The Outlaws – Green Grass and High Tides 2013

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The Outlaws Live 2013 – Green Grass and High Tides

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The TENNESSEE Guitar Army! Yipers. What happened!? ­čśë

This is from Bikefest in Leesburg, FL, 4/28/2013. The sound is nice, the video is crisp but jerky at times. It was my first time shooting video with this camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS19). Nice camera, but I was zoomed in, and every motion got exaggerated. And I was scrambling to learn the controls (the zoom slider is in an awkward spot). My arms were killing me after 17 minutes! The next concert I shoot I will have some kind of stabilizer unit. Sorry about the jerkiness; some parts are much better than others. If you just bob your head to the music, like you are there, you won’t notice it as much.

I am an Outlaws fan. I live in Tampa, but I did not live here when The Outlaws broke out. (I’m a relocated yankee). It must have been a great time to have been here! I frequent O’Keefe’s even today, and can only imagine those days. My introduction to The Outlaws was in February 1979 in Buffalo, NY. I was more interested in Molly Hatchet, opening the show, but they cancelled out that night. It was the ‘Playin’ To Win’ tour, and my second concert ever at age 15. Hughie/Billy/Freddie/Harvey/Monte/David lineup. I was captivated, and became a fan that night.

I have seen The Outlaws 6 times, I think. That 1979 show in Buffalo. At the Silver Dollar Saloon in Lansing, MI in late 80s (Henry was back in the band. That night, anyway). Then opening for Stevie Ray Vaughn in Grand Rapids, MI, also late ’80s (whoops, no Henry at this one). 2006 at the Crystal River Harley dealership (no Henry, he left again). Then, after Hughie passed, in Punta Gorda in 2008, which featured a nice classy tribute to Hughie/Billy/Frank before GG&HT. I cried.

Since that show I have learned a lot about the rift between the factions. It’s disturbing that adults can’t work out a fair deal, using integrity and fairness as their guide. From what I’ve read, it’s been more about which legal team got the upper hand, rather than what’s right. But what do I know?

I do know that I still want to hear Hughie’s album he was working on. (And have the money go to the right people). I understand that the band in this video could just as easily be called ‘The Henry Paul Band Does The Outlaws.’ I miss Hughie, and Billy, more than I can say. I almost feel guilty attending an Outlaws show now. I wish they had dedicated this song to their fallen brothers, but they didn’t this time. And right in their fallen brothers’ back yard, even. With many of those guys’ friends in attendance. A missed opportunity.

I’m not sure I’ll attend another Outlaws show. Even though I had chills at this one, because the music is so good. It’s hard to explain these mixed emotions. I love the songs. And I love Billy Crain’s and Chris Anderson’s guitar playing. I think they are all doing a good job of keeping the music alive. (But do we really need a keyboard player?) I know, and true Outlaws fans know, that this band was about Hughie Thomasson and Billy Jones. I do recommend that in the future, (at least) when the band plays Florida shows, Henry, take that extra minute and give credit where credit is due, to the people who really made this music happen. If you can do the Skynyrd tribute with ‘Grey Ghost,’ you can do the Outlaws tribute with GG&HT!

Since writing this, I got into it with some idiot at a forum who claims this is the ‘TRUE Outlaws.’ He also informed me that the current touring Outlaws, the one in this video, lead by Henry Paul, has dropped almost all Hughie T. songs from their setlist. HEH??? So I checked some setlists. Yea, many of the recent shows have even dropped the iconic Green Grass & High Tides!! That’s like Skynyrd dropping Freebird. I see Henry has slipped his own Grey Ghost in instead for many shows. So I guess Henry is begrudgingly playing a couple Hughie songs, but has made it mostly the countrified Henry Paul songs from the very few years he was even in the band.

I also see that his country band Blackhawk is opening most of the shows. Why do I have a feeling other members of ‘The Outlaws’ are doing double duty in both bands? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Henry, why not just tour as Henry Paul, and play your contributions to the Outlaws, and give the name back to Hughie’s estate?


Jerome Cash says:

I agree with the man who said when Hughie Thomasson passed away, the Outlaws band was finished. .Period.

j pulizzano says:

First saw the Outlaws in 75-76, they opened for Marshall Tucker at Bradley
University in Peoria…. they were a very very hard act to follow.. even
for Marshall Tucker..But that was then and well time does have a way of
making events seem better than they really were.. BUT NOT IN THIS

beachie321 says:

brooksville fla…henry paul and the posers
how appropriate…hughie who… these jackbutts ask
they must be proud of themselves for the royal screwing they did to ht and
his family
they are not keeping ALL the music alive

Patrick Maloney says:

jez…. Someone please give one of these guys a Les Paul.´╗┐

Gary Horder says:

17 minutes of Outlaw music. Ok, if you insist´╗┐

freeenergynews says:

Not bad, but they can not reach the timing and phrasing of Hughie and Billy

Fergus Martin says:

17 minutes of Outlaw music. Ok, if you insist´╗┐

Poca Hontas says:

This is really an Outlaws “Tribute” band.´╗┐

john dillinger says:

their latest album sounds like Blackhawk.i wonder why.´╗┐

Bodrexclalu says:

Tough one but recouping a 2nd Rounder for Justin was a fair trade. Hate to see him go but the deal made sense for evnoerye. San Francisco is a great city and we wish him all the best with the job opportunity. PS Don’t overlook the fact that we got a #1 pick as part of the Drew/Bitter/Randall trade. Bright future, indeed. #ReleasetheHounds. Keep up the good work.

dbrew2u says:

I Like this ! Are they the Real Outlaws ? No . But are they doing justice
to their Music and Making it Live on for us to Enjoy ? Yes ! Nice job on
this .´╗┐

Cousin Figel says:

Hughie and Henry were great together, But apart there is NO OUTLAWS……..
Henry singing Hughie’s parts just does not sound good. Hang it up guys and
go get a job at Burger King…………..´╗┐

Jim Lujack says:

I seen them in early 70s I think it was in Detroit Grande. I sat in
“orchestra pit” where light show was eminating from….Original Band back
then. This band being shon now is very good also…it is just that I do not
possess same drugs I possessed back the as I do now…no it is other way
around…but this type of music is dieing out. We rock offienadoes should
not slam one version over another. They were/are very skilled musically.
Just don’t use drugs…they mess your mind up and you will then HAVE to
take meds to compensate for doing them and that is no phun!!!!lol´╗┐

Beemrdon says:

That vocal is pretty…uh… not so good.´╗┐

Jim Teahan says:

man we miss hughie…the replacement it terrible. He even starts the solo
off in the wrong key´╗┐

Bunny says:

An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a coworker who has been conducting a little research on this. And he actually bought me lunch due to the fact that I found it for him… lol. So allow me to reword th&8s#i230;. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending the time to talk about this issue here on your web page.

David Frazier says:

I grew up on outlaws music as a kid , this does not represent the
ledgendary players at all, but its ok, just my opinion like it or not´╗┐

dobbs5743 says:

Leave them alone. They’re keeping the Outlaws music going. Green grass and
high tides blows away Free bird any day. But most people don’t know it
because they didn’t get the recognition as Skynyard. The outlaws was my 2nd
concert I’ve been too. 1977 at the Capital Theater. Saw them again at the
Meadowlands when they blew Boston away. Also saw them at Rutgers Stadium.
Nobody plays a Strat like Hughie did. R.I.P. Hughie Thomasson! ´╗┐

pileatedwoodpeck says:


Cousin Figel says:

Henry, you should reform Blackhawk, that was a great band….´╗┐

Rebeka says:

Mark Fitzgerald – Great pic. I miss these guys. Last time I saw Billy was in Seaford De. I was with Gene and shortly after that is when I heard Billy died. What a shame.

FredE Smit says:

I knew their entire live album “Bring it Back Alive” at one time on guitar
.. every solo too .´╗┐

Peter D. Michael says:

The Outlaws and blackhawk are now the same fuckin’ band! It’s a complete
farce and a joke!!! Henry Paul is a thief (READ BELOW)!!! I’ve heard
better cover bands!
The Outlaws are NOTHING without Hughie Thomasson….PERIOD!!!´╗┐

Tommy Graham says:

Nothing left of the “Original” Outlaws…. this band is basically a Fake,
sorry for raining on your Parade but, this IS NOT “The Outlaws”…….just

pileatedwoodpeck says:

Yes they are a fake and henry is to trying sing Hughies GG/HT song, he did
not even write it, his voice hurts my ears, SUCKS cut it off!´╗┐

beachie321 says:

warden june…henry paul can’t mention ht or billy because it is all about
him…a fair deal was never in the equation because that would take money
out of the pockets of the Nashville seven…this is not about hate but
about the right thing to do…henry paul and the posers are a sad excuse
for human beings…karma is what goes around comes around…godspeed ht
billy frank…
once an outlaw always an outalw´╗┐

pileatedwoodpeck says:

i aways heard you can sing anything to a bunch of drunks and it don’t
matter, hp singing and you, eewwww gives me the creeps´╗┐

Bill Riccio says:

the fact is most of these guys are just trying to make a living, this kinda
shit happens with all the classic bands from the seventy’s, members die new
guys come in. most of these bands just get on festival circuits they need
the band name recognition and most people at the festivals dont now the
history of the band, just the band name and some songs… ´╗┐

Joe Hansell says:

Two sides to every story, but it’s obvious on reading the comments of the
anti-Henry posters here that they seem to be full of hate and intolerance.
Make of that what you will.´╗┐

SouthernStyle357 says:
Top Fuel Bill says:

I bet Hughie is turning over in his grave. RIP Hughie.´╗┐

SusQ45 says:

Now that kicked some fucking ass for sure!!!!´╗┐

Rabia says:

I do not like this news. These are the parts that suck about most of these players ndenieg a job because they do not make a living off of lacrosse. A good amount of these guys seem to live near their team and if a new job comes up, they move teams as well. Going to miss Justin.

beachie321 says:

once an outlaw always an outlaw´╗┐

AlabasterSmudge says:

I used to live in Leesburg.What a shithole! Nice song.´╗┐

Bill Dalrymple says:

all you idiots bitchin bout not havin the original lineup…SHUT UP!!!Of
course not these guys are 60 and people die but they try to make the music
live on.If u want original music from the original artists go to a justin
biber or miley cyrus concert cuz I guarantee you nobodys gonna be singin
that crap 40 yrs after it came out so enjoy the original lineups while u

fuzz says:

plain and simple when Hughie died The Outlaws ceased to exist. Henry looks
like hes taking a shit when he attempts to sing. Monte Yoho and Chris
Anderson are the only true Outlaws left in this band. most bands improve
with lineup changes but this band is a mockery of everything Hughie built.
anyone who thinks this band is great don’t know what true southern rock is.´╗┐

Nelia says:

– Gentleman like Waltrip and Yarborough you should not already have major egos. Should really become a pleasurable night time! And about time NASCAR honor many of the conslderabiy less properly recognised drivers.

Clayton Jackson says:

Henry Paul sucked when he left the Outlaws. Henry was one great man when I
did business with him. I loved Freddie and Billy but Henry was the guy that
put the boost into the band´╗┐

Nia the Gulf Gypsy says:

The Outlaws will be performing tomorrow, April 13th at the Brooksville
Blueberry festival.´╗┐

Brett Anderson says:

I’m still here´╗┐

steviebkhall says:

WHOA,This was a pretty great song.Awesome job.Thanks for posting.Fuck the
facebook shit.peace´╗┐

Raider Gino says:

All I can say is “WOW!!!!”…..Awesome!!!! Loving it man!!!!´╗┐

Nancy Coffin says:

love Henry Paul, sold by himself, with that Outlaws, and in country with
Blackhawk. If he touches it, it is gold.´╗┐

GT Big hair says:

you mean they stole the name?!

law breakers!…
just kidding, leave us old guys alone…

yep and Amen.´╗┐

Steve Gibson says:

That blonde guitarist has no business being in the band. I’m sure they
could get someone much more capable. the rest of the band is solid.´╗┐

John Szymanski says:

Everyone complaining about Henry and the Name use but he won in court. I
read the judicial documents and he clearly had his ducks in a row where
Hughie’s wife and Daughter couldn’t even tell you where and when Hughie
played. Hughie joining Skynryd for all of those years left the Outlaw’s
and their name vacated.

Skynryd has 1 original member left. -Gary Rosington

.38 Special has 1 original member left – Don Barnes

Marshall Tucker – 1 left in Doug Gray

Artimus Pyle Band had Artimus and Ed King the last time I saw them – More
original (2) members of Skynyrd than the actual current Skynryd Band.

Allman Brothers – 3 left and 2 of them are drummers……..

Molly Hatchet – Dave Hlubek 1 left.

let’s face it – We are all getting old and these guys all lived a
Face-paced Alcohol and drug filled high life.

But as long as they are still playing their music….Keep it alive and stop
the bitching.

I enjoy taking my son to see these guys as he wished he grew up in the 70’s
and 80’s.´╗┐

Vinny Levine says:

I’m not a giant Outlaws fan but I do like GG&HT and their early albums.
What Henry Paul did to this band is a true tragedy and he is going to have
to look in the mirror one day and realize what he did was wrong. This band
is not the Outlaws, this is Blackhawk under the Outlaws name. I have no
problem with this performance and I consider this better than most of these
southern rock acts could ever achieve save for Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet.
What I do have a problem with is Henry Paul and his underhanded methods of
owning the Outlaws name. This band, even though it is called Outlaws, is
more or less one of those bands with one original member that isn’t the
driving force. Also, the Outlaws album from 2012 is probably the worst
southern rock album I have ever heard. ´╗┐

Jim Frozen says:


Sahidin says:

, because I have taken care to state the truth and not to cross over the thrlehosd of defamation. That is not the case with some of the comments I have received. Defamation (libel, slander, etc.) goes beyond personal opinion and includes untrue accusations of illegal actions, untrue statements about someone that could damage one’s reputation, and so on. This is an over-simplification of a complex issue, that can be very expensive when lines are crossed. Although I am willing to stand behind my own statements, I am unable to stand behind statements from others for which I would be responsible if I were to publish them on my website. Neither am I willing or able to parse comments and explain to individuals why I could allow some comments, but not others. It is easier to simply not post any reader comments about Joe, so that is what I will do.

Paul Fruehauf says:

This is great! Probably the best amateur concert video I’ve seen. The sound
quality is amazing. I’m going to see them next week. You’ve got me pumped!´╗┐

sjds51 says:

another worthless cell phone vid of a band that deserves better!´╗┐

The Laguna Tuna says:

well, who the fuck cares…great music from a great band that has morphed
several times, but still kickin’. As for the video “quality”, it ain’t any
better or worse than most…later.´╗┐

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