Stand and Fight (Patriotic Southern Rock)

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Stand up for the Constitution of the United States of America! Vote out all liberals and socialists including the President.I’m fed up! Take back America! singer/songwriter- Ron Hathaway


bestindiesongs says:

Awesome song, reminds me of the skynnrd boys.Very tight band. Totally agree
with the message in the song.The Constitution is America’s blueprint and
bible; without it were toast. Give me a like if you agree with this post!

vic4rp says:

Constitution = ron paul

Douglas R. Perkins says:

I’d like to get this song for a patriotic rally here in Los Angeles on
Saturday but can’t find it for sale, where can I get it?

Blues2Joy Band says:

Talented Band! Timely message, I”m gonna stand and fight!

Tracy A Stephens says:

Will you? 

Tracy A Stephens says:

I “Like” this one too!!! 

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