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Promo video for a former line up of the Artimus Pyle Band – featuring Jimmie VanZant


tommy wolford says:

sounds like ronnie more than his brother johhny does

ygghdrasil says:

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RRemolacha is me.

TheBigdaddydon says:

@dudeski78 fuck you

bonnie2493 says:

Yeah, I guess he thinks that growing your hair long and putting on a hat
makes You a Van Zant. I hope when he gets there Ronnie kicks his ass!
Artimus..I would have expected better from You baby….

William Walker says:


Jorgesepult says:

he is wrong about the free bird,for me he is totally wrong folks

Jon Napier says:

my bad.

Andrea NY says:

they just dont come with this style anymore…..GOOD STUFF!

Mike Aldridge says:

Artimus what the fuck? jimmie go fuck yourself you faker wannabe asseipe!

Rod Stacy .Wise says:

Whatever the relation he looks a lot more like Ronnie. He’s built almost
just like Ronnie…short and stocky.

John Hogge says:

@MrRoxxstar By the way, He’s copying Ronnie. Donnie was the youngest of the
three and sang for .38 Special

Southernborn761 says:

Well Jes WTF is a 1/2 cousin??? if his dad was Lacy Brother. then that
would make him a Cousin. Ho took his dad’s name and so be it…. you say
for musical reason’s. maybe he decided to have his dads last name on
his….. God Know’s when i saw Jimmie. I thought it was Ronnie bk from the
other side of some place. NOTE TO SELF….. 1/2 cousin’s? Yeah you will
hear this one day. i can only hope it is live

balsac neck says:

thank you for clearing that up,, i always wondered who the hell he was,,
for many years he milked the van zant name with a band called the jimmie
vanzant band… i tell you..its sad when you gotta ride someone elses coat
tail…as for artimus,,, he got blackballed outta skynyrd,, i know him,,,
he is cool. they did him wrong, and if i get the chance to tell gary , i
will. artimus should still be in the band.

CALIBRE 12 says:

I agree, this guy is fake, I’m not sure that Johnny or Donnie appreciate
too much. And Artimus is crazy and playing drums like a butcher. What is
this mess in the Freebird intro. There are a lot of cover bands all over
the world playing Skynyrd Songs better than that JMC from France

craigmaxim says:

Not a cousin. He is the nephew of Ronnie Van Zandt.

Expose Fraud says:

Ok Artimus can play loud, but that ego!

Charlie Johnson says:

go herbie .. my buddie

mcgas1 says:

Jimmy is NOT a brother of Ronnie Van Zant his is a cousin and he had his
last name changed to Vant Zant

roadglidin62 says:

Tell ya what, dont care what anyone says THIS lineup Arti put up rocked.
Jimmie Van Zant is terrific. He just kills Johnny

kevin kinder says:

Jesus Christ! Looks Like Ronnie!

Jon Napier says:

these dudes are two or i guess three(if you count rickey medlocke) original
members away from being just as legit as what is now “lynyrd skynyrd”. they
both have a brother of ronnie in the band and this one is quite a bit of a
closer replica than johnny. the sadness is in the suffering of the soul of
the music.

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