Southern Rock at the BBC

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John Bush says:

Thank you, this is a cool video

GuitarSwan says:

Wow the contrast between Dickey and Gregg in this vid is pretty crazy.

TheRomundus says:


lesterclaypool1 says:


Deborah Bennett says:

Gregg was heavy on the hard shit then lol that was like a poser marrying
the real thing.

Meyer Werner says:

Southern Rock at the BBC

Jackyblue67 Same says:

Love it thanks for sharing.

GeniusHaydn says:

There are two bands mysteriously missing that I consider better than BOA
and OMD, that’s The Outlaws and Little Feat…………………….. 

dogsnoses says:

Fucking amazing stuff. Fuck me !!

Jackyblue67 Same says:

It says that The Beverly Hillbillies suggested they came from the ozark
mountains but I,ve heard Granny say Tennessee so don,t know lol maybe both.

Jackyblue67 Same says:

I love polk salad n yes I,m a poor Tn. girl. Those rich folks don,t know
what they missing by not tryin some good ol southern home cookin polk salad
n fried green mators n pinto beans n corn bread n fried chicken yum yum we
eatin good in the south! Proud to be a southern poor girl!!!!

Lee Dubya says:

“was the confederate flag” a marketing ploy or red neck pride? as someone
who now lives in the south i can tell you it is both”

You don’t know shit about the South. 

Jackyblue67 Same says:

I myself big fan of The Band can,t beat em minus Robbie Robertson he ripped
them all off I felt so sorry for Levon Helm when he would talk about how
Robbie done them.Nothing no evelier than the all mighty green back.

lars viklund says:

The Confederat flag is a symbol here in Sweden sins the late -50is, for
rebellion to the goverment in the form of Young peopel driving american
cars, and listening to American Music,its so today and now whe have

79steelymatt says:

Delaney and Bonnie are so good-they never get alot of credit for their
talents.they were original and had some very nice tunes.Ozark Mountain
Daredevils are another band that a lot of people only know from their pop
hits-they were extremely talented and one of the best live bands I have
ever seen-Car over the Lake Album and It’ll Shine when it Shines are epic
LP’s-they also had a live album from 1980 when all the original members
returned-it was really tight.Dobie Gray-Drift Away totally radical version

Steve Perkins says:


John Werner says:

somebody said it was Rick Derringer with Edgar Winter, but it is likely
Ronnie Montrose since Derringer wasn’t in the first incarnation of The
Edgar Winter Group of the early 70’s. He was previously in Edgar Winter’s
White Trash of course.

Val Hayes says:

Who is playing guitar with Elvin on Travelin’ Shoes?

John Werner says:

Sideboards with their own zip code…Tony Joe White, lol.

Stacey Lazarus says:

MTB clip is at the Capitol Theater here in Macon.

Whiskey River says:

A portion of the text added to the Marshall Tucker Band is false. Singer
Doug Gray was never in Vietnam, although after decades he continues to tell
people he was; when in fact it was guitarist and primary songwriter Toy
Caldwell who was in Vietnam with the United States Marine Corps, and never
mentioned it to anyone, especially in public. Gray was, and still is a
phony who disgraces the name of the MTB to this day.

Jackyblue67 Same says:

I thouht this was southern rock when was Cher ever southern rock?

Bill Barrett says:

They seem to be missing a geetar player

CJNGTV says:

It might be ‘southern rock’ but the guitarists on either end of the Delaney
and Bonnie line up are anything but!

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