Southern Rock Allstars-Highway Song

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An all time favorite…Jakson”Thunderfoot” Spires and Highway Song.


Viperchina says:

Sorry but I have to say that this 1st guitar has very crappy sound. It got
much better when it came to that 2nd, meaty guitar part. Anyway, original
song is soooo much better…

JeffKnight says:

Thank you so much for sharing.

Calynn Brady says:

RIP Jakson”Thunderfoot” Spires!!!

ZintereREBORN says:

@honestmusiclistener you urself must suck ass as a player if you cant even
respect someone elses work

acdcrocksman94 says:

man this is my favorite song now…so who sings this really?

Brian Murphy says:

I got to see these guys in Roanoke Va. around 92 under there original name
“The Dixie Allstars ” which then only kept for a few months . It was a
small club and it snowed like hell that night and there were maybe 10
patrons and 6 saff all night . It was like getting a private show ! Im a
drummer myself but didnt no who all the members of the band were , Mr.
Spires blew me away . It was so cool they jammed to the 15 of us and sat
and talked to us between sets , Jakson was sick with th flew !

1tuxedoedlobster says:

@TheYoooth You’re sicker…and obviously have NO TALENT. Puke on.

montanablondie1 says:

Man I miss all of you…RIP Jackson! You all showed me You can be a rock
star and a real person at the same time!

1tuxedoedlobster says:

@Viperchina Who are you, world’s number one guitar player? Didn’t think
so…when you make the cover of Guitar Magazine, judge then. Until then,
which will be never, keep your stupid mouth shut, IDIOT.

kevin kinder says:

Look at the talent on that stage God!

SPARTAN43982 says:

that bad dont need no Rickey Medlocke….

4FabBEATLES says:

it’s a tribute/cover, of course it’s never going to replace the original
thats true of any cover of any song

Patrick Donovan says:

I miss Jakson..glad I can listen to the incredinble work he left to us>

poisonblack69 says:

Jimmy had a great voice in his prime in Hatchet….But RICKEY MEDLOCKE’s
voice has gotten stronger over the years…not a bad attempt…But leave
the classics alone…R.I.P. Jackson

1tuxedoedlobster says:

@honestmusiclistener You have your nerve to use God and this language in
the same sentence. You are a rude little prick who obviously has no taste
whatsoever. You’re messing with Jak’s hearts, us, the ones who love him.

aleksander gnezda says:


obbor4 says:

@acdcrocksman94 They were called ‘Blackfoot’ from Jacksonville, Florida.
This song appears on their 1978 release, “Strikes.” Lead singer/guitarist
also appears in the current version of The Lynyrd Skynyrd Band.

Xandra says:

You can’t compare Jimmy’s voice to DJB’s though. Rest in peace, Danny.

TheYoooth says:

this is sick

poisonblack69 says:

OOOPs I ment Jay Johnstone also….great voice but leave the untouchables

The Self Sufficient Life says:

Great!! One of my all time favorites. Music seems to be exact. Vocals?
Mostly very good. A few places that seem to crack but considering I can’t
seem to hit the note just right any more who am I to criticize someone who
is still up on the stage? Wish I were still there! For those of you who are
detrimentally criticizing you just wait a few years. Until then go lick a

812ersnow says:

I traveled to see the wild indian drummer several times destroy drum sticks
He was the best drummer unforgetable, rest in peace brother. PS thanks for
the stick

Honey dee says:

rock out with your c**k out

Martyn Gibbs says:

Southern Rock Allstars´╗┐

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