The Ballad of Curtis Loew – lynyrd skynyrd (with lyrics)

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Well I used to wake the mornin’ … before the rooster crowed
Searchin’ for soda bottles to get myself some dough
Brought ’em down to the corner … down to the country store
Cash ’em in and give my money to a man named Curtis Leow

Old Curt was a black man with white curly hair
When he had a fifth of wine he did not have a care
He used to own an old Dobro … used to play it across his knees
I’d give old Curt my money … he’d play all day for me

Play me a song Curtis Leow … Curtis Leow
Well I got your drinking money … tune up your Dobro
People said he was useless … them people all were fools
‘Cause Curtis Leow was the finest picker to ever play the blues

He looked to be sixty … and maybe I was ten
Mama used to whup me but I’d go see him again
I’d clap my hands, stomp my feets, try to stay in time
He’d play me a song or two then take another drink of wine

Play me a song Curtis Leow … Curtis Leow
Well I got your drinking money … tune up your Dobro
People said he was useless … them people all were fools
‘Cause Curtis Leow was the finest picker to ever play the blues


On the day old Curtis died nobody came to pray
Ol’ preacher said some words and they chunked him in the clay
Well he lived a lifetime playin’ the black man’s blues
And on the day he lost his life that’s all he had to lose

Play me a song Curtis Leow … hey Curtis Leow
I wish that you was here so everyone would know
People said you were useless … them people all are fools
‘Cause Curtis you’re the finest picker to ever play the blues


Becky hutch says:

as Tom said,xoxox


on the day he lost his life that’s all he had to lose, me too !!

Jonathan slover says:

rest in peace ronny

daniel solis says:
Quentin Fontenot says:

This song is amazing. 

Don S says:

Songs always bring back memories. When I was twenty, me and a friend
hitchhiked cross country (albuquerque,nm to tampa, fl.)..Luke, (my good
friend) loved to play this song. good times..

Eric Schweig says:

When we were drunk (and we were drunk all the fuckin’ time back in the day)
we would break out guitars and sing this at the top of our lungs…every
time…like clockwork! Lol!

Daniel Henry says:



This is the song that really made me a full on fan, loved the blues element
to it. I had already liked the big hits like Simple Man and Free Bird but
this is the song that grabbed me. Maybe because I was young and heard it
done by a blues musician in a blues bar but it spoke to me more than any
other song by them. That is saying a lot too, because Simple Man was the
song that got me liking them in the first place and has many sentimental
values. I just think I identify more on a personal level with the whole
story of a young guy getting taught how to play music by a friend.

Steven Stewart says:
kls panhead says:

a fan, thanks for all those great songs…

samantha moffitt says:

beauriful song with a beautiful message. music is a binder its brings us
together thru all difference

Alex Ander says:

JRE sent me.

Matthew Landers says:

What The Hell Is Wrong With You Sid Jones ? You Have Problems Man.

Dave Michaels says:

Fuck these ads!!!

Ken Rogers says:


Joe DiCicco says:

RIP Curtis, them people all were fools

AmericanIsraeliJew says:

I memorized this song while driving to Denver with a loads of firewood that
I would collect in the mountains west of Fort Collins. That was about
1977 right after I was honorably discharged from the USMC. Two months ago
I bought my first Heritage Cherry Gibson SG Standard guitar and also a
Fender Twin Reverb amp. At present I’m learning Eric Clapton’s version of
Crossroads Blues (Cover Robert Johnson). I Have the first part down along
with about a 1/4 or 1/3 of the first solo. Once I learn that G-d willing I
hope I can learn the guitar work in this song since it has always been a
favorite. I thank G-d for Youtube. I’d rather enjoy Youtube than make
war. Also people ask me if I’m Jewish. I tell them my religion is music
and my Way of Life is Judaism. 

kimberly cole says:

love this song, we listened to it a lot, my good times then.

Charles Bruce Bostian says:

Its spelled lowe not Loew

Chad Thomas says:

my best friend darlene used sit on the steps of baltimore city and she
would play this song real loud and all the neighbors would all scream out
their windows telling us to keep it down and of course ou know our response
FUCK YOU but i thought it was funny that 2 city girls were singig southern
rock ccgypsy

dealerswild . says:
slick willie says:

I remember the day I heard “the bad news”. I was on my way to school the
morning after and my girl friend told me she heard it on the tv. I was 15
at the time but had already been a fan for a couple of years. Everybody at
school was talking about it. A couple of years later I was at the Volunteer
Jam in Municipal Auditorium when they made their first appearance together
since the plane crash. Very emotional seeing them on stage again.

Zack ;p says:

curtis loew sounds like scoot rainey an old man in Ga that sounds a lot
like curtis loew, my dad told me about him and I immediately thought about
this song, and by the way I am 12

Susan Simpson says:

my fav sjkyntd song and give me back my bullets

Russell Novadale says:
not your bishop says:
Jason Rose says:

well I used to wake the morning
Before the Rooster Crowed
Searching for Soda Bottles to get myself some dough
brought ’em down to the corner
down to the country store
cash ’em in and give my money to a man named curtis loew…

Come on Guys, Sing along!

goopypuff says:

songs pretty good

Sid Jones says:

cash em in and give my money to a nigger named curtis loew

Jon Howard says:

Proof positive the huge Confederate flag they hung as the back drop during
their concerts sincerely meant “Heritage, not hatrid”.

Burning Deadra says:

This song brings back memories of fishing with my uncle. We would sit all
night at the river listening Skynyrd


*FNS Special: Songs With Names*

Lynyrd Skynyrd – “The Ballad of Curtis Loew”
By request for +Karen Cokenour

Tonight’s show is all about songs that have names in the titles. Just for
fun, I thought we’d shake things up a bit as we head towards summer. I’ll
post some other future themes throughout the show (there are some great
suggestions so far).

I hope you’ll request your favorite “name songs” throughout the night! Any
decade, any genre.

#FNS #fridaynightsessions #specialedition #namesongs #lynyrdskynyrd

Hosted by +Sean Cowen 

adrian horne says:
Pappa Michael says:

Excellent blues guitar.

Rusty Case says:

Yes, Curtis Lowe was my friend. Not black, but he was my friend.

James Rash Jr says:

this is harold’s song he was my curtis loew!! I grew up on the river with
him and he gave me his boat through his will!! Old man Whiskey!!

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