Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd – Solo in The Style of – How to Solo Over

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Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd – Solo in The Style of – How to Solo Over


Oliver Dyson says:

sweet this is great cheers marty

Ξανθη Ντελη says:

Hey i am from greece i love all your videos you really help me Thanks a lot
and continue the good job !!!

Bapen Singh says:

Thanks man loved it. Can you please do a lesson on Soul Man by

Cholly Keintz says:

thanks Marty you are a big help… I have benifited greatly from your
videos and am clicking below to buy something from you because i have taken
alot of free lessons.. keep up the good work

Trevor Fraley says:

I’ve always been confused when I tried to play over this in the d major

Fin Thomson says:

And there’s another solo I wish I could play

playvideos Weiss says:

Thats amazing thanks alot !!

tbone198786 says:

What stuff Marty, absolutely awesome. To teach this solo is incredible. 

Mikey Pearce says:

some of your solos in this were sweet!

Wat. says:

Hey marty can u do a lesson on Metallica’s latest song Lords of Summer?

Ryan Hill says:

This is so awesome. Such a great lesson Marty 

spwb2k says:

Useful as Always. hours of prac-tizin’ tidbits here.

wilgarcia1 says:

That’s gunna be SO MUCH FUN to mess with Thanks man =0D

steph mc says:

Hey can you do lisztomaina by Phoenix 

Wench says:

review the fedora please m’lady!

Michael Cottow says:

Happy Halloween Marty! Great lesson as always, thanks for all your great
lessons over the years!

Zachary Adkins says:

in honor of there upcoming album you should do time bomb by rancid. its a
classic of punk!

Jordon Andrews says:

Oh my goodness, i watch all of your videos, this is your best one in a
while!! THANK YOU marty, you’ve taught me more online than some teachers
have in person. 

Maurizio Spinella says:

Hello Marty, will you tell me your strings gauge?

Jeffrey Attakorah says:

Sweeet, Marty Pulled out the trusty semi hallow, sweeeeet

William Hagen says:

Wow, 2 lessons in the same day. Is that a new thing or what?

alienw99 says:

nice lesson… tnx ^^

theorgandude says:

This video must surely be one of the most important tutorials for
intermediate players looking to learn and master the principles of
soloing. I’ve never seen it explained so well. There is a lot of vital
information here and it’s going to take a lot of watches and study to get
it down. Marty – thanks, I owe you a lunch or a couple of pints, where can
I donate?

chamagurka says:

Next up free bird solo haha :D

Ronnie Williams says:

Awesome! Thank you for the lesson! Did you get a new H 535? Still have you
other one?

Andrej Savatic says:

marty i freaking love you!

KevinMillard68 says:


UnknownNinja764 says:

Hey Martyzsongs, Can you do a please review on the Epiphone LP100??

Great vid btw


Ben :)

wilson smith says:

Hi Matty could u do a cover tenacious d karate

Declan Yates says:

Is that a semi hollow?

Maccy Joe says:


이두섭 says:

Greatest song ever

Loig Herouet says:

I’m the first french!
I like all your video,they help me to be a good guitarist as Hendrix or
Clapton but anyway thank you for the time you give to us and you make a
great job thank’s a lot!
(Excuse me if there mistake in english)

Rick Ferguson says:

Marty, I think I have learned more cool tips from this single lesson than
any I have watched, and I watch a lot of lessons. You know the lightbulb
over the head switching on? Like 4 or 5 times, and the way you point it
out, it suddenly all makes sense. Thanks.

Tim Williams says:

Great lesson Marty! Thanks for breaking it down. This is the first song I
learned to play.

yugoboy17 says:

Great lesson Marty, thank you.

Flaming Crow says:

that’s what im talking about!! Love it!!

martyzsongs says:
koala man says:

Great tutorial as always keep up the good work! ;)

northFRZ says:

good stuff marty, ty!

birnekaskade12 says:

Your guitar is delicious :S
Thx for the lesson :)

superveloce350 says:

that guitar is absolutely beautiful. I hope I can afford one like that some

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