Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama

Skynyrd performs Sweet Home Alabama at a show in Knebworth, England in 1976. Skynyrd played in front of The Rolling Stones at this show.


Bashar says:

Sweeet Home Alabama…..nicheee….

love lynyrd

Rich Mundo says:

Yeah ALabama is alright, but its not home. Georgia if this is my last love letter, with all your bullshit I love you. I never met a racist redneck, just fools who migrate down here, who think we fear off of color. Had a Klansmen, tell me he didnt know where the racism came in, couldve been a trick or an infilitration of the CIA to break up something pure, confused with being morally poor. But no man shall hinder or judge my nation. We dont aim to hurt kids or fight dogs, Cold world so my Teachings are colder to let them no, they dealing with some infinte soldiers A true Southern Gentleman without the NRA, cause most of us felons with dirty records, all we wanted to do was play in the red clay with our brothers, but yall messed it up like a novice trying to make a clay flower pot on a wheel, so yall spinning got us ready to kill, and most of the time its fueled off of fear, but now I see the ones im near, are the ones I should fear, not animals…HUMANS!

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