMusic says:

please help, i cant find the song ”South of heaven” does some1 know where
can i find it?

nazzare79 says:

mountain is a souther rock band? and Creedence? I don’t think so…anyway
the marshall tucker band is my favourite…’this ol cowboy’ is fantastic…

ReverendRawk says:

All great bands and songs! Check out PREACHER STONE out of NC!!! They wear
their southern influences proudly!!!

elamite66 says:

@jczother I don’t know if he’s from NY or not but it’s his first try give
the kid a break and by the way you don’t have to be from the South to know
or appreciate Southern Rock Also people like me from NY aren’t as
uneducated and backward as we used to be in fact we think we just as good
as anybody else despite the fact that you all look down us like I said we
ain’t as backward as we used to be PEACE

T.B.B.C. says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd .38 Special Molly Hatchet Mountain Allman Brothers Ozark
Mountain DareDevils Fabulous Thunderbirds Stevie Ray Vaughan ZZ Top
Blackfoot Molly Hatchet The Outlaws Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Georgia
Satellites Hank Williams Jr. Charlie Daniels Band The Marshall Tucker Band
& Daughtry

joe stalion says:

Just throwin it out there…Molly Hatchet Flirtin With Disaster….

MegaSpeedoflight says:

zz top are more texicano rock than southern rock but list is ok

Pelicomics says:

Awesome, but the title is “My Top Ten Southern Rock Songs” But Jessica has
no singings

Problems123 says:

hey i think this lists perty damn good for someone who wasnt born and
raised in dixie!

TheDrugs33 says:

That’s a very good classement but where is Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot and…
Free Bird!!!?

Gordongords says:

Niel young? O ya that song was not by CCR. Get your songs right

Tommy Haynes says:

A few of these songs are not Southern Rock

monstermash1961666 says:


mootle661 says:

I LOVE ZZ TOP but Sharp Dressed Man is NOT southern rock. Still a great list

luv4allmusik says:

Thanks for including Toy Caldwell and the MTB. Toy was a Vietnam vet (
injured), a true Southern rocker, and an American badass for sure!

franciswei says:

@TheLeftylegend14 Actually I wasn’t born …

rocmaven says:

i am going to see Marshall tucker band on valentines day weekend sat feb
12, 2011 at the watseka theatre watseka il. are you going?

WJBTV says:

Black Stone Cherry – Can’t you see FTW <3

G Money says:

Bob Segar, ZZ Top, Steve Miller, etc. ain’t Southern Rock

ccdevilleiscool says:

Anything by Marshall tucker band is #1 in my book

Garrett Rogers says:

Long cool woman in a black dress is from the hollies and they are English 

EnvyUsStudio says:

Southern rock isn’t where your from its the style so these are all southern
rock songs but Texas is southern they were rebels to :)

yotoddman says:

sharp dressed man is no where near the best southern rock song ever

Lew Schiller says:

I take it the Creedance slide over the Hollies Long Cool Woman was just an
editing error?

kieran finnigan says:

free bird all the way

bisp25 says:

i find it amazing. how many people have never heard of ARS. or barry bailey

Zeke Yarbro says:


Dan Tracy says:

the picture you showed after “Mississippi Queen” was of the Allman Brothers
And the version of Long Cool Woman you played was by the Hollies not CCR

Joseph Driggers says:


Kiky Kreemcheese says:

Long Cool Woman is NOT CCR!

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