Preacher Stone That’s Just the Whiskey Talkin

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Preacher Stone That’s Just The Whiskey Talkin’

From Preacher Stone’s debut album

check out their new album:
Uncle Buck’s Vittles


dazed confused says:

why do this sound like ac dc hells bells

CincyPolly says:

Can’t get this tune outta my head! What a helluva GROOVE!!! I’m a bass
player/lead singer in an all female rock band…we’re covering this song!
I’m Polly Hager on Facebook, Cincinnati, OH, and my band is Rock Candy.
These guys KICK ASS!!!

Gazman062 says:

An old friend just put me onto this band. Bless his cotton socks. Kick-arse
stuff (Yes, I’m Australian). Gunna check out some more for sure !!! m/

lethal1njection says:

@CincyPolly I saw a band named Rock Candy in Peoria,IL. Same band ?

gary carpenter says:

I think of Polly every time I play this song!

KenV says:

Man, this is one hell of a drinking song. Hell, it’s good groove for any
time. Between this and Old Fashioned Ass Whoopin’ Sonofabitch, this album
is a must-get. Makes me miss my time in Virginia, back when I was in the
Navy. Ordered the album, can’t wait. Dig the Bad Company influence. Really,
this stuff is the real deal. Dammit, gotta go grab the JD and a highball
glass now, thanks for nothin’. lol

Christopher Rife says:

MTV and mainstream pop culture will never play this kinda music however…

Lisa Colorado says:

Love this preacher music. The only thing that’s missing of the 70’s is the
cocaine-fueled edge a band would have back then. I love this music!

Christopher Rife says:

If you like this kind of music so do other people. So do other people who
also play instruments…. this kinda music along with 80s metal is all
over. XM Radio has some good stations that play music like this new and old.

eric lins says:

good old southern rock, like it !

mark maples says:

Awesome band saw them on Simpleman cruise 2012. Best band Ive seen in along
time great song writing true southern rock musicians, and these guys have
not forgotten where they came from.

Jay Gregory says:

listening to this song with a JACK BLACK and COKE and it is talking
strong…thanks guys for jamming on this track and I love it so much,need
to see the band at a show somewhere soon

manwithgills says:

Understatement of the year!

Jim Miller says:

great song great lyrics

dbrew2u says:

I just told a friend of mine that today’s Rock Bands Suck . Again YouTube
proves me wrong . This is a Damn Good Rock Band. The Problem is there are
No Good Rock Radio Stations anymore to give Bands like this a Break !

Gary Carpenter says:

@CincyPolly OMG Polly, this is a great song for my band to do.

gary carpenter says:

I cover this song, I play it a tad faster but I love it either way!

Tyler Crosbie says:

And thanks to that old friend, this friend put me onto this band as well.

thebeaterz16 says:

illuminati destroying the world for the rest of us like always



Inge says:

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CincyPolly says:

First time I heard this, I was passed out on my guitar player’s couch (we
partied our asses off the night before) and her husband comes into the
living room and CRANKS THIS UP at 7 a.m. At first I was PISSED cuz I was
all hungover, but then this GROOVE caught me and it’s been in my head every
day since! Gotta hand it to him, he sure has great taste in music! 🙂

acerb45666555 says:


Diana Phillips says:

Badass song!

paddie3535 says:

I’ve been there, ain’t proud of it.

pat211dimitri says:


Jim Troughton says:

Great band this.

Check out George Hatcher and Blackberry Smoke, too.

keven field says:

who the hell is this band,i am 55,i thought rock was dead,but listerning to
this and another band called doc holiday ,are grat,any tips of more souther
bays I love to hear,GUITARS RULE

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