Ursula Creek “Until The Music Ends”US 1976 Southern Hard Rock

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Ursula Creek “Ursula Creek” 1976 US Private Hard Southern` Rock.

Ursula Creek were a hard rock quartet from Ilinois consisting of Ed Culbertson (drums-lead vocals), Kenny Kastner (lead guitar-backing vocals), Gene Singley (bass-backing vocals) and Steve Voss (keyboards-backing vocals).

“Archetypical mid-70′s local private guitar rock… complex structures… solid guitar-work… check this one out …”. (Acid Archives)..

An archetypal example of local private press guitar-rock from the mid-70s, right down to the politely long hair and bell-bottoms worn by the band members. Inside the sleeve there is a consistent mix of Southern rock, hardrock and just plain old ’70s rock, with good guitar action and band originals all through..


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