The Roaming Soldiers – Shotgun – Southern Soul Roots Rock

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Music from the Shine Bird Shine E.P. The 100% rock, blues, soul, stoner, roots, southern music experience is available on iTunes and ready for listen on TouchTunes in bars across the U.S.


Desirea Stevenson says:

now y’all kick ass!! <3 this song!!

Aidan Petrie says:

Major fucking awesome.

Cesare Fereveutto says:

Man!!! you guys got it man!

mtndewlvr1 says:


cbradley1391 says:

now THATS the sound ive been looking for for SOOOOOOO long.

Ed Taylor says:

Fucking awesome song, but sounds better on the Metamorphosis compilation.

D4rkMatter1975 says:

Very nice sound love it!

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