ZZ Top style backing track

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Southern Rock Style Backing Track

Download the track here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/b-southern-rock-blues/id820350428?i=820350444

If you like the ZZ Top/southern blues rock style then have fun with this! Use B minor pentatonic, B Dorian, B Blues, B mixoblues or anything else you think would go. I have lick suggestions ans scale downloads on my website for this track www.dannypagemusic.co.uk in the lessons/downloads section.

www.dannypagemusic.co.uk for scale shapes FREE PDF format

Recorded using Reason 6, Gibson Les Paul Standard, Washburn Force 4 Bass and Line 6 HD300


Ivan Martineli says:


Pablo Aguilar Ortìz says:

what´s mixoblues?

ThePendrilMandril says:

pure cream!!

Danny Page says:

Blues with a little tiny bit added. Amixo blues from Thick E would be 5th,
8th A – 5th 6th 7th D – 5th 7th G – 5th 6th 7th 8th B – 5th 8th High E –
5th 8th Hope that helps….

vajraloka1 says:

i did a vid to this ,but after 5 shots of rum, i stayed in the a pentotonic
5th fret position gonna redo

James Steele says:


danbelard says:

oooohie!! man, awesome!

BDay77 says:

keep on, keepin’ on bro… awesome job!

The Naked Ant says:

Man, this one is real fine stuff.

Claes Törnquist says:

Great!! Keep on Rocking!!

Martin Teplan says:

THANK YOU !!! great job, one of a best backiung what I’ve ever heard

Danny Page says:

🙂 Maybe you should have another and just go for it!! Let me know when you
have re-done it and send as vid comment. I love that fact people are
drinking and playing along to my tracks m/

Max Copsey says:

Wow! Awesome backing track as always. Had a great jam over it!

ForcedAgenda says:

dude…too awesome…i tear this one up

Marc McDaniel says:

I don’t think ti could be more ZZ Top than if it was ZZ Top. Awesome man. I
love ZZ and really dug making my own lead jam to this. Thanks a million.
Need more like it.

vajraloka1 says:

ha ha, ok, I did erase it ,it was pretty bad , but I will re do, ha thanks

fret fanatix says:

dude you are the fkn obiwan kenobi of jedi mind tricks backing tracks.

Fernando Andrés Cabrera Puente says:

NICE!!!!!!!!, best backing track so far!!!!

Richard Mallion says:

Just started jamming. Really nice track. Thanks

HIPPIE1255 says:

in that case im hammered… great track

Jeffrey Martin says:

Danny, I’m spoiled by the main lines. Which, in fact, do kick. No mistake
about it, my playing has improved noticeably because of this track (so much
so that I like to think of myself a critic of those that are able to
provide such quality when I cannot!). Please, keep up your work. It is
helping players out here you’ve never met! 

Eric Sebban says:

Hello Dany, thanks for this backtrack really looks like ZZTOP music. I have
added something here on yours 🙂 watch?v=8Zx4XcCP7lw
Hope you will like it ! .. okay it is just an impro.

Jeffrey Martin says:

Thinking of growing a long beard and just staying on it..

CaseyAQuarles says:

Hey man, love the track. I got a video of me playing along with it. I was
just gonna ask you if it’s alright if I upload it to my page. Gotta be
respectful to other peoples’ works these days.

CaseyAQuarles says:

Idk why YouTube destroyed my apostrophes in that last comment…

CaseyAQuarles says:

Haha I’m definitely not making money. But I did upload the video of me
playing along to it onto my channel if you’d like to check it out. I enjoy
the track a lot!

CaseyAQuarles says:

The breaks are important and necessary in my opinion. They keep someone
from soloing straight through a rhythm for 6 minutes straight. I like it

Jeffrey Martin says:

The breaks in this are way too long. It diminishes an otherwise good
backing track. Repeating the same sequence twice during the break (or how
many times one must wait for the main rhythm to start up again) kills it
for me. 

tie oneon says:

oh sh

that was gooood


CaseyAQuarles says:

If you’re interested, this is what I did with the song. Poorly recorded but
it’s still pretty cool. I used the breaks to help me flow from solo to solo
without having to improv constantly for 6 straight minutes.

Selcuk Kaptan says:


Daniel Cegalla says:

Thanx for sharing. Great BT!

PhiI93 says:

I found I solo’d best through the breaks funnily enough.

MrSyCoe says:

Are the drums for this awesomely fun track done by a human? or by MIDI? If
MIDI, do make the MIDI file available?

Regina Winter says:

Awesome – Thanks so much!

Dyce Kimura says:


c4talin94 says:

It’s so easy to shred on this! Good Job! Breaks are awesome.

3gdosrsfs says:

Danny….The breaks are sweet…time to shred…I’ve listened to a lot of
these backing tracks and this is definitely one of the better ones. Playing
for 37 years and I had a lot of Billy gibbons type fun with it. Nice work.

Steve Vincent says:

excellent track danny

Brian Allan says:

I like that you say B Dorian.

Blues is tightly coupled with the Dorian mode, what with the flat third and
seventh and the natural sixth.

kingjames1970 says:

Can’t tell you how much I love this track and playing along with it. I’m a
beginner and it has given me so much fun. Thanks very very much! And I love
the breaks too.

Danny Page says:

@jefferyMartin Thank you for the constructive criticism. I sorry you feel
the track has been spoilt by the breaks, but the reason for adding them was
to create space within what would have been a very boring backing track and
also adding space for developing and experimenting with playing over
breaks, as you have probably found out it can be tricky to make lead lines
work with minimal music covering up or helping move melody whilst playing.
I also like to keep tracks interesting with different sections throughout
rather than having the same riff for 6+ mins. Thank you for playing along
though. Danny.

Frank Castle says:

if you don’t like the breaks….copy… with YTD video downloader..( free)
.or Equivalent… convert to mp3 via free flv to mp3 program ( google for
these.. all are free) slap it into “Audacity” ( free) or the like, cut em
out… then save.. geez guys, learn to use the computer!!

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