Southbound – An Illustrated History

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Soutbound: An Illustrated History of Southern Rock

Southbound: An Illustrated History of Southern Rock

by Scott B Bomar

Author and music historian, Scott B Bomar just released what looks like a very interesting book - "Southbound: An Illustrated History of Southern Rock." The video above is from when the author was recently out doing some promo for the book. It contains over 400 photos and is well researched and sourced. It has gotten some really good reviews including the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, FL and the Telegraph in Macon, GA. Both towns who lay a serious claim to the roots of Southern Rock. You can also read reviews about it here, here and here.

The author attempts to break down some of the barriers and segmenting that takes place by sequestering bands to the "Southern Rock" genre. Bomar demonstrates the validity, sophistication and surprisingly strong pulse of the music yet today. Southbound is a book that any Southern Rock, Classic Rock and music fan in gerneral is going to want to check out.


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