Ronnie Van Zant- Lynyrd Skynyrd- The story of Lynyrd Skynyrd

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zisoul says:

Say there RandallT,, Thanks for you playing this bio.This is a bit better
than vh1 Classic’s Behind The Music. I wish you can some how edited the two
bios together with clips from the Free Bird Movie as a better bio video
like The Doobbie Brothers Listen To The Music video. I wish Judy Van Zant
would put their April ‘ 75 and March ‘ 76 shows from SF,CA- WinterLand
Ballroom together on a long dvd video like she did with Free Bird & Tribute
Tour ’87-’88 video. Peace.

Southernborn761 says:

posting without trying to skew or rewrite Skynyrd history. Keeping it Honest

treblejunkie says:

What, instead of Lynyrd Skynyrd, maybe Jasyn Bybyr. Ya right.

harleyultra1550 says:

It was a sad day but they will all live forever in the music they made. God
bless them all and thanks for your music, we love it and you!

Deborah Kyle says:


Michael W says:

That’s cool. Gary Rossington’s guitar prowess made me pick up the guitar

Lonnie Walker says:

Wow this cut’s to the bone. I grew up with the music of this band. Watching
this brings me back to the moment of the sad news of the crash. A tear for
you Lynyrd Skynyrd!

Roger Brander says:


jasason10 says:

Can someone tell me what the name and the artist of the song starting
around 18:50 where gary is talking about the plane crash ? Thx

daniel lingo says:

free bird

thelordsfieldhand says:

Play it purdy for springfield! You got that right, 3rd and market up in
here ya”ll.

Jason Bourne says:

why did ed king leave the band? ive been a longtime skynyrd fan and know
the whole story but ive never been able to figure out why he left…?
anyone know?

fiddlefolk says:

my favorite band of all time!

blocklandiscool says:

i meant when they were talking about the plane crash.

David Lee says:

A sad day in Jacksonville in 77′. Us kids at Andrew Jackson was abit
sad….sad day.My dad delivered the mail at Riverside at the studio and
talked to Mr. VanZandt a few days before the tour…….last time I saw
Billy was at American Music,he was expressing his concern for Gary Smalley
who had cancer. He was always a class act when I met him.

Nikolay Strahov says:
CON cravens says:

Glad I come across this!!!

Lemonfreak1111 says:

He saw Ronnie a said, “Oh my god this guy is gonna beat me up!” XD

treblejunkie says:

Your fame puppets eh Al Kooper??? Thanks much doh.

Jure Kero says:

what is song on 9:04

SuperSpade says:

Great Americana.

Fred Libby says:

cos i cried like a baby when they whent down

rommel palacios says:

very sad story :(

Van Zant says:

Nothing can kill southern rock

CaptainJackSparrow33 says:

Thank you for taking us back and sharing! It really helps!

Ensign MotorsportsHHR says:

Drive-By Truckers doing the honor at the 18:30 mark(ish) with Angels and
Fuselage off of their Southern Rock Opera album with their take on the
Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash.

Shawn Parker says:

then they shouldn’t have changed the cover of the album after the crash 

David Howard says:
Jimmy Parks says:


jerry jah says:

another spin on a really great band

harley9967 says:

Thank you Drive By Truckers, you helped me heaL

frank furter says:

Gary Rossington was on the swampdock of Hell House during his interview
where Ronnie used to fish_thanks for posting. btw theres an interesting
video on yt of a guy who visits the grounds of hellhouse as it is recently
– Ed King talks with people in the comments section-very cool. God Bless!!!

Joe Narusiewicz says:

Ronnie had a magic with lyrics and sang with conviction and sincerity that
will never die.

Mark Copfer says:

1st time seeing this one, and it is extremely well done!!

Rob DeNoyer says:
Lake Baikal says:

Check out 16:24 Fascinating

Bob Tom says:

they were a gift to humanity. absolutely brilliant 

Mike Lathery says:

Help!! Why do some videos show up as “Not available on this platform” for
me?? Anybody, thanx!!!

brad allen says:

Nice job, guys. RIP to those who’ve gone before us.

glenn taylor says:

Starting around 18:45 is without a doubt one of the best moments of any
rock documentary that I have ever seen. The combination of DBT’s ” Angels
and Fuselage” with the band members telling the story of the plane crash is
one of the most incredibly moving pieces ever put together. Thanks for
posting, I have been searching for this one.

OLDBEAR123456 says:

My band.

jeffro james says:

“And I was yellin’ for Dean, and he came over and threw that door off a me”

OLDBEAR123456 says:

I love my band.

Corey Ames says:

they have a VH1 Behind the Scenes the story on how Ronnie died is
Different! they said that he got ejected out of the plane thrown about

Lorax says:

A brief candle, both ends burning
An endless mile, a bus wheel turning
A friend to share a lonesome time
A handshake and a sip of wine
Say it loud and let it ring
That we’re all a part of everything
The future, present and the past
Fly on proud bird, you’re free at last.

-C. Daniels

Richard Vert says:

The country music of today is what we called southern rock in the 70’s..
The “new country” wave that has swept America is nothing new at all . It’s
just marketed as new.

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