Second Helping- Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Band

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II replaced JD. Big shoes to fill and playing next to Mark Wing was no easy
task either..

painthinner1 says:

This was among the first tribute shows in America…1989. The band
originally formed under the name “Next Exit” in 1987. Next Exit did a 10
song tribute to Skynyrd. Second Helping band actually began performing in
1991. The band had original members from 89′ until 2007.

dansch4757 says:

Miss JD on his Bday, glad you posted this, he was a great guitarist!
computers and music came easy to him!

bowiemott says:

I worked with John around 1985-86 after he graduated Ga Tech. Very smart
guy all around. Lots of talent and charisma.

Ken77DeHart says:

I’m the kick ass drummer !!!! Thanks for posting !!!!

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