Southern Rock Guitar Rap Beat

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The movie “Killer Joe” inspired me to create this slow hip hop rap beat based on acoustic and electric guitars with a southern rock feeling.

A western guitar starts with the theme, then the beats join in. Some smooth relaxed acoustic guitar solo parts are accompanied by bass guitar and drums only. Then a more heavy part follows, including distorted rock guitar solo parts and finally, the song dies away with another acoustic solo part. I was rather minimalistic this time, putting emphasis on the southern rock style. Also, the song is rather short, growing until the heavy part and wearing off again after that. Acoustic guitar, bass guitar and electric guitar parts played and recorded by Lost in Scores. Let me know what you think about this track.

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Konnor learn says:

Hello there, You create some quality blogs, I adore nearly all of your current article content. I always check back here often to find out when you have updated. Continue blogging!

Ahmet YILDIZ says:

good job!… expect more.

TectonicBeats says:

i like it definitely a lot of character to it, check my beats too, keep it
up with your sound!

Eduardo Hernández Doble H says:

This one is awesome!!!

RnR2U says:

nice would like to hear more like this good sounds RnR

3dotsk8shop says:

keep this shit up please brotha!!!

yco67 says:

good job again.. :))

Jake bord says:

Cool! is there any more beats like that it’s cool man! make some more!

prettyhate000 says:

I’d love to use this. Lmk. Do u have more?

theturbomedia1 says:


xR1pp3Rx says:

were can i get a DL of this at? its kinda awesome. 🙂 mp3?

bradypatton says:

Very clean.

Nemija says:

Incredible! 🙂 An actual jamming..without unnecessary effects. I could
listen to the scales like this for hours.

luffy sun says:

like it 😉

apacolyptic g says:

this is sick mind if i use i wont sell it its just for fun thats what my
music is anyways lol

MrFlokos says:

guitar tabs please 🙂 ? awsome ! 😀


Fukkin Sic Dawg

MichaelxEstes says:

Down south born and raised Always well behaved waitin’ for the day to
escape and make my way it sucks being white and craving to rap always
hiding my act in fear of being slapped I never took part in the trap sat
back and proceeded to study read books to pass time knowledge became my
buddy Alabama’s nutty full of weird chubby yuppies but I find it quite
lovely come on out and discover the country REPRESENT that 251 baby LOL.


1st time truly u made sth just 4 me..the other are great but this one wil
test my soul there4 it will most likely be the best one out of the 15 traxs
ha.ha.ha yeah its an abum it looks like now but this one damn i must take
my hat off 2 u get at me 4 i starting this baby up right this second love
it madly wont let u down 4 u truly made this one 4 me…credict all urs

LostInScores says:

Thanks, man. Like your stuff, too, and subbed you. Keep going.

webnet15 says:


reginald johnson says:

that chord progression is dope

MrMattRap says:

you made my day with this dope beat!

3dotsk8shop says:

fuck yea finally an artist i was looking for!

Kaleb Brothers says:

can i use this as an intro outro for my videos ??

DoctorSayce INC says:

can i use this in my song , il credit you in the video ?

prettyhate000 says:

This is flipping amazing.

Reschkorrekt says:

Can I download some Tracks of this Beats for my Raps?

JoelWhoKillz says:

This instrumental is amazing, I have a vocal, rap version of this titled
‘Venomous’ on my page, also linked as a video response. It’s amazing.
You’ll be missing out if you don’t go check it out! Right now! Why are you
still here, go listen!

Wellaware Shutts says:

Yo! This beat is beautiful, had to lay a bit of tongue and cheek rap to it.
Gave Lost in Scores mad props in the description and on my facebook page.
It’s proved pretty popular so check it out if you wanna cop some hard case
kiwi rap!

ramster68 says:

Dude you are a musical genius!

Naynay Bratton says:

Thank u very i was writing down a new song and the song is fast thank u for
the beat

Amode Ilyas says:

Can i have tabs or chords ? 🙂 Awesome by the way ;p 

AlexOfficial says:

This one is amazing!

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