Needle And The Spoon Live 1976

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Kurdt Nbk says:

on submarine mission for you baby, hello i love you won’t you tell me your
name, lord took me away

music6977 says:

cant smoke it or drink it ….. it 

Van Zants Dotnet says:
airborne1509 says:


The Weeping Willow says:

Only The Good Die Young RIP~~

dustin deel says:
Guy Engelman says:

This song is rather on point after all the recent talk about heroin
addiction. It’s also a just a really good rock song. 

toby weaver says:

Allen Collins

Chico Papaya says:

Can any of the 12 idiots who gave this a thumbs down please explain

Keith Greenway says:

Gary get of your high horse…bring Ronnie dream back together…ya’ll are
all freebirds you are sll freebirds…been undying fan..39 yrs. Please!

joseph phelps says:
juan cisterne says:

Defamation post: The Leonard Skinner concert I seen today for $20 was loud
and worth the value. But it doesn’t compare to all original band members,
specially in their youth. Overall, it was a good show, but it amazes me a
band that opened up for “The Who”, can overcome the tragic passing of so
many key members. If you’re reading this Sheila, I enjoyed your company
very much Man. Again visiting Norway and Sweden is something I know you’ll
love, and it’s truly an opportunity of a lifetime, bye.

Wayne O'Brien says:

did just about everything else but not that. love the song.great message

Tribble Drake says:
1962jbk says:

Allen Collins….amazing…what else can I say?

larry lomascolo says:

quit yur trippin, have a listen,great phrases by a great front man

Cindy Wyatt says:

for old b/w film footage this is pretty good b/w film footage! authentic?
if so,wow. magical.

Nicole Siegmund says:

Oh i love it! Such a great video

Colette McKinney says:

Damn, Only the good die young,

David Brewer says:

bad ass way back then,shit

Aztec8s says:

and a trip to the moon, i know, i know, i know.

Stan Williams says:
Musik says:


A Lady Named Suzette says:

I like the song, but it reminds me of how much I miss Ronnie VanZant!
Lovin’ Lynard Skynard since I was 15! LONGGGG TIME like over 40 years!

Teri Singletary says:

GOD Bless Tampa Bay! 

Jay Given says:

I’ve seen a lot of people who thought they were cool..But then again I’ve
seen a lot of fools..GREAT LINE..I LOVE IT!!

Yeti Van Marshall says:

Shmedlock can’t shine Allen’s shoes.

Talisman Times says:

To me this is the most underrated of all Skynrd’s songs. I always wondered
why that was, and then one day I heard this very question asked of a music
critic, and he said the song never gained really great popularity because

What is that old expression, that no one ever went broke underestimating
the intelligence of the American Public – Holy Shit – help me Jesus Please

codsack says:

Allen Collins = Jesus

MrPinzouz says:

The biggest loss in the music history. What a great band they were!

spacecreatorband says:

*LYNYRD SKYNYRD, The Needle And the Spoon, 3-7-1976*

They’re tuned to 432 Hz here…
*get a tuner & verify 4 yourself*

#lynyrdskynyrd #theneedleandthespoon #432Hz #432tuningsystem

‘don’t mess with it’

mike skeff says:

I was 6 months old when this was filmed and still think its one the coolest
fooking songs ever…

Rayne Khrost says:

Oh yaaaa!!! The needle and the spoon, trip to the moon…….So ironic Dr’s
told him to quit before he was dead….and then, the plane crash!!! So
loved this band and miss them “to the moon”……

Terry La Tunguley says:

I can sing this song and any of the original members songs perfectly. Blow
Johnny right outta his damn boots. Papa Van Zant can’t you hear what I say.
You close your eyes when I’m front man. You’ll think I’m Ronnie for real
for real on stage

Karen Rose says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd The Needle And The Spoon Mar 7, 19…:

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