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The Outlaws Live in Passaic, NJ, Nov 1978

A show where they were supported by Molly Hatchet, as it is noted this was the early show from a broadcast in 1978 in Passaic, New Jersey. The source comes from
1 Hurry Sundown 04:12
2 Lover Boy 04:25
3 Dirty City 05:59
4 You Can Have It 08:13
5 Falling Rain 04:38
6 A Real Good Feelin’ 04:52
7 Freeborn Man 06:34
8 Take It Any Way You Want It 06:53
9 There Goes Another Love Song 04:14
10 You Are The Show 05:36
11 Green Grass And High Tides 23:27
Harvey Dalton Arnold – bass, vocals
David Dix – percussion, drums
Billy Jones – guitar, vocals (rip 1995)
Freddie Salem – guitar, vocals
Hughie Thomasson – guitar, vocals (rip 2007)
Monte Yoho – drums

In loving memory of Billy Jones & Hughie Thomasson – Green Grass, High Tides forever…


3052e says:

Vintage Outlaws! Priceless!

BuckeyeInNC says:

was this the King Biscuit Flower Hour show from ’78?

phallystorm says:

Thanks Cross Roader. You don’t know how much it means to me to see these
old shows. Especially with Billy J in them!

scorpiousantares says:

Great sounds. thanks

Terry Haefs says:

Who was the “one” thumbs down? This is classic Outlaws.

obbor4 says:

A guy who could play, sing, and write as great as Billy Jones did chose to
check out early? Now, this makes no sense, at all…RIP, Billy and Hughie.
Green grass and high tides forever…

David Salt says:

I saw them around this time in Giants Stadium. What a great concert.
By the way, this was a very well done private filming of the band. It
sucks because so many of these great concerts in the classic rock era were
not filmed like this one is and are now largly forgotten.

Joseph Reinbold says:

the guy talking about this band i guess really doesn’t the outlaws he keeps
saying high tide and green grass

Ara Moomjian says:

the outlaws rocked back then high tide and green grass? he says it wrong

katjoye says:

It just doesn’t get any better then this. 

Darryl Houston Smith says:

Great show. It takes me back. Hurry Sundown indeed.

Kurt Knutsen says:

Was at this show,had great time!

John Langstaff says:

I vividly remember being 15 and seeing them open for Boston in 1976, with
some lucky 2nd row tickets. They opened with “Stick Around for Rock and
Roll,” “Lover Boy,” and “South Carolina.” Such tight playing and raw power.
It was awesome and spellbinding. Never saw any band open stronger; just
great rock players. That lineup also had Henry Paul. Boston was good that
night (I remember they had a good light show and smoke bombs:), but The
Outlaws were a tough act to follow! I was a fanatic instantly, and forever.

Jim Dorman says:

Best Outlaws video I’ve seen from those days.

George Johnson says:

I saw them when I was 13. I just can’t describe they way I felt, then or
now!!!!!!!!!!! That feeling never left my

Snake Plissken says:

Openning up with Hurry Sundown … Awesome 

58HvS says:

Hi folks, Henk from Holland. I am a long lasting fan but I must say the
first three albums were the best. And the last one is very very good! In
this video (thanks for posting!!) Hughie en Bille are at their best. Man
those guys! Can you emagine playin guitar like that? In my view the guy
with the white guitar (plays along with them since the album playin to win)
has killed the Outlaws. He can not bring the fire that is in the Outlaws
and that is a pitty. Thanks again for posting the video because they wil
not come soon too Holland. I did see them when the were in Holland in
70-ties. It was great. Greetings Outlaws and fans. Please make another

davethebluesdude says:

My Music !!!

pileatedwoodpeck says:

Billy Jones the Outlaws is a great site on facebook! come and see it…

Keli van der Hilt says:

Pls anyone?

c stoosh says:

sad to say…but Passaic wouldnt even THINK of holding a venue of this sort
in ’14

dieseltrane656 says:

outstanding show…but liked the Asbury 75′ show better where they opened
for MARSHALL TUCKER in Convention Hall

BL J says:

This is the best and classic lineup. I am glad they didn’t cut Freddie
Salem out as they have in past videos. This is awesome!!!

beachie321 says:

once an outlaw always an outlaw

bobby Jones says:

oh yes!…Billy Jones the Outlaws on facebook come join us!

James Reed says:

I remember the show at the Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, Ma. in
1977. They opened for Boston and blew the crowd away. My fiance at the time
drank too much wine and did some Angel Dust….I had no idea what that
stuff was, but I had to carry her out of the crowd and hand her off to
paramedics. Needless to say, I was scared shitless. About 20 minutes
later, she came dancing out the door of the paramedic station. She said
they made her get sick…..OHHH MY…..A night to remember. So, I thank you
for the post. This is the best complete concert I have seen on the net.
Ps….We were married in 1978. She passed away in 2002 from Multiple
Sclerosis….I am sure she would have enjoyed seeing this video. Jim

Michael DeGruccio says:

FYI – Track #4, “You Can Have It” goes right into “Holiday” which should be
song #5 in your track list.

Mark Wolfe says:

49:00 is my favorite OUTLAWS song because it relates to me in somany ways
+ helped me thru somany hard times

Kevin Povlick says:

Very nice video !Thanks for sharing.One small note,Billy Jones sings
HOLIDAY just after You Can Have It.

TheBigjohn527 says:

Don’t forget Bassist Frank O’Keefe. He was with them in the beginning. RIP

FredE Smit says:

Half the band is dead … like Lynyrd Skynyrd ..

Jeremy Barber says:

That GG&HT was absolutely epic…

Elonna R says:

Accouncer: “A lot of bands been through the area recently have been unable
to sell-out one concert. The Outlaws sold-out within a couple of hours.
Second show was added which sold-out equally quick. So it’s a question of
a real strong band, musicianship being stressed, and people coming out to
see it.” Wish I could have seen it!!!! Couldn’t make it from NY to NJ on
my big-wheel. Those were the days when musicianship counted for something
and boy-bands didn’t rule! Thankfully I can see all the classic bands I
missed on YouTube. Sad the two lead guitarists died too young. 

Keli van der Hilt says:

Is this anywhere for sale on cd??

telecasterbear says:

I saw this tour in providence, RI.

charlton myers says:

Hughie thomasson rip

bobby hollinger says:

See a lot more of Billy & Hughie & Harvey~frank~david~monte~all the Outlaws
at……..Billy Jones the Outlaws facebook,enjoy

dgentils says:

Back when musicians were musicians and not the fake bullshit that is out
nowadays. I saw them numerous times when I was growing up and I tell you
they always blew me away live.

Pablo Wolfe says:

shit rocks 

Jim Troughton says:

Thanks for posting this, got to be the best line-up.

Looks like Full Circle ain’t gonna be released.

fragilebeaster says:

Wow this is like The Eagles meets Blackfoot

bobby hollinger says:

you can put these lousy videos up all you want …all the ones that put
more Billy Jones front & center seen to be very hard to find or taken down
., well you can’t quiet his brilliance anymore because he is now on
facebook at….Billy Jones the Outlaws……thank you enjoy Billy Jones &
Hughie all the Outlaws right there on Billy’s page….

jeff labow says:

Great to see this on You tube! I was at this show. The sound is tattooed on
my brain. Check out Full Circle, one of Hughie’s final songs. He saved the
best for last.

Wahyu HS says:

is this ritchie blackmore’s former band?

Mark Wolfe says:

1:01:25 Green Grass High Tides = Great song = Isn’t any wonder that I own
every CD or album + some cassettes that the Outlaws recorded and I listen
to them often = Whenever possible 🙂 Great Band 4sure. I transferred every
OUTLAWS song to my MP3 player so I could listen to the OUTLAWS at work =
EVERYDAY (construction Job) I’ve been caught many times with my MP3
headset on singing to the OUTLAWS by homeowners and a few of my boss’s. I
always put on a hell of a show at work = Just like the OUTLAWS do. “WELL”
Of course Not as good as the Outlaws But I seem to think so and try my
best But there is no one as good as the Outlaws, I just imagine that I
am in my dreams and hopes. 

Brian Dempsey says:

What is the song that they come out to in the beginning? Skynyrd came out
to that song on their live record One More From the Road. Anyone know?

john armour says:

if richard neer is so great, how could he make such a blunder. greengrass
and high tides one of the most basic, elemental and seminal songs of

TheBigjohn527 says:

Great Concert tune-age! …. 1:00 – High Tides & Green Grass? The
announcer needs to wake up. He was full of shit. Outlaws got heavy radio
airplay back in the late 70s where I was. In Western Pa, stations like WDVE
& WYDD played ’em often. Southern Rock at the time did pretty good in The
Northeast, I recall

Mark Wolfe says:

52:10 is another great OUTLAWS song I like and always turn it up > Full
Blast 🙂 You are the show

Poy Ester says:

I do not think Peter Green was with them in 1975. I liked this band much
better when it was all male and without the two blond sluts.
They were better with Peter Green ! I used to attend concerts in early
1970’s at that theater.

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