Simple Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Brian Allan says:

My son’s a math nerd.

nicole serbeck says:

love this band wish i could hav seen them

johnnyreb6010 says:

happy birthday ronnie. i hope youre havin a good 1 up there buddy

K Clemons says:

This song is so amazing! I LOVE IT!!!!

Steve Konrad says:

Listening to this now takes me so far back,I remember when Ronnie died and
exactly what i was doing when a friend told me ,I was just a sophmore in
high school ,but everyone in our school and every school in portland and
through out america knew who Lynyrd Skynyrd was,I’d listen to there LP’S
and loved all there music.They were so totaly dialed in as a group.

Bret Carpenter says:

Shut in up here

ThisIsWar14 says:

I saw them at the Sam Houston Colosseum. Charlie Daniels opened the show,
then Skynyrd, then Black Sabbath! That might sound like a strange lineup to
some, but it was the height of the Cosmic Cowboy theme in Texas, and one of
the best shows I ever saw! God bless the bands, and God bless Texas!

joebob427 says:

Why do the GREAT ones always leave us so soon !!!!!!!!!

dirtbikingbitches says:

lynyrd sknyrd is the shit

Xipify says:

Who’s the silly snot Buff15? Someone get that frigging wannabe punk beyotch
a dictionary and someone else teach the ignorant brat how to use it so he
can learn some different words. His momma shoulda swallowed. Bleh

oscarpianta says:

Ronnie are immortal !!!!!

qraperez says:

one of my favorite ol tyme song

Pedro Manrique says:

this is what life is about for me…just trying hard to be a simple man…

62burnley says:

Thankyou KingStian! Loved this song as soon as i heard it all those years
ago! great photo’s too. Saw them twice at the Hammersmith Odeon and their
last gig at the Rainbow just before they returned to the USA and that
fateful plane crash! Great memories!

chevysucks48 says:

man i wish i was there during the 60’s and 70’s thats when life was good
man you had good music, mucle cars and could drink at age 18.there is
nothin like smokeing a joint and driveing a classic with some skynyrd on.

Jennifer cox says:


HillsoGold says:

Beautiful. So blessed to have seen Ronnie do this live………….San
Fran….about 1977…..the Best

Jim Boh says:

You’re thinking of Black Sabbath. Also, Ozzy and Dio were much better
singers than Van Zant. Don’t get me wrong, Skynyrd is/was good, but by far
not the best band ever.

mflora72 says:

no theres alot of them alive. read a book

mflora72 says:

Why doesnt everybody say God bless Texas? i like texas but…………. why
doesnt anybody say “God bless Rhode Island!!!” wooo hooo!

Chamsimo Xtra says:


Jeremiah Clay says:

that’s your opionion ..skynyrds songs have more meaning to them than
anything ozzy ever wrote

jose83snow says:

I played this at my wedding for my mother/ son dance and i could barely
hear the song because everyone there was singing.

Amy Harrison says:

All of their tunes was great. Each song reaches out and says something to
me. My father died 2days b4 Elvis died so when we lost all these lives I
was just a young child but as I was growing up a lot of songs in my life
has touched me in one way or another. May all the band mates RIP. God Speed
to each and every one of them.

Rett Williams says:

Skynyrd : Best band there ever was, or ever will be.

Luke Comiskey says:

4 people are too simple to understand how beautiful this song is

BigMoInAZ says:

great tribute, excellent work!

Charles Lilly says:

I like this mentality!

K Killin says:

Thanks for taking the time putting this video clip together! 😉

John Doe says:

He died in 1990. He had an accident in 1986.

boogerdenboy says:

@buff15 they all mattered you piece of shit. you need your fucking teeth
kicked in for saying that. Ronnie Would beat yo fuckin brains in if he was
still with us.

tonisbro says:

Right on! faithful2musikfuall! And boogerdenboy! Thanks for keeping the
truth straight

johnnyrockittunes says:


mac423 says:

this song will never be the same without Ronnie

WaylonForever says:

It’s hard to be a simple man in todays world, But I’m trying

mflora72 says:

your mothers under my desk too

Bubba Summermoon says:

#gonebutnotforgotten Simple kind of Man -Lynyrd Skynyrd #RIP Ronnie you
are still loved. #family #memories 

Stephanie Eastman says:

#gonebutnotforgotten Simple kind of Man -Lynyrd Skynyrd #RIP Ronnie you
are still loved. #family #memories 

peter sweeney says:

Good songs never die never

Dougplays6strings says:

So glad I was around in the 70″s to enjoy this band and many other great
bands of that time and being from the South they were our band.Much love

Matt Dougan says:


Andrea Sallusto says:

epico brano !!!!una mitica band che non avra mai fine yeah !!!!! 

David Escrivà says:

A disfrutar de este temazo!!

DougCameraMan says:

I like this song almost as much as Freebird, the greatest song ever made…
from “Pronounced… ” their first album. Their first couple of albums are
the gold standard.

Brenda Jarvis says:

the greatest group ever!!! Saw twice when they opened for Aerosmith.
Seriously good times. rip God Bless.

Michael Simons says:

The Gold Standard of Southern Rock! 

Dwight Fortney says:

37 yrs ago today the man died but his music never will

marcelo Silva says:

Muito bom!

Maciej Majerka says:

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