RCB – Prime Time (Live Footage)

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Rossington Collins Band Prime Time

Live Footage is from the Omni in Atlanta, GA Dec 31. 1981

from the original poster:

Just to make it clear – the video and the audio do not match/sync. I made the video by taking some video and merge it with Prime Time from the New Years Eve show. Hope you like it anyway, even though the video quality is bad…

For me Rossington Collins Band is one of the greatest bands to ever have played and made music, and it’s a shame they got so little time. Dale Krantz’ voice was (is) a killer, and she gave the band a certain personality and style which I love greatly.

Prime Time is a very, very, very good song by Rossington Collins Band, and this version played at The Omni was not an exception. This show was broadcast nationwide on the radio, and the setlist for the night was:

Prime Time
Misery Loves Company
One Good Man
Winners & Losers
Three Times As Bad
Don’t Misunderstand Me
Sometimes You Can Put It Out

A great numbers of songs.

I’m not sure, but I guess there are two recordings of the show; one with a better sound quality than the other. But then again; on the one with the lesser quality you can hear much more of the audience, and they were over the top this night. If you can get a hold of one of these recordings – please do it!! It’s the best show by them that I’ve heard, and I have quite a few of them now…

Rossington Collins Band are:

Dale Krantz (later Dale Krantz-Rossington) – Vocals
Gary Rossington – Guitar
Allen Collins – Guitar
Barry Harwood – Guitar, Vocals
Billy Powell – Keyboards
Derek Hess – Drums / Percussion
Leon Wilkeson – Bass Guitar


severnRon says:

I’ve never seen any RCB video!! COOL!! I have a lot of live shows and some
Allen Collins live but never have been able to turn up any video. Thanks
for posting this!!!

chaseturk says:

Their drummer lives on my street Derek Hess

domin77148 says:

Are you ready for the real mcoy?

rascalferret says:

good stuff…why am I getting chills…I guess my mortality fighting with
the years goin by so fast since this was new …yet still unaged and
timeless like yesterday.

valleydreamin says:

Thanks for posting this, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a live clip of
Rossington/Collins. I could be wrong but does it seem like Gary and Allen
are out of sync on this one?

Angel K says:

locved he rvoice love it

Freddie Busshart says:

right on this rocks….peace….

swp7704 says:

This band rocks my wife grow up with Steve &Castle in Miami ok bring your
band to BRANDED,MO. we need good rock & roll and good internet a show like
this would be as big as any country or rock show in town I would say come
on down but well you know how it is come no up P,P,P. of Branded,Mo.

michael distefano says:

Will never forget the feeloing when the boys walked on the Boston Orpheum
theater stage for 1st tour. It was earth shattering ovation. Allen smiled
all nite in awe of the constant roar of the crowd.

BudMovies says:

Please upload the rest of this concert! That’d be awesome!

beersplease says:

new years eve pretty cool, I saw them at the spectrum in philadelphia in I
think 82. I feel very lucky to have had a chance to see allen collins play
,I was only like 15 or 16 at the time . Thanks for sharing

Tony Beazley says:

I think Gary wore that same jacket in Nashville …wow bringing back some
memories… and they kept telling us there was no footage of RCB
anywhere…thanks for this video you guys!!!! Proof that some exist and
there probably is more out there….

rondy702 says:

I may sound stupid, but were most of the band members the same as L.S.
without the obvious losses? Never really learned the lineup as I usually do
with most great bands.

MrSkynyrdfan says:

Allen would have turned 58 years old today. Rest in Peace my friend. You
are one of the best guitarists ever.

centuryboatfan says:

Thanks for posting! Any R-C Band footage is welcome! I was lucky enough to
meet Mr. Collins in Mpls. during their 1981 show!

lars viklund says:

Yeah,love g kranz and every thing betvine l-sk.

Pure Rock N Roll says:

Yes, you’re quite right; I forgot Three Times As Bad… How could I???
Great song that too 🙂 I got the New Years Eve show, one from Municipal
(03/17/80), Garden State Arts Center (’81) and two shows from 1982. The two
“best” are this (New Years Eve) and the one from Garden State Arts Center.
Great sound on both of them 🙂 I don’t have anything live with Allen
Collins but would loved to have it. Will continue to look 🙂

twostrokeornill1 says:

Please don’t worry about the vid here ! ANY footage of ANY quality is a
rare treat, and the audio is A1. Thanx and good job 🙂 Dave.

Pure Rock N Roll says:

@valleydreamin This video had the same song (Prime Time) playing when I got
it, but it is clearly put together by different bits and pieces of videos
and not filmed in “one shot”. I just removed the bad quality audio which
was on the video and replaced it with the same song from a CD I have (same
show – New Year 1980). As you also can see the video goes in a loop, and I
don’t have more of the band – sorry. But I will carry on my search for more
rare video of Southern Rock 🙂 Hope you like it!

204Snipe says:

Drugs killed this band. Shame. Billy Powell said it took almost a million
dollars to produce their second album mainly because they were stoned all
the time… The record company pulled the plug after it flopped.

Lukas Ritchey says:

i havn’t seen any live videos of them thank you

Katharine Guthrie says:

This is good no, great stuff. I’m getting chills also…Collins rocking out
and vintage Gary before he sold out.

KRISTI Davis says:

What a blast from the pass. So glad to hear this tune again. It has played
in my mind for a long time. And darn thing about it all I could not get the
name off my tongue who played it. I Knew but just could not get my memory
in track. Thanks to a poster who had this band posted.

Frankenfukstein says:

WILD THING ..thanks for the share. kickass. band.aint heard them in years.

TheTommygun1963 says:

This song needs more cowbell

lr Crawford says:

Had the pleasure of seeing RCB twice. Thanks so very much for posting this
rare footage

ThePrincessDavina says:

@MrSkynyrdfan yiu got that right!!

vaskynyrdfan says:

very good and rare thanks

docbobvet1 says:

This was a departure from Skynyrd. Thestory I heard was, they wanted
something different, but similar. In MY HUMBLE OPINION, Dale was AMAZING.
SHE HAD THE BALLS OF A MAN! When Allen wasn’t wasted he was on top of his
game. Gary was the ultimate professional and Barry Harwood filled the gap
that Steve left……The only thing I missed ( besides Ronnie)was
Artimus….For that period, I though he was one of the worlds best
drummers. ON my first date w my future wife, I drove from NY to MD, picked
her up, and drove to Fla, and listened to one cassette all the way down,

Tommy Rock says:

Wow! From when Atlanta was Atlanta!

Natalie Davis says:

I loved this band but Dale just didn’t fit right as the lead singer. God
bless us all, we held on to Lynyrd Skynyrd anyway we could..

yugster78 says:

Quite amazing saying only 2 years befor they been in plane crash! cant
remmber which one maybe Collins? They were saying his arm was smashed in
bad way and was very lucky not to lose it.

keven field says:

always I thought lynyrd had a female singer at one part,so I heard it
wrong,a member from the band started a new band with a female singer,lol

mrbelcherful says:

Dale was a backing singer for 38 Special, You can see and hear why Gary
married her!! Great voice.Having a chick sing lead was a challenge for the
band and for her which paid off.

David Otto says:

Dale- good grief

George Thompson says:

Thank you so much for this rare video, please upload the entire concert
!!!!! Keeping the memory alive !!!!!! God bless them all !!!

Martin Arancio says:

The best band ever , lynyrd skynyrd too , I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTT

Breeze43054 says:

I was there too! So miss those days- per my friend’s Dad connections we had
backstage and front row for everything. Miss those days and wish I had the
tickets that showed $11.00

Kathi W says:

Hi, pero, where’s blow off? : (

Mike Hand says:

I Was at this concert had a great time !

Pete Zereeah says:

This Dale Krantz chick seriously fucked over this band. She was fucking
both Gary Rossington and Allen Collins. It caused serious problems with
these guys. She picked rossington to latch with and the band busted up. I
remember back in the day that their concerts were regularly cancelled at
the the minute. Video is very hard to find of this band. What a
mess….damn shame.

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