Southern Steel “Days End”US 1974 South Country Rock

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Southern Steel ” Get On Through” 1974 US Southern Country Rock

Killer Florida Rock Psyche Garage lp from the early 1970s by Southern Still –the 1st produced by legendary Craig Leon (on the short-lived “Earth” label–their only Lp) & who went on to produce punk rockers Ramones, Suicide (and Blondie!). Titled “Get On Through” On Earth Records E-00003 Southern Steel was his First Production
“In the early 1970s, an ad appeared in the Miami Herald “Original bands wanted for new record label”. After submitting an 8-song demo tape, Southern Steel was chosen as the first (and only group!) to be signed to Earth Records out of North Miami, Florida. Two North Miami Lawers whom after watching “In Concert” on TV decided to break into the music business & wound up starting “Earth Records”. A recording studio was built on NE 7th Ave where Southern Steel rehearsed and worked on their upcoming album. Southern Steel was Jim Goodman on guitars, bass, lead vocals and songwriter; Spike Warner on lead and slide guitars; Ed Olszweski on lead and bass guitars and Greg Orsini on Drums. Their first studio effort “Get On Through” was recorded in 2 days at Critera Studios in North Miami and was produced by Craig Leon (who later (as mentioned) found fame as producer of the Ramones and Blondie. (as an aside, I found The Twans 45 at this warehouse & that also was recorded at Critera & auctioned that off several years ago on E-bay, fetching $1,000). It was getting time for the band to hit the road. Deciding to stay in Miami, Spike & Greg left the group to be replaced by two former members of the band “Piece and Quiet”. Southern Steel and their entourage moved to Nashville in 1974 and began working on their senond album. It was during this period the band (on the verge of success) was approached by a rival management company to sign with them. Negotiations broke down with the major record labels (the Outlaws, were signed instead) and the band was left without a finished master, a record deal or management to support them. So they fell apart with some members staying in Nashville and the rest moving back to Miami.” Too bad, because after doing some research, i’m told by someone who purchased a copy 15 years (for $200!!!) informed me that ALL tracks on this rock garage southern psyche Lp are Winners, with many Killer tracks! There you have it! I know I was long-winded here, but I believe this to be an Important Lp for collectors of psych & garage rock to have & since there’s not much info on the internet about this Band, I thought I would be as thorough as possible. Furthermore, I’ve Never seen a copy listed on E-bay, Popsike..and the Only listing is on MusicStak where a dealer has a pretty average copy for $1300…!

Line Up

Jim Goodman 12string quitar,acoustic quitar,bass,mandolin,lead vocals
Spike Warner quitar,vocals
Ed Olszeweski bass quitar,vocals
Greg Orsini drums


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