Southern Rock Guitar Groove

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Easily go to the next level of blues guitar skills and beyond by learning the 7 quintessential core blues styles. Improve your rhythm, lead, improvising, songwriting, and performance chops. You’ll get some deep in the trenches blues knowledge from the man Guitar Center calls ‘The King of the Blues’.
Here´s a fragment of Jonathan´s killer Blues DVD called: Boogie Blues Magic

That is all for today… Also we suggest that you keep enjoying and learning from
Silvio Gazquez and all the staff of! Where? In our free guitar lessons at


Ale Schmidtler says:

Mojo good, more mojo everyone!

ItzaGthang says:

That shit looked fun!!!!!!

ToeNaylz says:

it issss good !!!!

mark mactal says:

How cute face hehehe

MrTubeyWoobey says:

Cool grooves! yay. Didnt like ‘teh tooohnez’ at all though. Bayaaad.

becho roll says:

Buen vídeo… Bien southern rock…

VonBluesman says:

That dude is Warren Haynes cousin. I bet he would be a blast to jam with.

Craig Kieffer says:

G A E nice sound together,I`m gonna be practicing this for a while,thanks

SpeedMechanic says:

love this groove and i’m pretty sure i’ve seen honey boo boo do some of
those facial expressions. still kick ass.

OBS1Di0N says:

HOW BOUT A TAB OF THE BASIC progression? sounds fun to play

Conde Nast says:

Check out Boogie Blue!

srvgravesdime says:

lol that guy’s crazy

FeDeRaLHoG says:

Facial expressions on bends = pure fucking win. But if it weren’t for the
beard there would be no mojo.

DMSProduktions says:

TASTEE grooves maaan!

Mach1Airspace says:

Man he’s got some serious low action on those strings to be able to finger
that fretboard with such long nails.

John S says:

That dude loves playin guitar as much as I do!

57southernboy says:

Who is this guy, would love to see him play some more!!!

3Dsmaxcb says:

i thought i was the only one dancing with the shoulders tapping my foot so
hard with the floor and putting some weird faces, but no, i also feel that
my blood goes two times faster and its 5 times hotter

Allen May says:

What amp(s), pedal(s) are you using. I’m love the tone.

matioscaio says:

i want to hug this fat guy!

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